Let’s Talk About Yuri

We’ve already talked about how I got into yuri, but I think it’s also pretty interesting to see why I’m still so loyal to this genre.

As you may know, it all started a few years ago. Well, let’s not make it sound like I just got into the genre and let me give you some numbers instead. I’ve been a fan since about 2009, which makes it almost 7 years already. It’s a long time for me, since I used to switch between different things a lot. Especially with music, I always had a feeling as if I just couldn’t stay with the same genre for more than a few years. I guess I’m really not a teenager anymore, and my interests kind of settled, or at least that’s what I like to believe.

So for a few years now, I’ve been loyal to this genre to the extent that I’d say that “Yuri” is one of the most important factors of my life, as in factors of enjoyment. I don’t really want to over-dramatize it, so let’s modify my statement a little by adding the following:

If we disregard the most important people in my life, them being my partner, my family, and my friends; the one thing that helps me out the most would be this genre.

I think it still sounds a little awkward, so I should probably elaborate even further. As I just said, there are people in my life that make life worthwhile, that help me get through hard times, and that simply make me feel happy. But despite these people in my life, there are also other things. Music, for example, is one thing that is capable of making me feel happy, excited, or just relaxed. Though, as much as I enjoy music, there is one thing that does even more for me.

For anyone not as crazily in love with this genre as I am, this must sound so stupid, so before I continue, I’d like to ask you the following question: Disregard the people around you and tell me, what makes you excited? What is it that makes you squeal in excitement or simply burst with joy?

It may be that awesome new tech that you bought. It may be that new album you just got. Or it may as well be the book that you’re reading right now.

There are all kinds of sources of enjoyment, and I just happen to find this type of entertainment the most satisfying.

So after getting this off my chest, let’s get right into why this genre helps me out so much, and why I am, even after so many years, still in love with it.

Let’s do some easy math first. The main reason why I’m in love with this genre calculates as follows: I like anime + I like lesbian media = I love yuri anime.

Now some of my friends asked me why I don’t enjoy “normal” lesbian TV shows instead. There are two options to answer that question: The easy way (like how I always answered my friends) and the actual truth (which I usually keep to myself). To put it simply, I answer that there are no good lesbian TV shows, or at least not many that I like. South of Nowhere was good, but that’s about it. The L Word is too “extreme” for me, while stuff like Faking It is simply unbearable to watch for more than a few episodes. So what is left really?

However, that is not the full answer. What I usually keep from my friends is the fact that I watch and read yuri stuff that is even more extreme than The L Word and even more stupid and unrealistic than Faking It. It’s only that I’m totally okay with it when it comes to this type of media.

For Anime, Manga and Visual Novels, I simply have other criteria.

Furthermore, you could say that there is just a lot more diversity when it comes to Anime and Manga than there is with lesbian TV shows and other lesbian media, in general.

With Yuri, I can go like “Today, I’d like to read something that involves action, romance, a vampire, a sexy maid, fairies, and other magical creatures.” Even with requirements as unique as these, all I have to do is google the keywords and let myself get showered with Remilia x Sakuya doujinshi and much more. Hell, we even have stories about female ships loving each other. Just think about it, it’s crazy.

Another huge factor is that you basically get new things to enjoy every day. The Dynasty Reader is my everyday source for numerous new yuri one-shots, manga chapters, and pieces of pure smut. Each day, there is something new, which is amazing, and a luxury not many people can enjoy.

I often browse through the Reader on my way to work, just to stumble upon a new Akaga doujin. This alone often brightens up my day and makes work at least a little more bearable, since I can look forward to something when I’m done working.

As I said, everyone has their own sources of enjoyment, but for me, none of my prior “obsessions” managed to help me out as much as this. I’m crazy for new yuri doujinshi, and I would even go as far as to say that Comiket is more exciting for me than Christmas or even my own birthday.

All the new music, all the new doujinshi, it’s amazing and exciting altogether.

