Don’t Know What To Read Next? [Part 6]

Title: She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons
Artist: Tsukiko
Genre: Love Triangle, Drama, School Life, Yuri
Description: Akari is a rather poor high school girl who has to work hard after school to help out her family. In her circle of friends she doesn’t really feel like she fits in, as the usual topics of conversation bore her rather than make her want to take part in it. One day, she finds an opportunity to talk to the mysterious Yuki, a member of the photography club, who then pulls her along and shows her a whole other world.

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I just recently found this gem among the many awesome yuri manga that are running right now. I guess I’m not a fan of love triangles, especially not if a guy is involved in all of this, though Kano Came managed to pull me in deeply. I can’t help but love the girls’ relationship and root from in front of my laptop screen. So far, this has seriously been an awesome read, and I demand more!

Title: My Ignorance of a World As Yet Unknown
Artist: Momono Moto
Genre: Drama, Mature, Slice of Life, Yuri
Description: Starting a new job is never easy, especially if your adviser likes to order you around, making you work overtime. Though, it also gives you the opportunity to meet someone new, as in Minato’s case, the beautiful and forward girl, Asami. As they rather quickly start out their relationship, Asami knows exactly witch buttons to push to make Minato understand things about herself she never knew were there, showing her just how unsatisfied she had been with her current life.

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Momono Mota sure knows what it takes to make an interesting story, though so far, I only thought when it came to one-shots. Whole manga, on the other hand, often felt too depressing and hard to follow, when it came to the characters emotions and especially decisions. This one, however, has been absolutely great so far! I can feel the drama lurking behind the next corner, and I’m pretty sure there will be a twist that most of us won’t be able to see coming. Though, so far, I can’t complain at all!

Title: Her Pet
Artist: Pito
Genre: Bullying, Romance, Comedy, Drama, Yuri
Description: There had been two major factors playing part in Gayoons decision to apply to this specific high school. Getting away from the bullies that had been tormenting her ever since middle school was one of them, though what was even more important to her, was getting into the same school as the girl she admires. However, as it turns out, she was neither able to get away from her bullies, nor was she able to meet her crush the way she imagined it….

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With all the great non-Japanese manga popping up lately, I just had to take a look at this one as well. I’ve only read a few chapters, and I honestly have a problem with this constant display of bullying our main character has to go through. It makes me cringe, though it’s nice to see how she lightens up whenever her senpai is around. I guess I have to continue reading for some more, though so far, despite disliking some specific parts, I’m kind of hooked.

Title: Bloom Into You [Eventually, I Will Become Yours]
Artist: Nakatani Nio [Rireba]
Genre: Romance, School Life, Slice of Life, Yuri
Description: Yuu, a rather ordinary high school freshmen, yearns for an exciting romance to happen to her. Though, even after getting confessed to by one of her male friends, she finds herself not feeling anything exciting at all. After finding out that one of her upperclassman, Nanami, is pretty much famous for turning down admirers from all over the campus for pretty much the same reason, she finds interest in her, which ends in Yuu getting confessed to by Nanami…?!

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Oh, how much I loved seeing an original manga by one of my favorite doujin artists, Rireba~. I knew this one would be amazing, and I wasn’t wrong. Though, knowing Rireba’s former works, a mere high school love story will surely not be everything this manga will be about, and this is exactly what might turn out to be the problem in the end. This author is known for very depressing plot developments, and right now, it sure looks like that’s where it’s heading, though I still have my hopes up that it will eventually start looking a little brighter again.

