News Update: February 2016

We’re back with another News Update, this time only focusing on Visual Novels~

mangagamer licensing survey

First, I’d like to encourage all of you to take MangaGamer’s most recent licensing survey, in which you can yet again suggest other Yuri Visual Novel titles for possible future projects. Just in case you don’t know what we could possibly suggest there: How about more Sono Hanabira Visual Novels, like Maidens of St. Michael? Or maybe something a little less known, like White Robe Love Syndrome?

Well, you can always check our list of Yuri Visual Novels to get some more ideas of what you could name there~

Anyway, take the survey right here.

kindred spirits yuri visual novel

Let’s stay with MangaGamer for a little while longer and talk about their upcoming translation of the full Yuri Visual Novel Kindred Spirits on the Rooftop. As you all might know, the game will be released on February 12th, so just in case you don’t already have a present for your loved one ready, a copy of this might be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day~

You can pre-order it for a 15% discount and get a short demo of the game right here.

the stargazers yuri visual novel

Moving on, a Steam Greenlight campaign has been launched for The Stargazers, which is being brought to us by Lupiesoft. Three perspectives are available in this space-based Yuri VN that’ll see the three main girls take on all sorts of operations across the Milky Way. Here’s the trailer.

If you like where this project is going, head on over to its Steam Greenlight page, and leave some positive feedback in order to help this game make its way to Steam.

No release date has been announced yet, but be sure that we’ll let you know when that happens. In the meantime, check out the official site right here to learn more~

Also, big thanks to OG, where we got the info for this one from~


17 thoughts on “News Update: February 2016

  1. I've hardly played any Visual Novels other than spending hours upon hours playing through all the possible scenarios in Clannad, but I've been pretty psyched for Kindred Spirits since last year. I pre-ordered it immediately when it became available last week and playing through the demo has me even more hyped up.

    I'd like to start playing more VN's at some point; I at least would want to tackle everything possible in the Sono Hanabira series, I know a lot of them still need to be translated though. On a side note, where could you purchase a lot of the Sono Hanabira games, other than the recent prequel?


  2. i did this and posted several Sono Hanabira games! we need a lot more of those officially translated! im trying to remember some other epic yuri visual novels i liked the look of but never played because of a lack of fan translations.


  3. Survey already taken. I would love to see english realase of SonoHana 11 (all girls appear there, right ?).

    I'm soooo ready for Kindred Spirits ! Waiting almost over =D
    (Now please Flowers, don't take much longer)

    The Stargazers – hmm … I know this art style …

    Nekopara 2 (20.02) might have three way with 2 catgirls interacting, but it's not it, right ?


  4. I've been really excited lately at the progress yuri VNs have been making. I know I'm in the minority here, but I've always preferred a good visual novel over a manga, an anime, or a game. It might just be the emphasis on text and story over visuals…but yeah.
    As a lesbian fan of visual novels, however, I'm often left feeling that I really don't fit into the community. Yuri VNs are rare and not particularly popular, it would seem, and while I was at first content reading from the perspective of the straight male lead, it eventually became obnoxious to me, to the point where it draws from my enjoyment sometimes.

    Other than what was mentioned above about Kindred Spirits and The Stargazers (much hype~), I do feel it's important to mention:

    1. That yet another yuri visual novel, Sacrament of the Zodiac (formerly known as Sacrament Sheep) has been fully translated and can be purchased for $9.99. I haven't gotten around to reading it yet, but so far it looks interesting, at the very least (though I am a bit worried about the quality, especially with the way the opening seems to present it as a nukige)
    Link –

    2. According to VN translation company JAST USA's Tumblr account, Flowers – le volume sur printemps -, is at 50% editing (100% translation) and its scheduled release date is sometime in “early spring”. Keep in mind, however, that JAST USA is a company notorious for delaying their work, and anyone with experience in the Western visual novel community will tell you to take their release plans with a grain of salt.

    That is all ~

    ((I normally just lurk around here, so coming out and talking unananymously is a bit scary, but I felt that since this is a subject I am passionate and knowledgable about, I would try to add some information to the discussion. //eheh, oops))


  5. Hey there and nice to see you commenting as well~

    I think the biggest problem is the fact that Visual Novels are way harder to work on than any manga, doujinshi or even anime. There is not only the translation that you have to do, you have to implement it into the game, which makes it something only a few are willing to try. You basically need a team of people with different skills working with you, which might be hard to find, and hard to do if you're not even getting paid to do it. I guess that's mostly the cause for the lack of VN translations available right now.

    As for FLOWERS, I knew it was getting translated (that's my hype game of the year), but I didn't know they already announced a date. Well, if that's really vague anyway, I won't get my hopes up too soon 😛

    And Sacrament… a certain someone has already spammed me with this, but I'm not so sure that he mentioned a translation. That's certainly news to me, thanks for mentioning that~


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