Anime Review: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??

gochuumon anime review

You can just call 2015 “The Year of Moe”. Along with the second seasons of Kiniro Mosaic and Non Non Biyori—and the third season of Yuru Yuri—we’ve been gifted one more precious present in the form of Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??. Can it finish what Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic started and make The Year of Moe something we’ll fondly look back on years from now? If you’re familiar with the series, you can probably guess the answer.

The story continues where the first season left off, and now more than ever, Cocoa is determined to be a big sister to Chino-chan. Other than that, there still wasn’t much of an overarching narrative going on, however, the episodic nature continued to be executed well, and there were more memorable moments than in the first season, in my opinion. The ones that really stood out the most for me were Chino and Cocoa getting drunk on chocolates (how did Chino manage to get even cuter???), the chain of stalking, and the trip to the mountain cottage. That was something that was long overdue, getting to spend some time away from the confines of the cafes and exploring the outside world a little bit more. Moreso than the first season, I felt that the experiences were a little more interesting and memorable, although that may just be due to my memory. Either way, the girls’ adventures remained as fun as ever, and for this genre, that’s really all you can hope for, storywise~

gochuumon anime review
(top row) Aoyama Blue Mountain, Chino, Rize, Cocoa (bottom row) Megu & Maya, Chiya, and Sharo

One thing I really love about Gochuumon is that there seems to be more depth to the characters than in your typical slice of life. Yes, all the girls are adorable and charismatic, yet through some introspection and self-reflection, the attempt to humanize the characters a little more works wonders. More than anyone, I felt Chino was the biggest beneficiary, and seeing her open up more was definitely a highlight for me. All of the other returning characters were every bit as great as before, but season two saw fresh faces join the fray as well.

The one new addition to the cast (Mocha) and the two with expanded roles (Maya and Megu) were not only welcome additions, but they also didn’t mess up the near-perfect chemistry that’s already been established between the girls. Okay, so Mocha was only there for a couple of episodes and wasn’t a permanent fixture, yet she managed to assimilate seamlessly into the group, and she made for some great moments with Cocoa.

On the other end of the spectrum, I have to admit that I wasn’t really a fan of Maya and Megu’s increased presence at first, but by the end of the season, I came to realize the error of my ways and very much enjoyed having them around. Even though this series does an awful lot of things right, the quality characters are something that sits there at the very top of the list, in my opinion.

As is the case with this genre, there really isn’t too much visual change from the first season to the second. That being said, the first season was already fine as it is, so it’s not a problem whatsoever. The setting and atmosphere are extremely warm and cozy, which further compliments the cuteness of the girls and makes this very easy on the eyes. Anime studios constantly try to one-up each other with increasingly adorable characters and situations, but for me, Gochuumon is the undisputed champion in this regard.

Like a soothing cup of tea served to you at Ama Usa, the audio continues to match the relaxing tone set by the rest of the show. It’s nothing spectacular, although it is surprising how this series manages an easygoing yet adventurous theme that stands out so much. Speaking of themes, the OP and EDs are right in line what you’d expect, cute and catchy. More of the same may not be the most flattering praise you can level at something, but when the first season sounded so pleasant, that’s a fairly nice compliment to have heaped on you.

Season two of Gochuumon may not be on the level of Yuru Yuri or Kiniro Mosaic in terms of yuri content, but once again, Sharo is doing her part to contribute to the yuri cause. Everyone’s favorite cash-strapped waitress is still infatuated with Rize, yet there still wasn’t all that much happening between them. For a minute there, I was anticipating that Sharo x Chiya might become more of an actual thing, but nothing really became of that either. Poor Sharo, literally and figuratively. While Sharo x Rize may have been somewhat neglected by the creators, those who ship Cocoa x Chino must have loved all the attention paid to onee-chan and her imouto. Although I’m not one of those people and only see them strictly as best friends, enough material was produced that will inevitably lead to some (likely NSFW) doujins being made. Poor Chino. She’s 14, people! Anyway, the constant that is Sharo x Rize combined with the increase in Chino x Cocoa leads to a slightly higher yuri rating than the first season.

