[Doujin Release] YunaAno – A Dreamlike Reality by Mochiko

There’s one thing many of us are probably craving for right now, and that is more Yuna x Ano in our life. We came to fulfill that wish for you, enjoy~

Title: Yuna Ano – A Dreamlike Reality
Artist: Mochiko
Pairing: Yuna x Ano [Kindred Spirits on the Roof]
Genre: Romance, Yuri

Download or Read Online
Big thanks to Mai-tan for the translation~


12 thoughts on “[Doujin Release] YunaAno – A Dreamlike Reality by Mochiko

  1. I don't know what I'm more upset about. The fact that what happened in this doujin didn't happen in the game, or that you didn't let me draw glasses on Ano…. 😀

    I'ma say it's a tie~


  2. Can't say I'm a huge Yuna x Ano fan, but I'm all for any Kindred Spirits doujinshi. Along with the other one from Yuri-ism being released tonight, I Hope to see a lot more in the future; with some nice fan art as well.


  3. i just want to say thank you, a lot. i-i mean… a looooooot xD
    you see, i'm big fan of this pairing, Really big fan and want to see more of em(AnoYuna).


  4. *Minor spoilers for Kindred Spirit*

    I was a little disappointed that the game was linear in regard to who Yuna would end up with, because the first “choice” in the game seemed to tease otherwise, and I really liked their scenes together.

    But I'm glad that this exists so that I can at least read what a romantic relationship between them might have been like. Hooray for the fans!


  5. haven't played the game yet, shame on me xD just hadn't much time lately, but at least I created a steam account for the first now 😮
    also, good job \o/


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