However, as mentioned above, I usually keep my excitement to myself. Many of my friends would judge me, not for liking yuri, but for liking it as much as I actually do. Others, like my colleagues, would then again judge me for the mere fact that I enjoy anime. So in the end, only a handful of people around me really know about this big part of me.

To be completely honest with you, I have this blog partly to just put my love for this genre into words, since I still think I just can’t (and probably shouldn’t) talk as much about it with friends as I’d actually like to.

This Manga title really speaks to me – I’m not talking about the butt though 😛

And since I’d like to thank those of you who actually made it this far, I’ll like to reveal a little secret. Since you now all know that I try to avoid letting all people around me know what I enjoy, I didn’t use my real name when I created this blog.

I tried to avoid letting people find me by googling my name, so Lena K. is just something I use as a pen name, though it’s of course absolutely fine to call me by that.

Any other information I revealed about myself is correct though, only the name is different.

Ah well, in the end, everyone should be allowed to just like whatever they want. I’m often too afraid to even admit that I enjoy watching anime to even get close to saying anything about my favorite genre. People still see this as something weird. Even my girlfriend, who is, in fact, an anime fan herself, doesn’t understand why I would enjoy reading an 18+ doujin about “these two anime characters” that I like so much. Well, let’s just say it’s hard to explain, and people are often prejudiced anyway.

I just noticed that I’m drifting off to yet another topic, so let’s just end it right here.

So, since I feel quite vulnerable for admitting all this and talking about it, it’s your turn to make me feel a little better about myself. So, what’s your story? Do you feel the same way about it, or are you not as “extreme” as I am?

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  1. I'm just the same as you. I honestly thought that you might be my ''future me'' lol. I'm also afraid of telling my friends how much I love yuri, so whenever I talk to them about it I immediately try to change topic so they don't say that it is weird to be sooooo obsessed. There are times when I say something about a manga or anime and they ask about it and I just get so excited and tell them everything about it. But they accept it anyways and it makes me happy.


  2. I'm a guy and I love Yuri. Well… Not to be perverted or anything, but I always had a thing for lesbians. Like seriously at 12 I would only watch lesbian porn. It's not all about me finding it hot, but I won't lie and say that's not what started it. I then got into anime and manga when I was 15. I remember thinking to myself one day what if there are lesbians in anime and manga. I ended up googling it and I read Halloween rhapsody and got so happy. It was like a fan girl moment and I got hooked. I would go on dynasty scans and spend hours reading manga. I don't spend as much time on dynasty scan though, because I prefer series over one shots. Yuri is one of the few things that gets me excited and pumped up. I just find it cute I guess.


  3. It's hard being a man forever trapped outside of the realm of Yuri. Haha

    What's there not to love about Yuri. Cute girls are like life blood. I like that in anime it's a much more purer form than what you would find in live action stuff.
    In live action films they always always focus on the sexy stuff, that isn't to say I don't like sexy, Citrus is my favourite Yuri and it has two horny teenagers. But like most fans I love cute stuff, and anime just so happens to be full of the stuff.

    Yuri ticks all of my boxes. Cute girls, rarely annoying romances, no annoying male Protagonist. Not that I hate male characters, just cliche harem males like 90% of todays anime/manga. I've had enough of Raku's s*** from Nisekoi.


  4. wow that was a nice story about yourself i enjoyed reading through it. also as for me i too enjoy yuri just as much as you do, for me it all started in 2007 a little bit after nanoha strikers ended and my friend showed me strawberry panic, i watched a few eps and ended up loving it and thus i started shipping nanoha and fate after rewatching nanoha after strawberry panic and my friend recommended me other yuri related animes and mangas like utena, kannazuki no miko and so much more. yuri as a whole has been apart of my life for a long time now and it has definitely managed to cheer me up in my hard times as much as anime/manga in general, video games, drawing and music has, but i dont admit this too a lot of people not even my family, the only people who really know about my love for yuri are some of most trusted friends thats about it and im glad they dont think i go too overboard or think im crazy or weird when i talk about yuri and how i ship this certain ship or when i ship seiyuus with other seiyuus or when i turn their favorite het ship into a yuri ship by shipping the girl character with another girl from that anime or manga and more. but even so they still dont know about me reading 18+ yuri doujins or playing yuri eroges like sono hanabira and such since i keep that to myself and i definitely do think they will start to judge me if i do tell them that. so ya thats the end of my story about my love for yuri and how i ended up getting into it and loving it, i hope it isnt long to read