Title: A Kiss and a White Lily
Artist: Canno
Genre: Comedy, Tsundere, School Life, Yuri
Description:As one of the most talented and honorable student in all of Shiroyuki Academy, Ayaka is only used to being at the very top of everyone in class, especially in terms of grades. Though, she soon realizes that there is someone else in the picture, someone who doesn’t study, sleep through classes and that is the total picture of a lazy student. However this student, namely Yurine, manages to score better in each and every subject, and even in sports. Ayaka declares them to be rivals, setting it her goal to surpass Yurine no matter what. Though, she soon finds out that Yurine might not have been the best rival to pick…

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In contrast to all the manga I listed here, this one feels rather refreshing, thanks to it being a romcom, and at great one at that. It doesn’t only focus on the two girls I named in the short description. It actually shows quite a variety of other girls in love as well, and those are the two main selling factors: great comedy and many cute girls in love~

Title: Her Kiss – Infectious Lust
Artist: Kida Miyuki
Genre: Slice of Life, Romance, Yuri
Description: Meeting in a hospital, Sana and Ayane become friends quickly, though Ayane is as quick to make her move, catching Sana totally off guard, which then again creates an awkward atmosphere between the two. This almost leads to them cutting off their relationship right then and there. Luckily however, that’s not where it ends at all…

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To be honest, I didn’t much like this one after the first chapters, since I felt like Ayame was rather intimidating and someone from whom I’d usually try to stay away from. Though, as further we get into the story, the more I started to like and even love her. Well, she’s still someone I’d call intimidating, though she seems to be a great lover for shy Ayame, despite the fact that the two sometimes end up having little fights.


36 thoughts on “Don’t Know What To Read Next? [Part 6]

  1. This is a great list!
    Though I am worried that camera might be a rough ride…but I like it so much!

    I would also throw these two out there as well:
    Swap ⇔ Swap

    Both are kind of silly and cute.


  2. Oh, new recommendations, hello ! But wow, I know most of it.

    I started KanoCame some time ago and was really excited, then didn’t had will to read chapter 5 & 6 … until last week. Now i’m ready for more. I love girls relationship like you, they have nice moments together (when alone). But I can’t fully trust this story, yeah, this guy bothers me (Yuki sometimes too). Though I’m gonna stay and see what’s next for them.

    My Ignorance – I agree, it’s great. Nice “not high school girls” story. And yes, drama just waiting to say hello, but i hope that it will be “good drama” and Minato will grow thanks to that (and stay on yuri side).

    Her Pet – That’s new for me, but bullying might scare me off :/

    Bloom Into You – I had my eyes on this for some time, so … soon, but first:

    A Kiss and a White Lily – I have read first 3 chapters long ago, and then didn’t noticed new ones, so now I ‘ve got a lot to catch up. Is this turning into “kindred spirits” and Yuritopia in their school ?

    Her Kiss – It’s nothing big and breakthrough, but have moments. Is it finished or is there some more ?


    • I actually also don’t know whether Her Kiss is finished or not, but since they still didn’t go all the way, I have a feeling as if there will be more, or that’s what I hope at least~

      Also, in case of Her Pet, the bullying can be quite… unpleasant, though the protagonist is really strong and she usually gets rewarded after having gone through something like this. It’s a little dark at times, though she stays positive, which makes it bearable.


  3. I love your lists like these. its great how you help out your readers in finding new stuff to read as well as to decide where to start. I myself have such a huge backlog og stuff to read. both in licensed American releases of yuri manga and light novels like Strawberry Panic and the ton of stuff i have downloaded from scanlation sites. I’m thinking of starting on some Namori stuff i have yet to read! all these other titles you posted are also on my radar. Looking forward to more lists like these! 🙂


      • When it comes to yuri manga and light novels there is just so much good stuff to read! sometimes its mind boggling! just wish we could say the same about yuri anime but we have been getting tons of yuri anime in the last few years which is good! and now i have more yuri visual novles to go through so thats even more of a backlog! what is a yuri fan to do? O.o

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      • Embrace it! This situation is something a lot of people are craving for right now. You have so many great works awaiting you, I’m actually getting jealous myself 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  4. If you have nothing to do. Read Berserk. Or better yet, LOL, Nights of Azure. It’s fricken amazing.

    LOL, I doubt Lena has though. I dont recall her having a PS3 or PS4.


