Let’s Talk About The Most Memorable Yuri Moments in Anime History

Spoiler Warning!

There are certain anime scenes that are hard to forget, that simply never fade from your memory, and that you go back to watching every so often. These scenes usually leave you with a nice feeling and make you all excited for more. And these are exactly those anime moments that I’d now like to collect and share with you.

So get ready for the most memorable moments in Yuri Anime history~

kannazuki no miko chikane himeko

First, I’d like to name the most memorable scene of my very first Yuri Anime, Kannazuki no Miko. Sure, there were many memorable moments happening throughout the whole show, but no other scene was as tragically beautiful as this one. The mere fact that they finally realized their love for each other, yet couldn’t be together since Chikane sacrificed herself for her loved one… it’s so bittersweet and so damn good! Actually, I have to rewatch it right away.

mahou shoujo madoka magica yuri

Next, we’ll have the /last/ moment between Homura and Madoka. Last moments and saying farewell, these probably make for the best scenes in any kind of show, and this is definitely proof of it. Just like in Kannazuki no Miko, Homura and Madoka as well had to part, knowing that they might never meet again. Only this time, no one had to die, but rather be reborn as something new again. Their naked hug in space was both symbolic and artistic, yet bittersweet and very tragic, seeing Madoka pass on her ribbon as proof of their eternal connection and /love/. Yes, I will probably never forget about this scene, ever.

yami to boushi yuri kiss

Well, I guess I said that memorable moments needed to be good scenes, or in other words, scenes that you can’t forget because you liked them so much.

However, in this case, I’d like to present to you the one anime scene that left me so unsatisfied and weirded out that it earned a special place in my heart for all the wrong reasons. It’s not only that their final kiss was all but in Hatsuki’s dream, it also ended with a thick string of saliva hanging between their mouths. For some reason, that was really off-putting back then, and knowing how it all ended, this scene makes the whole ending of the series even worse.

strawberry panic nagisa shizuma

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking about this scene is Shizuma’s heel hitting the floor of the church in a very dramatic way, followed by her desperate voice calling out for her beloved Nagisa. And then the love confession followed. Oh god, just thinking about it, makes me get totally excited. It’s really one of the most beautiful endings of all yuri anime. Though, I’m really sorry for poor Tamao, but I’m sure she can find someone as well! She would be a good match for Chikaru~

hibike euphonium love confession

Speaking of love confessions, how about we talk about a certain “confession of love” between two very talented brass players? I’m pretty sure we were all very surprised when we first heard Reina use exactly this kind of wording to express her feelings for Kumiko on their way up the mountain during the festival. Though, the real magic happened at another time in the anime, precisely before Reina had to face Kaori in their little competition to decide which one would get to play the solo part during the nationals. It’s exactly this scene in which Kumiko did not only get back to their love confession, but they also shared one of the most personal and endearing moments I’ve seen in a long while. It seriously took me a moment to understand what was going on, but as soon as I silently started cheering for them to just take the opportunity and kiss, the scene was unfortunately already over. Good thing there will be a second season soon~

cross ange ange hilda kiss

Well, there were many yuri kisses this show had to offer, and despite the fact that the yuri content was so high and we even got a canon pairing, I just can’t help but feel way more deeply about Ange x Hilda. Their relationship started off a little bumpy, but they learned that deep down they were pretty similar and even shared a similarly heart-shattering past. I guess this little connection was needed to strengthen their bond even more, but that’s not really what I wanted to talk about. So now, coming back to the actual scene that I like so much, I can only say that it’s probably the cutest thing ever to see Hilda getting all shy and insecure around Ange. And to make things even better, the scene ends with a kiss and a confession of at least something similar to love. I can work with that.

sasameki koto practice kiss

What do you think of when thinking about Sasameki Koto? I’m not talking about the manga, only about the anime, and to be honest, I don’t remember that much. I guess it’s a combination of all of the time that has already passed since it’s aired and the fact that the anime ended in a way that probably left many of us unsatisfied. Though, coming back to my initial question. The one thing that I actually do remember is the one scene in which Sumika let’s Kazama practice kissing, using herself as the object to practice with. Well, she was in fact wearing a mask while doing so, but I still feel like this scene had a great impact on the viewers, and I can’t help the fact that it is this one scene that I still remember so vividly.