  5. I feel you, Lena. I have the exact same thing. Don't be ashamed to let them know though, hobby's are weird. But it says say something about who you are, if they can't accept that, then they aren't real friends. Just be yourself, you're great. ^_^


  6. I really envy everybody who can go totally crazy about their hobby. I never have been so obsessed with a hobby that I “squealed in excitement” because of it. I think it's really awesome to love something so much that you know everything about it and that it can turn a really shitty day into an awesome one. The thing that brings me the most joy, is making the people I hold dear happy. Putting a smile on the face of somebody I love never fails to make me happy, too. But you can hardly call that a hobby 😛
    I agree with what you said about not being able to talk honestly about your “obession” with other people. Yuri and anime in general are not something everybody understands or wants to understand. I would not dare to tell any work colleagues about this either. But I also know that I can talk about anything with my closest friends without being judged and I think your closest friends would not judge you either for your yuri obsession 😛
    Anyway thank you for the interessting read and don't be ashamed for liking something very much, it's really great to have something like that in your life and you should be proud about it (even if only to yourself :P) and treasure it 🙂


  7. Hey, Lena. I'm a huge yuri fan and I go on your blog every day for updates. I'm so glad to meet another yuri fan like you. You've been so great at reviews and having fun yuri tournaments on your blog. It's just so awesome to look your up. Um, maybe you can give me a bit of advice, though.

    I'm a guy and likes yuri, but my parents or brother won't approve. What would you do in that situation? Because I'm tired of hiding it from them after getting a scolding once. They told me that I shouldn't be liking “Yuri” because it's gay and I'm chasing after them. “Girls don't like guys” they told me. So… yes. That's why I'm asking.

    Thanks for your support and have a nice day. 🙂


  8. I'm your futur me? Now that's interesting 😀
    You seem to have good friends, treasure them! If they are not put off by what you're saying, why not go full out and hit them with your yuri obsession straight on?
    Maybe, that's what I should do too.


  9. You put “not to be perverted” and watching lesbian porn with 12 in like the same sentence 😛
    Well, it's not like I'd judge anyone for that, but that sounded really funny 😛

    Though, I have to say, it's nice to see so many people who share this passion. The yuri fandom is really getting bigger and bigger with each passing day. It makes me really happy.


  10. The realm of Yuri, I like that 😛
    Though, even though you can't really participate in what you read, it's basically the same for girls as well. What I read in manga is something that is still “far from reality” you could say.
    I hope this actually made sense.


  11. Thanks 🙂

    It's nice that it's actually your friends who introduced you to yuri, I wish my friends did the same to me 😛

    It actually took me some time to admit to other people that I enjoy reading 18+ Yuri as well. But now that it's out, it's nice to have conversations about these things as well.
    I even recommend friends that are not exactly yuri fans adult yuri doujin and simply ask for their opinion. It's really fun 😛


  12. I know that there are many things that you are very passionate about as well. Like certain games or simply spending quality time with certain friends of yours 😉
    I actually never witnessed male friends really squealing in excitement, so it's maybe a little harder for guys to let their excitement slip.
    Though, as you said there are things you're passionate about and I sure know what you're talking about 😛
    Still, don't go over board Mister! Especially when your mission to put a smile on people's faces involves spending a lot of money! 😛


  13. Thanks for the nice words 🙂

    Your case sounds a bit complicated. I don't know how old you are and where you're from, which limits my options of answering you.
    It seems like your parents are not supportive of homosexuality in the slightest, which is something I find rather off putting and outdated. I guess you'd need to make them realize that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality in the first place to make them accept what you like, and this might be really hard.

