Let’s Talk About: Fluttering Feelings by Ssamba

fluttering feelings yuri manhwa manga

(from left to right) Seol-a and No-rae

Since the Manga, or Manhwa, is far from over right now, I still want to use the opportunity and talk about it, so let’s do another “Let’s talk about…”.

It admittedly took me quite a while to continue reading this one, since I stopped right at chapter 10 back when this was the most recent chapter out. After quite a few months had passed, I finally picked it up again, and oh god, I can tell you, being able to read 50+ new chapters of something that amazing is simply the best feeling ever.

Though, let’s start with the actual post now.

The Manhwa follows the lives of the two university students, Baek Seol-a and Kim No-rae. They couldn’t be any more different from one another, as Seola is known for acting up to her rich girl status and is famous for fooling around with guys, while No-rae is pretty much a nobody at their university, living a more quiet life that quite fits her character. Though, it seems that opposites do attract each other, and despite not having much in common, the two start hitting it off as friends quickly. However, as they get closer to each other, they both realize that there is something else….

And trust me when I tell you that this realization happens painfully slow, but I can’t deny that this is probably this Manhwa’s main selling point for me and many others. Ever since I finished one of my favorite Manga of all time Girl Friends by Milk Morinaga, I’ve always wished for something like this. The two main characters don’t immediately see each other as potential partners, they don’t start having feelings for each other after their second meeting, and they simply don’t act on impulses that might ruin their friendship. They simply take their time, as in really thinking this through, trying to understand their own feelings and also trying to understand each other. From their first encounter on, we already notice that there is something special between them, though this something needs to be explored and understood before anything can happen, and that’s something I enjoy quite a lot.

fluttering feelings

Though, I’m still longing for something like this to happen….

Since this has 60+ chapters so far, you get all the time you need to get to know the characters, which then again enables you to actually understand the motives behind their actions. This is something I miss in a lot of manga. Most of the ones we get are so short that you basically just get a few pages for the characters’ short introduction. You learn of a few of their character traits, and that’s basically what drives them throughout the whole thing. There is usually simply no more time to develop a character any further, when you’re limited to one volume or even less anyway. And that’s exactly why Fluttering Feelings is able to capture me with their story so much. The characters feel alive, their actions are not guided by a few specific traits, but their characters are actually very complex, making the story seem far more realistic and the characters way more unique.

Seol-a, for example, would be a character I don’t normally like, or maybe even despise, thanks to her sometimes arrogant and aloof behavior. She acts like a rich girl that doesn’t know what “no” means and orders people, especially men, around, since she knows she can get away with it. However, there is a lot more to her character, some things that even explain her aloof and sometimes distanced behavior, and that’s something you can only fully depict in an accordingly lengthy story.

Highlight the text to read the Spoiler ahead:

Well, you can argue that it’s really taking a little too long, since even after 68 chapters, there has not even been a single kiss or anything like that. Though, I enjoy the way the author throws in little hints and just a few very lovey-dovey scenes between Seol-a and No-rae every now and then, like their almost kiss, or them falling asleep on each other’s shoulder while watching a movie. It’s all really endearing, and it sure builds up the tension.

The only thing I probably have a bit of a problem with though, is the fact that I always end up confusing characters with each other. It’s not about the names, but rather about their looks, since despite the fact that these characters all look absolutely stunning and are very well drawn, they often end up looking alike, particularly the ones with similar hair styles. In the case of the male characters, this can be an especially big problem. They are all—without exception—really tall, bulky, and have short dark hair. I actually find it funny how literally all of them are double the size of the girls their age, though I might be the only one having a problem with that. The art, in general, is just like I said, absolutely beautiful. I really enjoy how all Manhwa I know so far are fully colored. It’s something that probably takes a lot of time, but it just adds an extra touch to the story, which I do quite like.

Right now, we might be halfway through the story, since Ssamba mentioned Fluttering Feelings being about 100 chapters long (I sure hope even longer). Unfortunately, the whole thing is on hiatus right now, and no one really knows when it will finally continue, though we got a nice video in the meantime that shows something like an animated promo video for Fluttering Feelings. I’m not 100% sure whether this is an official promo video, though it sure looks like it:

Right now, after having read 68 chapters, I would rate it as follows:

Story: 9.5/10
Art: 9/10
Yuri: 8/10
Total Enjoyment: 9.5/10

28 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About: Fluttering Feelings by Ssamba

  1. Since we both loved Girl Friends and you’re really enjoying Fluttering Feelings, then I probably will like this manhua, as well (it does seem manhua generally is colored, which is greeaaat). You definitely have me intrigued with this well-written look-over of an ongoing series you revisited.

