Manga Review: Fujiyuu Sekai by Kodama Naoko [Monaco Meister]

fujiyuu sekai yuri mangaTitle: Fujiyuu Sekai [A World without Freedom]
Author: Kodama Naoko
Year: 2012
Length: 1 Volume
Genre: Drama, Yuri, Ecchi
Read Online: Not Available in English yet

Since this hasn’t been released in English yet, you might be interested in only viewing my final ratings, without getting spoiled. So scroll down all the way to only find the important numbers.

Ever since Leo had rescued Meiko from some of her classmates who would bully her for basically being cuter then them, Meiko started developing feelings of love for her hero, though she is afraid of not being special enough to score a similar place in Leo’s heart.When Meiko falls victim to rape one day, she starts using the situation and especially Leo’s feelings of guilt, since she wasn’t there to rescue her, to tie her closely to herself to the point of making Leo her slave.

Okay, let’s all take a deep breath here. Not only does this manga involve this very touchy subject that is rape, no, it also takes this subject and uses it to create a whole new dimension of messed up plot development. Well, I’ll simply leave it up to you to decide whether this kind of imminent drama is something you can handle and even enjoy, or if it’s something that’s just a little too heavy for you.

Personally, I find myself standing somewhere in the middle. On the one hand, this kind of story is totally new to me. It takes drama to a new level, and if done well, it might be able to make a fantastic read. But on the other hand, I guess rape is already dark enough, and I think it’s a subject that should be handled with caution, which means that one bad move and the whole thing is ruined. Unfortunately, I personally believe that this manga falls under the latter.

Meiko does not only use this kind of mental pressure to make Leo stay with her, she goes one huge step further, making Leo her own slave. This basically means that Meiko is in total control of Leo, and if her slave starts questioning this situation, or even worse, rebelling, Meiko simply needs to remind her of who is really to hold responsible for her getting raped that day.

meiko fujiyuu sekai yuri manga
Sometimes, Meiko just looked like a Yandere. Kind of fitting actually…

However, one day, thanks to Takase, one of Leo’s friends in university, Leo realizes that things can’t go on like this any more, which is why she tries to put some distance between her and Meiko. This, however, results in two things:

First, there is what I call the most horrible scene of this whole manga, the Yuri rape scene. In this particular scene, Meiko tries one last move, meaning that she wants to remind Leo of the horrible nature of rape, by simply raping her as well…. As we witness this scene playing out, we also realize that even though Meiko really intended to put Leo back into place, she also did it out of love, not really wanting to hurt Leo… physically, at least.

Second, comes the way too late realization of Meiko that it’s actually wrong to be doing this to your friend, which then again results in her avoiding Leo.

Though, in the end, what we get is a way too rushed reunion, some more or less meaningful sex outdoors, and a nice kiss to seal the deal. And despite their horrible past together, they lived happily ever after.

meiko leo fujiyuu sekai yuri manga
Not the type of happy ending I’m wishing for, but I’ll take every yuri kiss I can get….

As you can see by my wording, I didn’t much like this rushed ending. There should have been more than just one volume to establish a new kind of relationship between the two that is at least somewhat believable after the kind of past they shared. What also bothered me is the fact that Takase, Leo’s university friend and basically the only other more or less important character in this manga, only fulfilled the purpose of adding unnecessary drama, since she had unrequited feelings for Leo that ended up being totally irrelevant to the whole story, and at least making Leo realize the weight of the situation she was in. I actually think that she should have played a more important role in all of this, so a second volume might have created just the right opportunities for her to stand out a little more as well.

Well, to end things on a more positive note, it’s still noteworthy that Kodama Naoko’s art style is just as pretty as always. The characters look great, especially on the cover, which more or less made me buy this manga despite the horrible sounding plot….

Plot: 4/10
Characters: 4/10
Yuri: 10/10
Art: 8/10
Total Enjoyment: 5.5/10


15 thoughts on “Manga Review: Fujiyuu Sekai by Kodama Naoko [Monaco Meister]

  1. Wow…

    Don't know how many chapters this one volume had, but with a setting like that it would have most likely profited of having at least 20 – 30 chapters.
    'Couse I haven't read the story I can't really say that much, but I still get the feeling that the ending, where there's ?happiness?, should be longer. I'd mostly like the kind where they would slowly build a new type of relationship, after Leo gets better.
    But like I said, haven't read it, don't really know.


  2. KanoCame is translated, but slowly. Kawaii Scans are in weird state lately :/
    (was hyped for this too, but then I have read some disturbing comment and stopped a tittle)


  3. Thanks for review.

    I'm probably gonna pass on this, really don't like rape. But yeah, art look pleasently, I like it, but it's not enough (wait a minute, isn't it familiar ? I'm gonna go check something … checking … oh, I see. It's the same author as “NTR” manga.)


  4. Exactly, it's rushed an not explained well enough for the readers to really understand the development.

    Well, I think it was one of the author's first manga, so maybe she feared that she couldn't keep the story going for more than one volume.


  5. Thanks!

    We'll most likely release it on here, while you can read it on the Dynasty Reader.

    Though, I recently found out that someone else was working on this one too, so I have to find that someone first and see how far they got and if they want to work together.

    As for Kanojo to Camera… I'm really craving for more as well, especially since the manga is already finished in Japan and has 5 volumes. I'm actually planning on buying them myself, though I won't be working on these, since Kawaii Scans are already at it.


  6. Yup, saw that a few days ago. I think they've been working on that for a few years now, so I totally forgot that someone was already on it.

    Though, good thing I found it in time and didn't just start doing my thing as well. Since Mai is involved in this, I don't think my help is needed~


    • you didn’t ask me 😮 no, I’m currently busy with catching/speeding up KimiTame releases because we finished proofreading the translations up to ch39 and I’m still at ch30 with editing.
      I also saw Kodama Naoko’s manga in German and lost interest when I started reading. (Still don’t know if I should purchase it or not).
      Typesetting shouldn’t be that difficult, so I think there might be high chances that other people will work on it. At least they’re getting a translation check now.


      • Oops, you’re right totally forgot about this thanks to all the work we had to do due to our move. Though, I guess I’ll leave it to everyone else then. At least it’s back on the board as an active project.


  7. Apparently this manga is already fully translated and uploaded on Dynasty. I also realize that it is indeed to short for the complicated setting (kind of like the author digs his/her own grave) but the ending is not so bad for me. Is it just me who wants to have a prequel about their time in high school (so lovey-dovey)…


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