Yuri Doujin Release: Goodbye, Romantic Birthday by Kanbayashi Makoto [Mushiyaki]

love live nozoeri doujinshi

It’s Valentines Day, everyone! So what better way to celebrate than to read some nice NozoEri doujin?

Title: Goodbye, Romantic Birthday
Artist: Kanbayashi Makoto [Mushiyaki]
Pairing: Nozomi x Eri [Love Live!]
Genre: Comedy, Romance

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15 thoughts on “Yuri Doujin Release: Goodbye, Romantic Birthday by Kanbayashi Makoto [Mushiyaki]

  1. hey Rock The Vogt you know something about 3D modeling or animation? Like Maya or 3D Max? I'm learning 3D modeling, I'm trying to make a anime model, would be good to know more people that have some knowledge and like anime style. I did the body already but I'm trying to make the head, I feel like a zoombie now after 10 hours trying to make something that appears a anime head LOL


  2. Oh I dreamed about that too.
    Making your own manga, that's something you have to spent a lot of time on, time we all don't have 😀

    Though your drawings look good~


  3. Hey Lena and Rock, what do you guys think about Stray Little Devil? I didn't find in the blog, I think was a good manga, I don't read manga like I did 5 years ago but this title was able to call my attention, I think it has a good plot, not perfect, the fanservices always annoy me but(because this make you lose the focus on the plot), but I was able to read until the end :D.


  4. STRAY LITTLE DEVIL by Mori Kotaro, I think maybe you won't like, is Yuri that I guarantee,
    But don't have too much drama, is more a yuri action stuff, but is very funny and the plot is good, I recommend you give a try, don't worry is yuri but without drama. 😀


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