sakura trick kiss

Well, undoubtedly this specific show has such an high amount of yuri scenes to offer that it’s almost impossible to choose between all of them. However, after admittedly having watched many of the numerous “Sakura Trick – kiss collections” floating around YouTube, there is one scene that sticks out for me. It’s that one scene in which they start getting into a little fight over the most trivial thing, but end up lying on the floor together, changing the mood completely in just a matter of seconds. The best thing about it though is the fact that it’s Yuu initiating the kiss, telling Haruka how thankful she is for having such a great girlfriend. Awww. This was so lovely, I guess I’ll have to get my fix of Sakura Trick kisses again soon.

ga-rei zero yomi kagura

Next up is the yuri scene that wasn’t. Everyone remembers the scene in Ga-Rei: Zero where Yomi and Kagura play the Pocky game, but the scene later on in the show when Yomi’s injuries prevent her from playing it with Kagura is just the most heartbreaking thing ever. Even despite her situation, seeing how happy Yomi is to have Kagura there taking care of her really goes to show how close they had become and how tragic that part of the story is. Then there’s the ending where the famous phrase “Will you kill someone you love, because of love?” finally hits home. For how brutal some of the violence in Ga-Rei: Zero is, the most brutal thing turned out to be the Shakespearean tragedy known as Yomi x Kagura.

aoi hana breakup

There aren’t a lot of anime that realistically depict romantic relationships, but Aoi Hana is definitely one of them. Anyone who’s ever been in love can probably relate in some way to the situations presented, which is why I still hold this show close to my heart. The most memorable scene for me was when Fumi finally put Yasuko in her place and closed the door on their relationship for good. Not only was Yasuko standing in the way of Fumi x Akira happening—that should be a crime in and of itself—she was also secretly in love with Mr. Kagami, so seeing Fumi stand up for herself and refuse to continue being Yasuko’s plaything is easily one of the most gratifying moments I’ve ever experienced in yuri anime. It almost makes me forget about the lack of any romance between the main characters… almost.

kiniro mosaic pirate karen

There have been plenty of moments so far that were either sad or romantic, but this next moment was just unexpected and great. Who would have ever guessed that during an episode of Kiniro Mosaic a Disney movie would break out? That’s exactly what happened in the final episode, as an assortment of Disney-esque princesses, heroes, and villains battled it out via song and dance. Okay, “dance” is probably stretching it a bit, but it doesn’t change the fact that this came out of nowhere and was just plain awesome. A yuri-fied Disney movie? Sign me up, please. And has there ever been a pirate as great as Karen Kujou? Nope! Never.

mai-hime shiznat

Last, but not least, let’s also talk about one of the first yuri shows I have ever watched, Mai-HiME. In this case, we could choose between scenes like Natsuki and Shizuru kissing, Shizuru telling Natsuki about her true feelings, or the many scenes in which Shizuru risks her life to save Natsuki. However, there is one scene that had an even greater impact on me than all of the scenes I listed above combined. The scene I’m talking about is right when Natsuki finally gains control over her “child” again and heads off to fight against Shizuru. Right before she summons Duran again after such a long time of not being able to get any fighting done, she quickly explains to us that the power of a “child” all depends on the love they have for their most precious person. Right at that moment, Duran appears, at least 3 times his normal size. Well, Shizuru mistakes this obvious hint of love with hate, but we all know what Natsuki actually meant to explain to Shizuru.

After having named our most memorable yuri moments of all time, it’s now time for you to add more. So what are the yuri scenes that still make you squeal in excitement or have an emotional breakdown by just thinking about it?


71 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Most Memorable Yuri Moments in Anime History

  1. “has there ever been a pirate as great as Karen Kujou? Nope! Never.”
    I feel like there's been someone, but she's definitely in the top three at the least

    Someday I'll get to watching the Strawberry Panic anime….someday!

