YuriReviews Moved – Yet Again

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Ever since “that incident”, we’ve thought a lot about how we could change our current situation.

Our first step was to get our own domain, which we successfully managed to do. After that we continued with smaller tasks, much more difficult to do, and also much more difficult to even see as a visitor. We made some little changes in specific posts and modified NSFW pictures showing sexual activities by adding some censoring. It was definitely not my favorite task to do, as I like to embrace my inner pervert, though it was something necessary to make sure we’ll be on the safe side in the future.

Now, after doing all that, there was just one more thing to do, and that is to move on from blogger and switch over to WordPress instead. It took us really long, and you wouldn’t believe how much work we (especially Rock The Vogt) put into this, so we’re really proud to be able to make this announcement today.

Well, unfortunately you could say that other than the comments, we were not able to take our stats etc. with us, so we’re now back at 0, which is the one thing I regret the most. Though, I guess we’ll just have to work our way back up again, which might be a big challenge, but something worth putting all of our effort into, so prepare yourself, yuri community!

As our first step towards this goal, we’ll be releasing another doujin in just a few more days! We’ve actually prepared quite a few of them. You can view our current status with doujin projects in our blogroll~


Kancolle – After Story by mosoparadox

Other than that, things are mostly the same. Well, the blog looks a little different now, though we tried to stay close to how the blog looked back then. Expect some changes during the first few days or even weeks as we try to adjust to this new environment. Everything else will mostly stay the same, so reviews and other posts will keep coming, just as always~

If you see anything that doesn’t work like it used to or just see things that look odd, feel free to tell us so we can (hopefully) fix it. Your feedback in general is much appreciated, so feel free to leave us your thoughts on the move, as well as the general look of the blog as well.


32 thoughts on “YuriReviews Moved – Yet Again

  1. I basically freaked out last night, when I checked the blog before going to bed, and it was just completely bland. Well, the posts were there in whole. After I checked your twitter though I got a better idea :3 I’ll propably do wordpress acco myself now, makes commenting and all that stuff easier, since here it doesn’t seem to support google accounts.

    Also on other note, I got one of these few days ago:
    Bag hopefully that works…

    And in the end, I’ll thank you and Rock for your hard 😀


  2. Ok, so that’s what happened. I was a little confused when visited blog in the morning.
    I liked the old style, so it’s gonna take some time to get used to new (I’m bad with changes).
    Ultimately, the core and essence are the same here, so like always I’m looking forward to your posts.


  3. Congratz on moving! It’s great to see that you’ve managed to reach that goal. As always, thank you for all the hard work you put into this site. With this amount of dedication, your stats will be back in no time 😉


  4. Well dang, I forgot that this kind of stuff happens. I almost cried when I went to the old site and thought the world was burning. It’ll take some time for me to adjust, but I really like this layout; it’s clean and streamlined. The transition may have been a bit rough and required some work, but I think it’ll be worth it in the end.

    I truly appreciate all the work you and the rest of the crew do for the community, so thank you very much! As always, I’m looking forward to many more happenings!


  5. i was afraid something happened when i went onto the old blog but when i saw the notice of you guys moving i was like oh thank god nothing bad happened, congrats on the move, really happy for you guys, thanks for all the hard work you have done 🙂


  6. Hehe… congratulation again for leveling up… i hope you get more member…
    That was long since i was last visiting this site and the 1st thing that has changed was the avert… it disapeared… you did a great job…
    Ah, an good profile picture… it’s cute…


  7. Eh. After all the trouble to get a blogger account for easy comment spamming >x<
    and after all those years of accummulating 1 million views ._. I hope your traffic doesn't die 2 badly.

    I don't suppose I can blogger account for spamming on wordpress huh?

    Liked by 1 person

    • If it’s you, I’m pretty sure you can use anything to spam 😛

      Though, thanks we’re working our way up again, or at least that’s what I’m hoping.


  8. Wow, your new site is too clean. Your old site is a bit messy, like a girl haven’t clean her room XD Don’t get me wrong, I liked the old site but I like this one much better 🙂 And beside WordPress is alot better than blog. Congratulation!
    Oh! And nice profile picture, Lena 😛


    • Don’t worry, I actually like hearing that. I still have my doubts whether this one really looks better, so the more you praise this layout, the more I start believing it 😛


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