    Then again, you liking yuri also means that you're not gay yourself, which might be a plus for your parents, as stupid as it sounds.
    Since I don't know your surroundings, I think you should simply find the right friends with whom you can be open about your love for this genre. If your parents are that against it, I don't think they are willing to understand in the future.


  14. Haha yeah I'm the same, I can't really tell people though. I'm huge into yuri, checking dynasty reader all the time. But I never, or if so, rarely, tell people I like yuri, yet alone some of those more on the weird side. It's pretty cool I'm not the only female into yuri, it makes me feel less weird XD.


  15. I only recently discovered manga (2 years) and yuri (1 year). And after stumbling into yuri, I have to say it became my top genre instantly. Someone mentioned realm, which seems so much more appropriate given the great variety and tastes it offers.
    Whenever I feel down I jump into a random chapter of 'Girl Friends' and after a bit I feel some much better and reassured. Lately 'I Love You' by Kumichou has fit the bill too. And when I need something racy, there's some juicy smut just waiting to be discovered.
    So yeah, yuri has a prominent role in my day to day life.

    As for RL friends and relating to yuri, well, I don't. I just assume its going to be awkward and not going to go well, so I just don't go there. Instead I come here to find like minded individuals like yourself and all the commenters here.

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts, I always look forward to a new article showing up on your site!


  16. I know the feel, Yuri is the only thing in my life in which I have always been passionate (read: obsessed), some years ago I even went all the way to take Japanese lessons just because I was tired of having to wait for a translation to play Sono Hanabira (and it was totally worth it).

    I always loved comics and animation and upon discovering anime I got immediately hooked by them, finding out about yuri definitely put the seal on my fate as a weeb. I loved yuri from the first moment and always it will have a special place in my heart, not only because its pretty and never fails to hold my interest, but because its merely thanks to yuri that I came to understand and accept that I'm a lesbian trans-woman, and not just a guy obsessed with lesbians. It literally changed my life.


  17. Well, you're certainly not alone when describing Yuri as something so important that brings you happiness, joy or bliss. I recall I read the word “Yuri” some time after I watched Lucky Star, only by chance, while looking for something else I find a fanfic, but it was different to the usual I was accustomed to, it was about Konata and Kagami. I never before had even the slight thought nor any possibility of a girl in a relationship with another girl, not even in anime, but what I was most surprised with was that I didn't mind it all, like I could read all of it and not think anything against it. That was the first moment when I realized something that even I didn't know about myself and all about a mere fanfic. After that I mostly spent all the time reading more fanfics and pretty much saving any KonaKaga pics, and it was also because of this pairing that I find out about doujins and at the same time I found Dynasty, which is now a permanent tab on the browser whenever I open it.
    That's when I thought that I wanted to know if there was any pure yuri anime, and found Strawberry Panic!. And to be honest I was a bit taken back when I watched because it was so explicity shown how the characters were so gay, but that thought was soon gone and enjoyed all about it.
    Not too long ago, when talking with some friend I said that “Yuri is what brings light to my life”, and the more I think about it, the more convinced I am of that as my true feelings, Yuri is what makes me smile whenever I feel sad, depressed or troubled, is almost the only thing that makes me geniunely happy, and one of the few things that look forward when I am back at home. I could easily say that I think of lesbians all day even, and I also think of a lesbian relationship as the most precious and beautiful love that is there.


