Let’s Create a Yuritopia – Sign This Petition to Help Make an Anime Adaptation Happen

Just like the title says, all you have to do is to sign this petition in order to possibly make a Kindred Spirits on the Roof anime happen.

We don’t have that many signatures right now, so be sure to not only sign this petition yourself, but also share it with others so we can get as many supporters as possible. Chances are pretty slim, though one thing the Yuri community is known for is that we never lose hope, right?!

Let’s do this!

Sign here: https://www.change.org/p/liar-soft-make-kindred-spirits-on-the-roof-into-an-anime

kindred spirits petition


30 thoughts on “Let’s Create a Yuritopia – Sign This Petition to Help Make an Anime Adaptation Happen

  1. Wow. this looks really good. I have almost never found a good Yuri VN definitely getting this one.

    SIdenote (4 hours of trying to post eventually gave up and joined wordpress. Thought facebook would work at some point.)


  2. I did my part and signed it! an anime adaptation of this would be amazing and epic! you are doing great work Miss Lena K. in spreading the word on this petition!

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  3. Wanted to announce this on steam discussion but somebody already did it ^^. This shows that people do care. We have to spread the word about this petition :].

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  4. I have yet to play the game but I read the manga by Itou Hachi so I would love to see more of it. and besides if its a new yuri anime I dont need to see the source material to want it to be a thing!


  5. As much as I was on the fence about Kindred Spirits, I supported it due to the fact that there needs to be more Yuri Anime, whether they’re from VNs or other sources, or fresh out of the old noggin’. Hopefully this gets somewhere and can encourage other series to also get Anime adaptations.


  6. Supported 😀
    Have the producers\artist\developers thought about putting it into crowd funding ? Are their other ways to promote this e.g: Youtubers , other bloggers an social media ?


    • That would definitely be an option, though I’m not sure how they’d actually try to do it. Let’s wait a bit more, maybe they’ll leave some more words for us.


  7. i did my part and signed i hope it helps out also i really hope this petition can at least spread the word about how yuri is a huge genre not very niche and hopefully we will be able to get more yuri animes and such


  8. Gotta spread more word to JPN community! Recently checked #ユリトピア and not much/none mentioned about the petition nor anime support hopes!!
    I don’t know how they’ll take it though. Some people may be tad bit hesitant like a senile old lady I recently pestered unenthusiastically.
    Gonna go pester some more JPN yuri people on twitter!! I hope I don’t get labeled as a bot or something for this~ X_X


      • You’re really doing your best, thanks a lot for the hard work 🙂

        Some might simply not be interested, some others might as well not want to notice it. Though Liar Soft already noticed it, so it’s a good enough start if you ask me~


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