    Yeah, I actually do agree that Chikaru and Tamao made a great couple. Too bad that never got fully explored in any of the iterations…

    Some memorable scenes for me (just a few):
    The accidental kiss between Sanae and Shinka during the Christmas OVA of Chuuni. It was like the turning point, and the point where all my crazy shipping actually turned out to be right for once. It was a pretty great moment for me~

    A bit less something that probably others would find super memorable, but when Cou was rambling on and on about Rebecca and how she wanted to marry her, in Dog Days S2. That scene just has always stuck in my head. The only thing that sticks more in my head from that series, is something in the dramas, so that doesn't really count here.


    The scene when Yoshika and Lynette reunite after Yoshika gets her magic back in the Strike Witches Movie. Even thinking about it now brings some tears to my eyes~

    I should probably name something from Yuru Yuri. It's just really hard to pick one. So many things to choose from…I think I'll go with Season 2, when Chinatsu and Akari were alone in the club room, and their faces got really close and blushy. What happened afterwards was typical AkaChina fun, but that scene right at that moment is what sticks in my head the most. But, again, so many scenes to pick from in that series.


    Mana and Regina have a lot of really memorable moments, but I definitely have to give most memorable to the scene when Regina gave her 'love confession', with no lack of red covering her entire face. I would love to give lots of scenes from that show, but that's the number 1 one.


    That scene when Kanade was in really bad shape, and Hibiki went super angel form to save her. You don't get to see stuff like this in Precure anymore…People tell me Fresh is a really good one too, I really need to get to that…


    When Kotori is getting ready to leave on a plane, but Umi knocks some sense into Honoka. And Honoka makes her way to Kotori to tell what she really wants. I could probably give some other examples, but that's what's always stuck with me

    I ended up doing more than “just a few” I guess xD Once I started, more and more just kept on pouring into my head. In fact, even as I write this, more are starting to flow in. But, this would probably never end if I kept on going xD So, i'll stop here.


  2. I feel so depressed when I finish the Ga-Rei: Zero anime :C
    For who read the manga, this Has a good end? I hate bad ends.


  3. great article! there are just too many epic yuri moments out there that its so hard to choose! i am glad you put a Chimeko moment at the top though! they are my top yuri couple of all time! the scene where Himeko kisses Chikane would also have been a great pic, as it showed that Himeko's words of love were 1000% true, and having her prove it with that epic kiss was just the highlight of the entire series! the Strike Witches episode from season 2 where we had that Sanya/Eila moment at the end would also have been a great entry! they were pretty much slapping us in the face with there yuri that time. i know im forgetting a ton of other great moments from other series right now but you picked some choice entries!


  4. Again, great article. Quality submissions all around, although some of the ties and honourable mentions could well be elevated to the top. Not a fault, but I think you have a bias towards happy memories, although you try well to remedy that. But I mean, how about answering THE QUESTION: WHAT do you immediately think of/made a lasting memory in yuri?

    Kannazuki no Miko: The love confession was priceless and my personal high-point of yuri. But only because of what everyone rightly remembers KnM for.

    StoPan: Again, the “stop the wedding” scene is priceless. But everyone's gonna only remember global warming…

    Cross Ange: Ange and Hilda are great. But in terms of “most memorable” or “most impactful,” it has to be episode 1 or episode 5. Case in point, I don't even remember the episode of Ange/Hilda, but everyone remembers episode 1, episode 5 and the feeling when “**** This anime isn't the chosen one.”

    You did really well nailing GR0 and Yamibou, which are real memories of yuri for good or ill.

    I'll throw down with Adrian in recommending (both series') Strike Witches' Episode 6 Sanya/Eila episodes, especially Eila's declaration of protection. Also, I find it interesting you included KinMo's play, but face it: KinMo, GochiUsa and NNBiyori (OG's moe trifecta) aren't made to be “wham memorable” – rather adorably fluffy. What is memorable? Akuma no Riddle's Ep6 play that broke tumblr.

    I don't even have to describe my argument. I can just say “x anime, x episode.” And I think THAT is the definition of “Yeah, I gotcha. That's memorable.”

    I guess you're looking for a Yuri Hall of fame moment, while I'm looking at a “What yuri anime moment really impacted you” moment. That said, you guys did real good.


