Manga Review: Momo, Botan, and Lily Blossoms by Mitsuboshi Megane

momo botan and lily blossoms yuri manga

I am late with this one, I have to admit. Though, I luckily found this gem again thanks to it being put as a featured series on the Dynasty Reader.

It didn’t even take me more than one second to decide to reread this short manga again. So after being late for about 6 years, let’s not waste any more time. Here’s my short review~

Title: Momo, Botan, and Lily Blossoms
Mangaka: Mitsuboshi Megane
Length: 1 Volume, 5 Chapters
Year: 2010
Genre: Romance, Comedy
Read Online

This short manga focuses on the life of Botan, a very popular maid working in the maid cafe Sasanqua Cafe. She’s known for having a bad temper, speaking her mind no matter how harsh, and only working for the money. Though, despite her bad reputation among her coworkers, she takes her job seriously, flashing the customers with her brightest smile and earning the number one spot as the most popular maid in the whole cafe.

One day, Momo, a bubbly airhead, enters the scene, becoming Botan’s coworker and even learning under her. As it turns out, she only started working there to get closer to Botan, and she tries to get across her feelings on the first day the two of them start working together. Of course, Botan is taken aback by this sudden confession, but as much as she’s bothered by it, there’s something else that’s bothering her even more….

This manga is, unfortunately, extremely short, ending after just a few chapters, but despite its length, it has quite the impact.

momo botan and lily blossoms yuri manga
Yeah, that’s the kind of impact I’m talking about~

The setting is at least somewhat new, meaning that it doesn’t take place in a high school like almost 80% of all yuri manga. The characters thus end up being a little older than what we usually get, which is a nice change. The whole manga, in general, felt like a breath of fresh air to me.

Well, the story is cute, but nothing special, really. The two girls meet, one is annoyed by the other one at first, though, it all ends after a sudden love confession. It’s short, but straight to the point, which is something I liked in this case. It didn’t leave much room for the characters to really get some depth, but they also didn’t end up coming off as too superficial. It was simply a fun and cute little story. Well, I’m pretty sure that if we actually got another volume or even another few volumes of this, things might be pretty different, but since it’s just 5 short chapters, I can’t really judge this one too harshly for not going any deeper when it comes to Momo and Botan’s relationship… which ends with them being…

I guess we were all a little bothered by the fact that we basically didn’t even get to see one kiss. However, I still believe that the yuri in this one is pretty high. It basically focuses on the relationship between the two girls, putting most emphasis on how tsun tsun Botan tries so desperately to deny her obvious feelings for Momo. It’s both hilarious and cute to see her try so hard that she ends up causing so much trouble for the both of them.

momo botan and lily blossoms yuri manga
That’s how one should react to a love confession.

Lastly, I’d also like to talk about the amazing art. There is unfortunately no other yuri manga or one-shot available by this artist, but I dearly wish there was, considering the fact that this art is simply perfect. It’s both really cute, yet really pretty at the same time. The characters look stunning in one panel, but completely change to something hilarious in the next one. It’s an art style that I immediately fell in love with, and I think you all know why~

All in all, I’m a little shocked at how few people actually know about this manga. I guess it partly originates from the fact that it was translated 6 years ago, when our community wasn’t as big as it is today, so I really hope that the ones who read this review and didn’t know about this little gem will pick it up at some point. Seriously, I can recommend this to pretty much all of you. It’s short, it’s cute, and it looks good. It’s the perfect choice!

Story: 8/10
Characters: 8/10
Art: 9/10
Yuri: 8.5/10
Total Enjoyment: 9/10

momo botan and lily blossoms yuri


12 thoughts on “Manga Review: Momo, Botan, and Lily Blossoms by Mitsuboshi Megane

  1. I've read it few times and it is a nice story.
    Though the first time I read it my face was almost like Botans in the “FRIENDS!!?” -part 😛

    Anyway, I really like to think that some time after the mangas events they got together.
    Also Botan is awesome…


  2. Man that was a short nice read. I'm suprised that you didn't include the last panels on this page (God that made me laugh. :D)

    Anyways, have you played Kindred Spirits on the Roof yet, and if so what are your thoughts on it? Favorite Couple?, etc.


  3. Of course I did, I already spammed Twitter with pics 😛

    Favorite pairing so far would be SachixMegumi, simply because I find Sachi unbearably cute~

    Though, I really want Yuna to get “involved” more with Ano. I'm pretty sure they would be my favorite couple, since they are my favorite characters as well. Guess, that won't happen, but it's still nice to think about it~


  4. seems interesting. defenitly going to read it.
    by the way, have you read Vengeance?? i just finished Reading it and i think it's really good. when you have the time i think you should give it a try. it's really interesting and diferent from most of the yuri or shoujo ai mangas i've read until now. anyway if you do decide to read it, then could you please do a review on it? or not. i would just like to know your opinion. thanks!


  5. well, it's about a detective whose girlfriend was murdered and the story is her trying to find out who killed her. it's really cool. it's a manhwa (i think that's how it's writen…).
    it's still ongoing. i actually like it a lot. you should give it a try. it's on mangago.


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