[Closed] YuriReviews Spring Giveaway – Starlight Vega

24.04.2016 –  The GiveAway is closed now, but you can still do the quiz~

We’re back with another Giveaway!

To celebrate its release just a few days ago, on the 14th of April, we’ll be giving away this brand new yuri Visual Novel, namely Starlight Vega, to one lucky reader~


What you’ll have to do in order to possibly get the game is very simple, and hopefully fun, too. Just take the quiz down below, and don’t forget to add your email address so we can mail you the Steam Key, if you happen to be the lucky winner.

The quiz is made up of 20 random multiple choice questions about yuri anime, manga, and visual novels. It’s not necessary to answer all of these questions correctly to be able to win the game, nor do you have to finish the quiz in a specific time frame. Just enjoy the quiz, and add your email address by the end of it. It’s that simple.

Starting from today, we’ll collect all entered email addresses until next Sunday. After that, we’ll randomly choose a winner and send out the Steam Key on the same day, so you’ll be left with one week to take the quiz as often as you’d like, and maybe even win something by doing so.

If you already have Starlight Vega or if you’re simply not interested in this Visual Novel, just leave out your email address, so we know that you don’t want to take part in this giveaway.

If you’re not familiar with Starlight Vega yet, check out the official homepage by clicking here.

With that said, enjoy the quiz and good luck~

-Giveaway closed-


21 thoughts on “[Closed] YuriReviews Spring Giveaway – Starlight Vega

  1. 70%, not too bad. There were a few I was ashamed of not knowing at all (especially the Strawberry Panic one, as many times as I’ve watched it).

    Kind of off topic, but out of curiosity, are there any other “Yuri Tournaments” in the works or planned for the near future?


    • That’s better than average so far~

      We actually want to do another tournament, since the last two were really fun and interesting to follow, though, right now, we’re down so low on daily traffic that the results would probably not be as good, or more like as informative.

      So yeah, I guess we’ll need some more time to hopefully gain some traffic back before we can do something like this again.

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  2. I first got 95% but, because I wanted to know what I got wrong I tried 4 or 5 more times after finally getting 100% ._______.

    Wait, we can do this quiz more than one time, right ?

    It would be great to have more quizzes because I enjoy them so far, maybe you can make a quiz or quizzes on only one anime/manga/game (for example if there was a quiz on Kindred Spirits on the Roof, I’m pretty sure I would have a perfect score c: )

    By the way I was kinda surprised for the tsundere one, it was this question that cost me my 100%, I didn’t know that this character(yeah I won’t give her name but I think you can guess which one it is, maybe) was a tsundere because she didn’t seem like one to me .-.


    • I gotta admit, that question was a bit tricky, though, as the results show, most people got it right. I think I know which character you’re talking about though.

      Still, no spoilers (but I gotta admit, she is not the most obvious tsundere there is)

      Oh, and making the quizzes is fun, even though it can be quite frustrating to not be able to come up with the questions right away. Well, we’re planning to add some more. Maybe change some things up and do something a little different than this next time. Let’s just see how well people like this~

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  3. 85%! while thats good i know i can do better! must become more knowledgeable in the ways of yuri! what tripped me up a bit is the fact i have yet to play Kindred Spirits or watch some shows like Love Live. I know, I know…..i am ashamed at myself T.T I will reflect on my mistakes and do better next time! 🙂 but that was a fun quiz always great taking these to test my own yuri knowledge. cant wait until you do another one in the future!


  4. Thanks for the quiz, it was fun picking up the right answer :]. Hope you will make more quizes in the future, with or without a price – just for the fun of it.

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  5. It’s always difficult for me to distinguish the character name in English, for it’s not my native language. Maybe I should learn more English and Japanese first. In all this, I just can’t deny that the quiz is very interesting and i’d like more like it.


  6. 60% Right…

    Yeah what, guess I’m just good at guessing since I havent played Kindred Spirits yet, nor any Sono Hanabira and haven’t watched Valkyrie Drive and some of the others… Wait that still leaves 10 or 11 questions, guess it’s not all about guessing :3


  7. 95%!
    Wasn’t as hard as the ones before :p
    but the Eri LL one and #13 threw me off x-x (<Hasnt watched LL yet)


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