  5. great list of yuri anime moments i love all of them so much especially the ange and hilda one and the straberry panic ones oh also the chimeko one and shiznat too!!!! also im curious where are the nanofate moments??? like when nanoha and fate first became friends or when vivio was kidnapped and fate comforted nanoha and hugged her (they should have kissed too!!!) or even in vivid with the bath scene. also what about yomi and kagura's pocky game moment??? either way i loved the list

    as for my favorite yuri anime moments it would have to be:
    nanoha and fate becoming friends for the first time and when fate comforted nanoha after vivio's kidnapping
    yomi and kagura's pocky game
    ange and hilda's passionate kiss after hilda's cute confession
    every yuri delusion that chitose has had (3 seasons and a good amount of ovas worth)
    saki and maria's cute moments
    every chikane and himeko kiss
    reina's confession of love to kumiko
    roMio and julRitsu
    everything else on your list
    and so much more


  6. We're glad you shared these!
    I already watched kannazuki no miko and found the end too dramatic untill the sequel come! The reason i don't fully like that anime is because of the SoumaHimeko kiss (I almost cried, i felt so sad for Chikane)… But at least, Himeko rejected him at the end!
    As for kin iro mosaic, these pirate schenes is my favorite from all the anime! There is the magical girl part too in season 2 but my favorite is the pirate story!
    In madoka magica, that scene made me really sad… Seeing that all Homura's efforts has been in vain broke my heart…
    For the other anime, i dropped most of them, so haven't seen these!
    If i should add more memorable schene, these are mimes:
    1.Candy boy: when Yukino confessed her love for Kanade because she though her sister hated her
    2.He is my master: the scene where Izumi game-confess love to Annah when this one is trying to play fool, so Izumi may be more interrested in her
    3.Kashimashi: when Hazumu became a girl, i could never forget Tomari and Yasuna's surprised face
    4.Mariasama ga miteru 4th: when Touko cried out loud of desesperation, then she jumped into Noriko's arm for recomfort
    5.Yuri kuma arashi: i could never forget the final scene where they finally are together forever


  7. Very few of the scenes you mentioned can top KnM's for me because it's the only one out of all these that made me cry.
    Kudos for you mentioning the awesomeness that is the Kinmoza season finale Shino story. That entire sequence was made of win!
    Good choices all around Euroninja-chan!


  8. Ahh, memories. I can still vividly remember most of the scenes you put in there. I think the Kannazuki no Miko one was one of those that had the most impact on me. It was also my first yuri anime and, oh spirits, I had no idea what kind of emotional ride I was getting myself into.

    I feel there's one title missing – Simoun. There were a lot of memorable scenes in this anime that I could name but the one that leaves me in tears each time I see it is the one with vanishing dance that Neviril and Aeru share at the very end. Basked in orange light of setting sun, along with the music that suddenly breaks off…I find this scene utterly beautiful and breathtaking.

    Thanks for posting this entry, it was a nice read on my study break 🙂

    Oh, I just realized it's my first comment here…haha, cheers!


  9. Thanks for sharing!
    That totally reminds me that I wanted to watch at least a few Precure episodes, but I just can't get myself to do so…

    All the great doujinshi… I need to fully get them and thus start watching at least a few of the numerous seasons.

    I guess it's the same with you and Strawberry Panic 😛


  10. Thanks 🙂

    The moments are in no particular order, we just wrote them down as they popped up in our minds. Well, okay then you can actually really say that we started with the ones that probably had the biggest impact on us 😛

    I think this list could go on and on, and I'd probably have to add many more, like that Sanya/Eila moment and maybe even some NNBiyori scenes. Now thinking about it, I realize that we missed a lot, since we should have also added the Yuume/Yuki moments from Kanamemo… ah damn.


  11. Ah, no!!
    Just when I thought we missed a lot, you point out even more 😀

    You are so right! That NanoFate moment with Nanoha and Fate lying in bed with Vivio with them… HNNNGGHHHH!
    I think we need to make another list pretty soon. There is simply too much we missed 😛


  12. Glad you liked it 🙂

    And you guys keep coming with great scenes, that's awesome! Now I'm pretty sure that there will be another list in the near future~

    Candy Boy and Yuri Kuma will definitely be added in the next one!