  18. Hey Lena, thanks to you and everyone here for your stories, it's heartwarming to find people who are in similar situations. I've been into animes for as long as I can remember, and even though I didn't use to be entirely aware of it I've had a things for lesbians ever since I saw Mulholland Drive (that one scene changed my life, you know the one). So when I stumbled onto Sakura Trick I was like “wow, there is such a thing in this world”. From then on I proceded on binge-watching/reading just about every show, manga, doujin and vn that promised some canon yuri relationships I could get my hands on, SFW or NSFW, and I can't ever get enough of it. I'll admit I tend to have a preference for NSFW material, but it's not really a sexual thing, it's more because you can feel the love and intimacy so much more intensely, and that's the one thing that really got me hooked to yuri. I might be a guy but to me an ideal relationship would be sono hanabira-style, and thankfully most of the yuri material out there tends to gravitate towards that sweet loving atmosphere. But once you step out of that bubble and into the real world, there's just no way you can admit your passion to anyone : there's the certainty that the people you want to open up to would never be able to understand (which is quite saddening since yuri is the obvious answer to achieve world peace), but mostly what's stopping me is the fear of being judged, I'd feel like I'd be revealing myself all the way to my core and I couldn't bear to be met with contempt or indifference. I'd love for it to be all my head, if it could simply be that usual angst about opening up, but in this case (or at least in my particular case) you just know it's true. Not being able to talk about my favorite genre with the people close to me is really depressing. Maybe I need new friends, but short of learning japanese and scouring the yuri-friendly conventions there's nowhere to turn to but the internet. So yeah, your heartfelt post did make me feel a bit better about myself and I just thought I'd answer in kind. Please keep up the good work


  19. I became a huge fan of Yuri and lesbian media because of a girl, I work with her in a company who make wind turbine blades in Brazil, me and her are quality inspector,
    I fell in love with her but after I almost get hit by her girlfriend I discover that she was lesbian. I became obsessed with her and think about her every day, that was very difficult for me, unrequited love is so painful that I feel my life so hollow, than I began to look for lesbian stuff trying to know how lesbian think, I always get excited when I see two girls like any man but this time was different I was looking for romance most part without sex scenes, I dont know why but unfortunately I found few media that really was good like any great romance movies between a guy and a girl.
    I like lesbian porn but I don't watch them so often, and I discover that a girl really can make another girl more happy than any man could done, well now I know that I didn't have any chance with her, I'm trying to forget her, every time that I saw her facebook page I feel so sad, I dicide to avoid see her facebook is the only way I can forget her.


  20. I remember it was Christmas 2010 when my cousin and I found out my childhood role models “Amara and Michelle” of Sailor Moon were actually lesbians and not “cousins” in the original Japanese dub, which only surprised us a little because it made more sense. I was 14 years old, going-15, and this event sparked my curiosity to explore the oasis that is the yuri genre, even though I've been watching anime since I was 4, particularly Sailor Moon.

    Harumichi was my very first yuri ship, and I became obsessive quickly. Subsequently, Reinako became my next ship, in which I took a near-unhealthy, stalkerish obsession over live-action Sailor Venus actress Komatsu Ayaka. To be honest, I'd still marry her in a heartbeat, but I digress.

    Later that summer in 2011, I assembled a TV stand together while I watched my first real yuri, Strawberry Panic! (It screams lesbian, no?) I remember blushing and my heart skipping beats whenever I saw two females kiss–live-action, pictures, or animated. Despite being a lesbian, I thought the mere picture of two girls kissing was shocking–not in a bad way, rather I was inexperienced. You can only imagine the embarrassment I felt reading or watching my first 18+ yuri material. I actually skipped over my first couple lesbian sex scenes in fanfiction. Ho, ho such scandal! Very fluster!

    As I got used to yuri, the genre made me feel normal and more at home than under my parents' roof, and I would tell my best friend this feeling. She'd reply, saying that I am normal, but obviously, that wasn't the case. In a way, yuri was the mother that tucked me in and kissed me on the forehead at night before bed, instead of the one arguing with my father over divorce, but that's a different story.

    Yuri comforted me when I doubted I could ever find a partner, which…is still a work in progress, but I still seek comfort in the genre nonetheless. Being a pubescent, closeted lesbian in a private school, it was hard to find something to relate to, so discovering yuri was like a godsend, especially realistic mangas like Sasameki Koto and Aoi Hana.

    Unfortunately, yuri was but a well of resources back then–sufficient, not plentiful, and easy to run dry. I went through literally all of the yuri staples by the end of summer 2011. Pre-Citrus/Sakura Trick era was quite the ghost town.