It’s easy to lump all slice of life anime together and call them the same, but I think there are many reasons why Gochuumon has seen more success than most of its moe brethren. Be it the perfect blend of characters, the consistently funny skits, or any number of other reasons, it’s practically impossible for a slice of life fan to not love what this series offers. Those that do probably just hate fun. That’s really the only logical explanation.

Year: 2015 — Length: 12 Episodes — Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

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18 thoughts on “Anime Review: Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka??

  1. Awesome season of Gochuumon. Very enjoyable. Ending was epic. Mocha nice addition (that scene with white powder xD ). Cocoa x Chino bond even cuter. Now I want next season or ova and them visiting Cocoa family home !


  2. Definitely. As much as I like some other slice of life shows, Gochuumon is probably my favorite.

    I don't know how far along the manga is, but the Gochuumon anime series has been selling better than Yuru Yuri and Kiniro Mosaic, so if the creator is still interested in making money, we might get that third season~


  3. This season was awesome and it felt like it ended too soon (hopefully we get a third one).

    I can't get behind CocoChino too, they are just sisters; Cocoa is meant for Chiya.


  4. This is my number one anime of the season. Maybe even the year imo.
    Not many sequels top the first season but this one did it.

    Jokes were more frequent, everyone had their fair amount of screen time even the side characters, animation was great, and the opening and ending are the source of all diabetes.

    I'm just going to leave off sad because it left me wanting more.


  5. I have a hard time giving a higher score than an 8 for slice of life shows (for some reason), but if any deserved it, it's this one.

    Maybe we'll get another season in a couple of years. Man, that sounds like forever.


  6. Everything that made the first season awesome was racked up by 8000 this time, especially Sharo/Syaro's hunt for Rize. Oh and we were blessed by Mocha-Sama. Yup, better than the first I'd say.


  7. Definitely better than the first. I still preferred HKM over this, let alone Yuru Yuri. But this definitely made up for what NNB Repeat failed to do. I'm probably one of the few who wasn't as infatuated with Mocha >.> But definitely was happy for more Megu and Mayu!

    I'd also say they cranked up the yuri, but the first season wasn't really that high in the first place, so they're closer to KinMoza's first season level of yuri. Which isn't a bad thing, but I feel we were spoiled with how much Hello blasted the yuri levels up in its second season.

    I'm definitely up for another season of this! And I'll agree that this is pulling off the most moe in terms of visuals out of all the moe shows out there. I just wish they'd push the yuri more. Thankfully they didn't basically drop the yuri (Ala NNBR) but still.


  8. Definitely agree. This seacond season felt even better than the first and that's saying a lot when you have such strong competition with KinMoza & Yuru Yuri. At times I didn't care that much if there where yuri elements because I still enjoyed the content. However I do feel a bit let down because there wasn't any real progress between Rize/Sharo. After the first season I expected more to be honest. On the other hand it seems like the air has been cleared and Chiya is not really in an unrequired love situation with Sharo. That's a relief. Im not sure if I ship Chiya/Cocoa but at least it seems like they're going that way.
    And I absolutely love Maya.


  9. GochiUsa and KinMoza are always going to be associated with each other, but as much as I like Karen and everything else about KinMoza, this one's my #1.

    Yeah, there's still plenty of room for more yuri with this series. They tease but don't quite go far enough to compete with HMN in that regard. Anyway, there's always hope there'll be more in another season.


  10. Definitely. This show doesn't even need the yuri for people to love it. It's just an added bonus.

    Sharo x Rize were built up throughout the first season, but they just kept going around in circles and not progressing at all in this season. I like all of the characters, so I'd be happy with any pairing that could happen in the future.

    Maya's likable, but I preferred Megu, mostly due to her cute voice. 😛


  11. I very much enjoyed season 1, and season 2 did not disappoint. I enjoyed the new additions to the cast, and it was still as cute as ever.

    I'm hoping/looking forward to another season!


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