[Doujin Release] Kancolle After Story by mosoparadox


Title: Kancolle After Story
Author: mosoparadox
Pairing: Akagi x Kaga [Kancolle]
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Yuri

Big thanks goes to @Dareka00EN who translated this work for all of us~

Download or Read Online


8 thoughts on “[Doujin Release] Kancolle After Story by mosoparadox

  1. I always read your posts on the website an i love them. This is my first time commenting but are you going to do any reviews on yuri anime? I know koukaku no pandora just finished and some started, i know you have done first impressions and final reviews in the past but it has been awhile. Not trying to be pushy, I love all the things you post


      • Hi there,

        and don’t worry about asking about stuff like this 🙂

        We usually try to cover all yuri and yuri-ish shows the current seasons have to offer, though I have to be honest, this season, I didn’t watch anything. I even dropped Pandora….

        Though, for the next season, things will look differently. So yeah, there are more anime reviews on the way~


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