    Otherwise, I felt, or still feel, the same way as Lena here. I'm too embarrassed to openly say I frequently watch and read fictional anime lesbians. Hell, my friends, who are nerdy and watch anime like me, still poke fun of me, describing my obsessive hobby as “lesbianime.” While they get excited about the new Log Horizon season, I freak out about a new Fluttering Feelings chapter or a recently-confirmed canon girlxgirl pair.

    Now, yuri is a nice getaway or mini-vacation I take from my daily life. My life is consumed with keeping busy and thinking about work & studying 24/7. It's nice to think about something else, and yuri is a perfect relaxer for me. I love yuri so much that I've wanted to start a yuri vlog, since it seems like a vlog dedicated to yuri hasn't been done yet. Unfortunately, more important things have taken over my life, so I'm 110% content with reading Yuri Reviews and Okazu as a form of wish fulfillment.

    I enjoy your background story, Lena. Keep up the good work!


  21. I tend to adore most things with lesbian romance, but yuri holds a special place in my heart :). Growing up yuri was an escape for me in some ways, I could put myself in the characters shoes and live out my dreams of falling in love with another girl. Now that my dream is a reality, I squeal and fangirl about yuri to my girlfriend. I was rather nervous to be open to her about how obsessed I am about yuri anime/manga, fanfiction, my favorite pairings, etc. She's been great about it though, I've got her to sit down and watch all my favorites with me as well :). It's nice to know that others are as crazy about this genre as I am 😀


  22. Comiket is the sacred place isn't it, I totally get that.

    I haven't watched TV dramas for a while now and have never really looked back since then. I guess we became accustomed to anime after watching it for so long. As for Yuri in particular, I find that the female characters are more 'human' than idealized and it's generally easier for me to empathize with them.

    That said, I'm now at a point where I'd probably watch anything yurirific regardless of whether I think it's good. So yea, I'm pretty deep in.


  23. I know. It's just funny that Yuri was originally made for woman but men can like it too.

    It's also funny that men are like an extinct race in the genre.
    Makes me wish for more Yuri Danshi chapters to be translated.


  24. I don't think the situation is all that different. If a girl likes watching two girls interact then why can't a guy?
    It's a lot like 20 something year old adults liking My little Pony even though the target audience is under 10.

    But speaking as a guy. I would rather watch shows like Yuru Yuri and Gochiusa that focus more on the cute side than watch shows like Valkyrie Drive that's full sexy time. I honestly cant stand that show.


  25. I really didn't know what I was gonna do, should I post or not. Though I did write I down right after I read the post :P. Then I thought: Well since Lena opened up, it would probably be little unfair, also I didn't like to think that I wrote it down for nothing, so, here goes:

    Well, for a long time I only read shounen, and even for that it was two or three series that I followed. Most of my time went with video games. At some point, how I found it is still a mystery, I stumbled around and found a manga called Yuricam – Yurica No Campus Life and followed it a little while 'till I got bored. Well you know what kind it is, so… yeah. I went back to my old stuff, though there was always, Chizuru Honso as a lesbian in manga for me.
    It's close to being a year now, when I was at sleepover. I was there and, couldn't sleep, when an interesting idea popped up to my mind: Why don't I try Lesbian romance manga, didn't know the word yuri back then yet. So I found a bunch of them in the manga site I read back then, can't even remember it's name. Dynasty-Scans has taken over :D. Yeah, but back here. I went through all of those mangas names and, since it was first of this type of manga, yuri and romance, I'd ever read, I went for the most interesting name. At this point it would propably be good to tell that, I didn't even like any type of romance movies, manga, books, or anything like that. But I became obsessed with it when I started reading Yuri.

