Some More Yuri Quizzes

Since you guys seemed to have liked it so much, we created a few more yuri quizzes for you~

The first two are the ones we used for the last two Giveaways, if you haven’t already done them, feel free to do so now.

Quiz about Yuri Anime, Manga and Visual Novels Part I


Quiz about Yuri Anime, Manga and Visual Novels Part II

Guess the Yuri Opening

Match the Yuri Pairing to the Anime it belongs to

Name the Yuri Characters [Guess by pictures]

Name the Show the Yuri pairings belong to

Aoi Hana Quiz

A-Channel Quiz

Gokujo. Quiz

Sasameki Koto Quiz

K-On! Quiz

Mai-HiME Quiz

Feel free to tell us your scores, and if you want some more of these, we’d be glad to hear some ideas for new quizzes~


16 thoughts on “Some More Yuri Quizzes

  1. “You scored 87%!” on the K-On Quiz. Dunno how 2 missed answers give 87%, but ok xD

    “Match the Yuri Pairing to the Anime it belongs to” was probably my fav. The opening thing is great for anime, but sadly there’s just not enough good yuri anime for that.

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  2. I got a 93% on K-ON and A-Channel quiz. I only got one wrong that’s already equivalent to -7 points? LOL 😛

    Really liked the Yuri Pairing and Name the Yuri Characters even though I barely passed and I sucked at the Yuri Opening LOL but everything was fun 😀

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  3. YES! more quizes! love these! i just did part two of the anime, manga and light novel one and scored 90%! good…but i can do better! I’ll be doing the other ones in a bit! thanks for posting these! always fun to test your own yuri knowledge! 😀

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  4. I did the K-on quiz and got an 87%. but the odd thing is two of my correct answers i clicked on the right ones. idk what happened. i too the Yuri Pairing Match one and got a 90%! I’m getting better but i can go further! must stuff more yuri knowledge into my brain! >.<

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  5. lol I got 6 on the Yuri OP. Took me a while to figure out the first one. An amount of them were really really familiar, and I knew I had seen the show, but placing a name just wasn’t happening xD
    And you just had to throw one not anime OP in there xD


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