    Slower stories are sadly hard to find! They’re also underappreciated. The artist, the author, the editors, and the readers all seem to be in a big rush. That being said, this much development after this many chapters makes me raise my eyebrows a bit, but the moments you mentioned in your posts makes for fine ship tease.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I didn’t catch the first time you talked about Fluttering Hearts so this was very informative.


      • “Slower stories are sadly hard to find! They’re also underappreciated.”
        That is so true, and I absolutely hate it. I love to see the tension building up like that. Just imagining how their first kiss might play out gets me so excitied, it’s unhealthy even 😛

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve always been a sucker for slow burn romance like in Girl Friends, Aoi Hana, and Sasameki Koto; but more than 100 chapters might just be testing my limits. Nevertheless, it’s not bad by no means so I hope to see more as well in the near future. Hopefully not too much more.


  3. Yeah I’ve read it too, though I didn’t know about the hiatus. Is pretty good, though I have to admit thaat I personally like mangas/manwhas like Magan&Danai more 😛
    As for the characters, I find No-Rae more interesting, since it seems that she has somewhat more depth to her.
    It’s also funny that when I read this I start to think about GoGetARoomie, even though they have close to nothing in common 😛
    But anyway it’s a good read and hopefully we’ll someday be able to read the final chapter.


  4. So there is 68 chapters somewhere, huh ? Slower pace don’t bother me, but I hope that the prize at the end will be worth it. Not a bad read, but for me, Their Story is still higher (and Sunstone is number one ! ).


  5. The thing is, this series will probably end without any conffesion or any romantic reletionship at all ’cause this is supposed to be ‘some’ manhwa. Ideal way to show homosexual attraction without crossing the line.


    • Let’s hope not

      I’m fairly certain there will be a confession of sorts. If you have read the most recent chapters, it’s moving in that direction. My only concern is that I don’t want it to just end with a confession and possibly a kiss. I’ll take it, but I won’t be satisfied. I’d just remind me of another Sasameki Koto situation where the bulk of the manga (though very interesting) was just a lot of “chasing” and realizing feelings versus acting on them and developing a romantic relationship. I’d be really disappointed if after a hundred chapters, it ends with a confession and a page that says something like “they road off into the sunset…maybe…” I’m exaggerating but you get my point.


      • That would be pretty horrible, huh?

        Though, I highly doubt it. With 100 chapters (and possibly more), I think we’ll see more than just a confession and a kiss. I feel like this story will go deeper, showing us what follows afterwards and how they struggle with their new relationship.

        Well, it might turn out all different in the end, though, I actually hope this will follow the path of Girlfriends, showing us some… let’s say… more *cough*


  6. This is my second favorite right now, I’m digging the super slow burn.

    “The only thing I probably have a bit of a problem with though, is the fact that I always end up confusing characters with each other.”

    No kidding, I kept confusing their boss with Seol-a in the recent chapters.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I agree, this is a great great slow boil romance. Enjoying seeing their feelings mature from like to love on both sides. Also seeing them actually mature as they learn something from past relationships.
    The only frustrating part is the multiple interrupted confessions. Seriously that’s cute once, but it is starting to grind on me a bit. But that is the only complaint I’ve got.
    Looking forward to future chapters!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ok, after I posted that it made me wonder if there really were multiple confession attempts…and I was wrong. Sorry my bad.
      There was one confession attempt by Seol-a in chap 48 interrupted by No-rae’s ex. And there was an interrupted kiss in chap 63 (this time a call by No-rae’s brother).
      Seriously next time go to some remote location, lock the door, and put everything into airplane mode!


      • You forgot to mention that they should remove their clothing too. Since opportunities like this don’t come often, they better create the absolutely perfect mood ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


  8. I gotta say the other thing I like about this is how organically their relationship evolved.
    There was no ‘but we’re two girls!?’ moment in this, and am grateful for its absence.
    Little by little they will get there…


    • I noticed that too, though, I kinda missed this moment.

      I think it’s just something that you will sooner or later ask yourself or wonder about, though, maybe we’ll get that at some point.


  9. I’m just here to say we will never know the ending to this masterpiece. Ssamba passed away a couple of days ago after fighting cancer. It’s unfortunate we will never get to see the ending or even the progress of the story. R.I.P Ssamba


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