  13. I couldn't agree more, it was the one that popped up first when I was starting to make this list simply because it's the most important one for me~

    As for Kinmoza, that's Rock's pick~


  14. Nice to see you here 🙂
    (That actually reminds me…. I think I forgot about something…. I'll go check later :P)

    I was thinking about adding Simoun too. Back when I first watched it, I was actually addicted to it, but thinking back on it now, for some reason, I just can't come up with even one scene that I'd like to add.

    Maybe that “kiss” they shared in the last episodes with the two protagonists kissing through the wall. It was a little weird, yet had a lot of impact. Still, I don't really remember this in a positive way, since I didn't like either of them 😛


  15. hehe well you chose a lot of other very worthy moments so your list is still great! though the one thing i would change is the Cross Ange one. that show baited us with the prospect of Ange being yuri then she goes for some guy. i am glad the show has a lot of yuri and a major side couple ending in yuri was great….but that vile betrayal 😦 the end to Starwberry Panic was perfect. i dont care what anyone says Shizuma is awesome! she is beautiful, sexy and she deserves Nagisa! her stealing away Nagisa was epic as was there kiss at the end! i do have massive feels for Tamao though. wish she had someone in the end. and agree with you on Sakura Trick. far too many epic yuri moments in that one show to choose just one! you could have also said Sakura Trick-the whole series and it would still count 😉 Sakura Trick season 2 when?!?!


  16. Ah the cave scene from Aoi Hana was really well handled. WHile I prefer the manga version, the anime was great too. Fumi's voice actress spoke in her normal “cutsy shrinking violet” way, but infused cold fury into it, as if instead of Fumi saying “Grow up Senpai”, it was more like “Fuck you bitch. I dont want to see you ever again.”


  17. Kureha and Ginko finding happiness together at the end of YKA was great, but what happened afterward when Uchiko finds Konomi in the “defective” box and holds her really set off the waterworks.


  18. I was gonna be hella-salty if you didn't include Shizuma bursting through the church doors. So I am glad you included it:) I like your Sakura Trick selection as well:)


  19. For some reason, whenever I ask people about Simoun, most of them says they weren't really fond of the two main characters 😛

    The 'wall kiss' was somewhat weird, indeed, although perhaps the most symbolic out of all in the anime. But then there were a lot of more 'straightforward' and beautiful scenes like Yun finally embracing Onashia to forgive her or Dominura 'stealing' Rimone from her friend to fly with her again.


  20. The best moment for me in yuri is the recognition of Himeko and Chikane in love and kiss. As I wrote earlier in the comments, Kannazuki no Miko is my first and most favorite anime Yuri-gener. Then Soma was in flight.
    Cross Ange surprised me a little bit more when I witnessed the first kiss Ange and Hilda. I really hope that this Ange wanted to say that it feeds something like romantic feelings for Hilda. Here Tusk, unlike Soma, full chocolate. But I hope that it is possible to release three times a season, where the girls will be able to be together.


  21. Such great and unforgetable moments indeed. I would add some UtenaxAnthy moments, like the dance scene & the kiss at the end of the movie. There's also some nice moments between Illya & Miyu from Fate!Kaleid but I hesitate a bit since from the moment it all seems one sided, so…..Waiting anxiously and also dreadfully the new Hibike season.


  22. I'm pretty behind on Pretty cure myself. I still need to finish Heartcatch and SPlash. And I really should get to Fresh someday. I also am technically behind on Go Princess. But I'm just waiting for it to finish and then marathoning the last 4 episodes.

    And then there's Aikatsu and PriPara….

    And I feel like I should probably delve into older Jewelpeta series if Magical Change was any indicator of how fun they are.

    And, of course, the massive backlog of every other show I haven't finished/haven't gotten around to seeing…


  23. i just remembered a scene i liked…
    the 3rd Madoka movie, “Hangyaku no Monogatari”, towards the ending when Kyoko and Sayaka hold hands and Sayaka says that she regrets leaving Kyoko behind.
    it's not a big or even that great of a moment but i still liked it. i thought that it was a very sweet moment.


  24. The manga went all cookie-cutter and delivered het ends for both Yomi and Kagura while simultaneously giving an old-school yuri-like end for Yomi/Kagura.