  5. Lena, it makes me so happy to see so many series I love in your post – KanoCame, Ano Kiss, My Ignorance. I’m struggling with Eventually I Will Become Yours – I love the art, but don’t understand the relationship AT ALL – IMO, Nanami’s right-san has been by her side for years. I hadn’t read your earlier lists, since I learned of your site when I searched for conversations about Kindred Spirits, but your lists could be my lists… example – top ten list, {10,9,8,6,4} = YES!, {7,5} = DK, gonna read, {2 aka Prism}= my all time favorite, {1 aka Girlfriends} = OK, I’m ashamed, but on hold at the library. Citrus? hmmmm…I like “Let’s Make a Meal Together” better, but only strong subtext here, at least so far. So many great one-shots, too – have you read “One Who Depicts Love” by Yotsuhara Furiko? I usually don’t like manga about people who wield big sticks, but I really like the plot here.


    • Yotsuhara Furiko is an amazing artist, I basically love all of her works that are compiled under the name “Laika, Pavlov, Pochihachikou”, and that also includes your recommendation.

      But well, no wonder I liked it, we seem to share the same taste~


      • Thanks for the recommendation – I had missed the first two stories in the collection, and like them both very much, especially A Crow With A Glistening Trinket. I had read Laika, but I’m afraid I can’t handle stories about pretty people who manipulate smart but socially inept people – it brings back really painful (and truly ancient) memories – ought to be able to move on, but…

        Thanks for your blog. I’m so glad to be able to chat here.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I always feel like reading this stuff is supposed to make you forget about the things that are bothering you, move into the storys world, even if it’s just for a little bit.

        So yeah, better stay away from anything that’s making you feel like this. I personally liked even this story. It had a weird feel to it, though this is one of the authors that could basically draw a story about bullying and it would probably still be a good read.


    • BTW, my experience did not involve barking on command (I must admit, barking on command is such a clever and totally over-the top metaphor for the more mundane humilations one is likely to experience, it probably should have made me laugh). Aside from Laika, I freely wallow in all the pain ˚‧º·(˚ ˃̣̣̥᷄⌓˂̣̣̥᷅ )‧º·˚


      • Hmm, barking on command… that actually just reminds me of Pito’s “Her Pet”. I found it weirdly cute in this one, as it was not used to humiliate, but… well, for other reasons 😛

        Well, I’m not telling you to read, because let’s just say the bullying is strong in this one, though I just wanted to say that I liked the “barking on command part” 😛

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  6. Hi, there is an ongoing petition to liarsoft to adapt kindred spirits on the roof into an ANIME!
    But this aint just any random petition, as the petitioner claimed in a steam forum that even the game’s official wirter is supporting the cause.
    Supposing thats true, this could be the most important anime-related thing we could sign in our lifes!
    Please share the word!


    • Huh, another one?

      We already had one of these going just a few weeks back. I think we didn’t get as many signatures, though we already reached Liar Soft with it and they even replied saying that they’d like to make this possible as well.


      • I have very sad news, Unfortunately Dynasty reader won’t except Works from America or Europe -__- So even if they do catch up, Dynasty won’t show us. Because y,know THATS HOW WE LIKE OUR YURI !!!!!! IF ITS IN AMERICA THEN IT WILL BE REJECTED FROM DYNASTY READER, AKA THE BEST YURI PROMOTION SITE EVER !!!!!!!!


      • Sorry about that other post. I made that post when it was 10:00 pm. Now that I’m reading it at 9:00 in the morning……*facepalm* I didn’t mean any offense to D.R. It was just some dumb rant i did while I was exhausted. I Wish I could delete that comment.


      • Don’t worry, I deleted it for you~
        I think what you mean is that they won’t add official translations, right? And that’s because they are not allowed to do it. If an artists actually complaints about having their works displayed there, they probably have to take them down as well.

        For official translations this is usually even more the case, and we also want people to buy it so they can see that we actually want more.


  7. Hey, and what about MURCIÉLAGO?, that manga is super awsome!…well if you like gore and girls with big t… Has everything: lolis, yuri, blood, etc.


  8. OMG plz someone tell me there will be another chapter of “She, Her Camera, and Her Seasons”! it’s really good but I can tell there should be smth after chapter 8 but I can also see that there hasn’t been any update in a while. Does someone know smth and can rassure me?


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