    The mangas name was Zenryaku Yuri No Sono Yori – Notes From The Garden Of Lilies. It blew my mind back then and is still my favourite manga of all time. I read yuri manga the whole night, and got completely hooked, you could guess that I didn't sleep at all that night. Next day I left the sleepover early, wanted to get home to read more as soon as possible, my phone couldn't really handle it itself. For the next few days I started looking for more, but couldn't find enough to satisfy me. At that time I found your blog, through your, 'What to read next' stuff. I read almost all that was there and started looking for more in hope, just to find out that there was a place for that, Dynasty-Scans, found that out from your blog as well :P. For the coming months I did nothing but read, stopped communicating with people and neglected most of other stuff. At the end of June I came to point, where I had read almost every single manga in Dynasty that I liked. There still are probably some hidden gems in there that I will find out later, but most of it. At that point I just started waiting for more each day. Also I had followed your blog quite a bit, but was way too shy to comment or anything like that “blush”.

    I'm also really bad at socializing, like really bad, probably because I way too shy, but let's continue:

    Then came the anime time, though it was not that big. I mean I've watched many yuri animes, but nothing really striked out to me like the mangas did. Expect Yuru Yuri, maybe because it's also a comedy.

    Then came the problems, well they had been there for years, but just now I thought about doing something about them. I became completely stressed and depressed. Only when I was reading yuri I got a pause from them. I won't go to them further, but let's just say that without yuri, I wouldn't be here either any more.

    So you could say Yuri saved my life.

    Well lastly I'd like to ask: If it's not too much to ask, keep doing the blog, would ya 🙂 But remember to always take care of the people who are really close to ya, like ya said yerself: They should be more important. Well take care, hopefully there will be a lot more great YURI waiting for us in the future. Sayonara for now!


  26. I was always so sure that man dominated this genre.
    When I then visited Comiket and noticed that like 90% of all yuri doujin I bought were drawn by women, my mind was blown.


  27. Awww, now I wanna hug you all for the nice comments~

    I guess it can really be enough to just be open with fellow fans online. Though, I kind of miss seeing peoples' excited faces when they talk about what they like so much. So far, I've only once met a yuri fan as passionate to actually show such expressions and it was amazing.


  28. Wow, now that's a nice story right there!
    It's hard to believe that this change of life was possible partly thanks to your love for this genre, that's amazing!


  29. Yet again, it's so nice to read these storys.
    Seriously, seeing how much you guys love this genre and what it does to you, how it helps you and how it simply makes you feel better about things – it's amazing~


  30. Hi there Kasai, thanks for leaving your story as well~

    I always thought that yuri was a “guy-thing”, as weird as it may sound. Of course there are lesbians who might be interested in this genre, but I always thought that it would appeal to a male audience far more than to females.
    As a guy you might want to watch two girls doing cute/lewd or whatever things together more than watching guyxgirl, which is kind of understandable if you ask me.

    However, I found out that the distribution of guys and girls is far more balanced and maybe even leans more on the female side.
    So as I just said, I can understand why guys would like this genre.
    Well then again, anyone should just like what they want, I'm not one to judge.


  31. I have to thank you too 🙂

    There are now so many people who admitted to feeling the same, it's a little overwhelming really to get such a nice response~

    I often feel like just getting it all out and talking about what makes me happy with just anyone who I feel like to talking to.
    It might open some doors, since you never know if there are actually some people with the same interest that simply keep it a secret too.
    But I then again know that there are people how simply try to use anything against you that they can find.

    So yeah, we unfortunately need to be careful…


  32. I'm really sorry to hear that, but as much as you might not see things like that now, I'm sure you'll find the right one as well.

    Also, thanks for being open about it and sharing 🙂


  33. Thanks a lot for sharing 🙂

    It's so nice to see what this genre can do for people and it's amazing to read about so many different kinds of effects it can have on all of us.

    For me, I have a similar problem right now. Work and School (I'm a trainee) have started to take over almost my entire life. Work is especially draining, since I just can't stop thinking about it, even when I'm at home.
    Being able to just let go and forget about, even for only an hours, by simply reading something new is amazing and something I don't wanna miss.


  34. Sacred is probably just the right expression to use here. Now, all that is needed are some better Japanese skills so I can actually fully enjoy what I buy 😛


  35. Wow, Yuri Saved your life!
    I will probably save this little story of yours just because it's so amazing.
    I mean, don't get me wrong, I have no idea about your life, your problems and what you had to go thorough, but knowing that something like this can help you, it just blows my mind seeing how important things like this can be.