    (should be mostly accurate but my memory is a little fuzzy)
    The author tried to kill off Yomi multiple times during the series but she always returned by popular demand from the readers, so she ends up being the final boss. In the Armageddon Yomi unleashes at the end, Kagura sacrifices the beast/familiar/dragon thing which is bound to her soul, and starts dying as a result. Yomi can't bring herself to actually let Kagura die after all, so she sacrifices herself to patch up the tears in Kagura's soul.

    Randomly, Yomi's servant/boyfriend (I think it was the same guy she was involved with in the anime, but he got turned in to a Yōkai at some point) does exactly the same thing for Kagura's boyfriend (the guy that starts out as the wimpy MC of the manga).

    So the final pages show that Yomi and Kagura are “together forever” in Kagura's body while holding hands with their respective boyfriends who also inhabit the same body.

    So you could view it as a nice gesture by the author who tried to accommodate the yuri fans of his series while still sticking to his original vision for the series. Or a huge cop-out.


  25. This list brought up a lot of memories, both good and bad (Yomi ;_;) so thanks for posting it.

    Since everyone else is adding suggestions for the second list I might as well jump in.

    Strike witches S2 ep6 of course. Space yuri has never been so good. That scene establishes the basis for the next phase of their relationship, as shown in the OVAs, where they are travelling to find Sanya's parents together.

    Nanoha and Fate… picking any one scene is too hard. S1 especially was full of memorable scenes: The hug in the infirmary, the final moment in the Garden of Time where Fate takes Nanoha's hand, but of them all the Ribbon exchange and farewell hug on the bridge was probably the best. The bed scene in StrikerS with Vivio was totally cute too, and the moment where the series' subtext starts “beating you over the head with a purple dildo” as some have said.

    Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere S1 Episode 10. It was a joy to see a simple, honest, kiss between lovers, for no reason except to express their affection and relief that their partner was safe after a life-threatening battle. I'm also seeing a pattern with my own suggestions here, apparently I have a preference for warrior lesbians.

    Although the yuri left me unsatisfied, Simoun remains one of the most interesting shows out there and the dance at the end is the scene I remember most whenever I think of that series. Unsatisfied or not it still made an impact.


  26. you could easily do like 10 more lists of the most memorable yuri moments in anime history! there are just so many epic yuri moments we need to let them all be known! a lot of people commenting here are stating some prime choices for future lists! also dont be afraid to post multiple entries for a single series as some of these shows have so many iconic moments they should all be known!

    -Strike Witches season 2 for Eila/Sanya episode and for that epic Mina/Mio kiss
    -someone above mentioned the scene of Nanoha and Fate in bed with Vivio and i agree with that!
    -the final kiss between Nagisa and Shizuma plus there pool kiss in Strawberry Panic.
    -pretty much the entire series of Sakura Trick.
    -the ending for Kureha and Ginko in Yuri Kuma Arashi.
    -another id like to add is the first time we see Kaon and Himiko plus there kiss in kyoshiro to towa no sora. seeing them brought back Chimako in grand fashion and seeing Himiko/Himeko as the aggressor towards Kaon/Chikane was so amazing it almost makes them better than the original! and i almost feel bad saying that because the originals were so amazing >.<
    plus any and all other suggestions others are posting on here! it would also be cool to see a list like this for yuri manga! 🙂


  27. Now that so many people talked about their most memorable scenes, it makes me wonder if we should have just let you guys decide which ones to choose.

    Damn, that would have been a great idea and a nice way to interact with all of you.
    I should have thought about that earlier!


  28. These are all great!
    I'll throw in my first yuri memory. The end of the R.O.D movie. That scene where Yomiko makes the paper butterfly for Nancy, that just crushed me. They flirt a lot through out, but that always sticks with me.


  29. that would be a pretty cool idea! id love to partake in something like that for your amazing site! but the lists you make are amazing as is as well! 🙂 i am glad to see a fellow Chimeko lover give so much praise to that couple as i saw on many of your previous lists! such a sad thing that there wont be a proper season 2 😦 even the authors of the original manga canceled a planned prequel manga showing Chimeko as there past selves. though some rough sketches were found online.


  30. Hahaha, well, one way to remember her 😀 By the way, thanks for reminding me of Sakura Trick with this article, I've been meaning to rewatch it for some time and I really forgot how cute and funny this anime is.


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