Yuri News Update May Part II – Possible Kindred Spirits Anime

Big news, everyone! Ocean just shared some updates concerning a possible Kindred Spirits on the Roof Anime with us, and it’s starting to look even more promising with each day.

jpgHere’s the initial message:


A big development has happened recently that shifts the entire focus.

I talked with the writer @toitentu directly, and they asked Liar-soft directly about their plans for this.

They simply just can’t do it by themselves, but they’d definitely be all-in for it if an anime studio came up to them and proposed to help them and partner with them on it.

The writer has directly asked me to contact anime studios and present the petition, as well as capture their attention.

That’s the big challenge at this point.

I’m trying to squeeze in some more signatures to get to 1000 in the meanwhile. And, of course, I have my eyes set on a fair amount of studios already.

As it turns out, we have already reached the big milestone of 1000 signatures, but we probably need far more to be able to really move forward with this, so please be sure to sign this petition as well and spread the word!


As mentioned, Ocean is working really hard, trying literally everything imaginable to reach this goal, which is impressive. She already found help in form of Japanese translators, so she can properly present this petition to the Anime studios she has in mind. PLUS, as mentioned in a recent message, she has found a person willing to help out who directly contacts people at Kyoto Animation.

Well, this still seems to be a huge task, something that’s almost impossible to even imagine, though there is hope. So no matter how slim the chance, we should all work together to create the opportunity needed. So what we can do now is support Ocean and the current petition.

More updates will probably follow very soon~


9 thoughts on “Yuri News Update May Part II – Possible Kindred Spirits Anime

  1. Huge respect from me for all this work. Let’s see what gonna happen … but for now, I still don’t see any real signals that anime is possible in any way. Don’t get me wrong, I want it like hell, but for now We are just a few people on the internet that want something (and We really can’t do much). So I’m gonna trust in Ocean’s enthusiasm, and pray for some studio to take interest in this. Yuritopia !

    and btw. Second Drama CD out next week ! and physical limited edition in July

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    • As much as I’m still doubting we’ll get anywhere with this, we can’t deny that we actually already got further than expected.

      Though, I get what you mean, I feel the same way, but having some hope that this will actually someday happen feels pretty nice 😛

      Man, this year is already great enough, but new yuri VNs (or related things) keep popping up. I’m already at my limit, since my wallet is so empty it’s not even funny 😀

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  2. I seriously hope this happens! from what i hear the game is very popular in Japan! and considering how this game is they could put everything in the game into an anime and still have it on mainstream TV, just look at Valkyrie Drive! if this got made into an anime I would buy a dozen copies of the whole series on home video easily! the power of Yuri must prevail! 😀 also I heard they are planning a physical release of the game in the US with several extras! I may hold out to buy that to get all the cool bonus stuff with the game! 😀


      • IKR! this should be released all over the world! 😀 the power of yuri must conquer all nations! and I know that feeling of being broke! T.T just keep saving and anything yuri can be yours! 😉

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  3. weeeellll. it would be fun to sit and watch kyoani struggle to change this into a yuri bait.
    maybe twelve eps. of…. black screen?
    no, really, i’m painting the image of kyoani writers in my mind…. hilarious!


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