    This should actually be posted to all yuri artists so they can see what their works are capable of doing – saving lives!

    So what can I say? Of course I'll keep up the work! After hearing that, I feel especially proud of having this blog and being able to help out when people are in need for some yuri recommendations 🙂


  36. I'll respond to this heartfelt post with one of my own. Suffice to say we're in the same boat…except I'm still single. To go into full detail you'll have to wait for when I write my own post on the subject matter.
    In any case you have peeps here, including myself, who support the cause and equally want to live in a world where we can proudly say “We love watching, reading and playing animated, digital and drawn Japanese media (cartoons too) featuring or about lesbians falling in love with one another.”
    It's tough but always be proud of being part of the yuri nation. I think I told you this before but it bears repeating.

    Oh and you'll always be The Euroninja to me.


  37. Hey, Paola here.
    To be honest, I've watched Yuri for a couple of years maybe, not long enough, BUT hell I enjoy it. I didn't start with yuri, tho. One day I said to myself “hey, what if I give anime a shot” and so it started, with non yuri anime. So the first anime I ever watched (beside the ones from childhood) was FMAB and I got hooked up. I don't know what lead me to yuri, but suddenly I was watching Kannazuki no miko, then sasameki koto, and the list goes on and on. But because I wanted to know the whole story of these two animes, I looked for the manga of both of them, and started to looked for others too. And that's how I got into yuri.

    Personally, I like to watch anime rather than lesbian TV shows because I expect shows to be more realistic. Yuri, on the other hand, has more ways to go (comedy, drama, blablabla) and it can be as unrealistic as it wants and it won't make me hate it and drop it.
    I find it hard to watch/read all the “extreme” yuri out there. I don't know, it's just not my thing, but I must admit (for the sake of making you feel better 😛 ) I have read 18+ and NSFW manga. As someone said above, I like my yuri pure, maybe something romantic or mature, and sometimes not so mature. I enjoy mangas/anime that can make me blush because the characters are hella cute or shy, and they finally open about their feelings or struggle with it and don't know how to reach the other person, things like that. I know, I'm super cheesy

    About letting people know about my love (calling it obsession makes me feel guilty 😛 ) for yuri, well, I just keep that to myself. My family and some of my friends know I watch anime and that I spend lots of hours(practically all day long when I don't have to work or go to school), but it's mostly yuri, so every time my brother asks me for something to watch next I just don't know what to say, maybe “just watch strawberry panic” will work.

    Well, I guess that's it for today. Thank you for sharing your story with us, here's my story for everybody to know, I don't want to make it longer than it is already. Please, excuse my English, it's not my first language, but I did my best. Greetings from Mexico 🙂
    P.s. I love your blog, I check it everyday


  38. It is really enjoyable to read your story and all the comments 🙂 Okay, now it's my turn to tell a story XD but I try to make it short, lol
    I remembered when I was 13 (in 2004) I shipped Sakura/Ino becoz I really like their relationship, and then I started to read their fan-fictions. This is where I learned about the Yuri genre. However, later days I stopped shipping Sakura/Ino becoz I was so focused on studying in high school. Years later when I was 19 (in 2010) and studied in university, my YouTube friend recommended me to read Yuri manga called Girl Friends, since we talked about anime and manga all the time XD so I said okay and started to read it. This is where I became a Yuri fan XD I started to read other manga, and Anime too. Then games, Yuri-ism, Dynasty Reader, YouTube, and much more. I just can't stop loving it and I'm too obsessed of it! I don't think I can live without it. Every time I read/watch, I can feel the characters. I can feel how much they love and care each other. It's the purest form of love. Also, Yuri always save your day and bright you up. And some of them teaches you about a life, love, dream, and more. I really love it.
    I have watched real life TV shows and movies, and I have to say I don't like them at all 😦 They all have bad tastes for me. Most of them have bad endings. So I understand why you don't like them. It's understandable.


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