My Top 10 Yuri Anime

Spoiler warning!

Among all of my Top 10 lists, this was one that was still missing, so we gotta change that quickly!

Though, before getting into the list, let me say the following: Since we unfortunately still don’t have that many full yuri shows, you’ll also find shows with either heavy subtext or yuri as side stories in this list. With that said, let’s not waste any more time. So here are my Top 10 favorite Yuri anime. Enjoy!

mai-hime anime

10. Mai-HiME

Why did I watch Mai-HiME? Was it because of the awesome plot? Or maybe because of the awesome soundtrack? Or wait, it could also be thanks to the great characters? But nope, the only reason I actually started watching this show was because of Natsuki and Shizuru and the almost endless amounts of fanfics and doujinshi I had already read about them. Though, in the end, those two were not the only reason why I loved this show so much. Pretty much all of the reasons I listed up there played part in it as well.

Seriously, Mai-Hime really has it all, and despite the fact that I wished for a story in which Natsuki actually became Shizuru’s girlfriend, instead of only having to live with some more or less obvious hints, this was still an awesome watch!

kanamemo anime

9. Kanamemo

Kanamemo is undoubtedly one of the lesser-known yuri shows out there. Well, the yuri involved “only” happens between the side characters, and they are not shown that often. Though, the few moments we witness between Yume and Yuki are precious. No wonder the two made it into my list of memorable yuri characters as well, since they simply share one of the cutest, most enjoyable, and most squeal-worthy relationships of all-time.

And let’s not forget about some other yuri-ish characters this show has to offer. So let’s just say that all in all, this was a very enjoyable show that was made even better thanks to the inclusion of an awesome yuri couple.

akuma no riddle

8. Akuma no Riddle

Lesbian assassins…. Let’s just let that two-word description of Akuma no Riddle sink in for a little while. I’ve never before heard of anything similar, despite the fact that there are probably many similar shows with non-yuri characters around. Though, getting one with an all-female cast that basically all get some, more or sometimes less obvious, yuri love going on between each other. Yeah, that’s something new to me.

So between all the awesome fighting taking place, there was still enough room for some even more awesome yuri subtext to take place. Haru x Tokaku might have gotten the most screen time, though I’m pretty sure that some other pairs had enough time together to share some yuri loving, whenever they were not on screen as well.

cross ange

7. Cross Ange

Admittedly, this show didn’t end the way we all wanted to. Hilda didn’t get her much deserved girlfriend, and Ange ended up with Tusk, a male character. In terms of yuri, this couldn’t have gone any more wrong. Though, the yuri we got through the rest of the show probably made up for the horrible outcome, if only a little.

So basically, the whole show involves some steamy yuri sex scenes, some kisses, and even some true romance, despite the fact that Cross Ange often didn’t depict the yuri taking place as something happening out of the characters’ love for one another. In the end, there were still enough yuri characters left, and if we now add in the fact that the whole plot of this show, as well as pretty much all of the important characters, were pretty damn awesome, then this makes for a damn great anime, if you ask me.

magical girl lyrical nanoha strikers

6. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS

I first didn’t even want to list a specific season of this show, since Nanoha and Fate share lovely scenes in each and every of them. Though, I also can’t deny that their relationship got especially great when they got a little older (and adopted a child together). Seeing scenes of them sharing the same bed, snuggling up to little Vivio like the great mothers they are… yeah, that surely gets me excited.

Even if we were to disregard the yuri subtext that was taking place right before our eyes, this shows offered some great action, a really nice story, and some totally badass magical girls fighting the bad guys, as well as occasionally fighting each other. Awesome!

yuru yuri

 5. Yuru Yuri

Disregarding the yuri content, this is probably one of the most hilarious shows I’ve ever watched. Well, the yuri content might also not be that high, or let’s just say that there is no actual romance involved other than some characters drooling over their crushes. It will probably never cross that border, even if we already saw some kisses happen. Just like the title let’s us predict, it will stay as light-hearted as it is right now, and truth be told, I actually don’t mind. As much as I’d like to see Ayano and Kyokou making out, I’m totally fine with Chitose’s random delusions about them. And as much as I’d like to see Kyokou getting a little closer to Chinatsu, I don’t want to miss seeing her miserably fail trying to do so.

In short, Yuru Yuri can stay just like it is right now, hopefully getting even more seasons, and maybe even movies, for us to enjoy in the future~

sakura trick anime

4. Sakura Trick

After years of barely getting any yuri, this show surely surprised many of us. Not only is this a full yuri show—only starring lesbian characters—it goes one step further even, seemingly banning all male characters that could get in the way as well. And oh god, was that yuri content high. I actually believe that it’s almost impossible to include even more than the already numerous yuri kisses, hugs, love confessions, and other yurirific things that happened. Actually, if they wanted to include any more, I’m pretty sure they’d have to turn it into a hentai, since I don’t think you can squeeze in any more yuri content without actually turning it into porn.

So yeah, Sakura Trick was probably what many of us yearned for after waiting so long for something new to appear, and this surely didn’t disappoint.

strawberry panic nagisa shizuma

3. Strawberry Panic 

Where should I start with this one, I wonder…?

Seriously, I already talked so much about Strawberry Panic on this blog that I don’t even know what else to say about this anymore. Should I tell you how sexy I found the flirty, oh-so confident lady-killer, Shizuma? Or how about we talk about the tragic love between her and Kaori? Or wait, we could also talk about all the other lesbian characters, namely the whole freaking school, actually all three of them.

So, yeah. There is plenty of great things to say about this yuri milestone, but I would only repeat myself over and over again while gushing over all the things I already talked about a thousand times. So let’s just leave it at that. A great show deserves a great place in my list anyway, so third place sounds about right to me.

kannazuki no miko

2. Kannazuki no Miko

Without a doubt, I think this might be the biggest and most famous yuri show of all-time. It was actually the first yuri anime for me as well, and I can’t deny that it got me even more interested in the genre than I already was back then.

Well, okay, we have to see beyond the fact that the story might not have been the best, with huge plot holes and plot twists that just didn’t make any sense. Though, despite the fact that the story might not be able to hold up to the yuri community’s hype for this anime, what actually makes so many of us love Kannazuki no Miko is rather its two heroines and the love they share. It’s not platonic, it’s not a love between sisters, and it surely passes the love between friends. This show literally throws the yuri content right into your face, presenting the love between Himeko and Chikane as something higher than anything else. This is rare, especially for the time this show aired, which is why this one belongs right where I put it.


1. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica

Does this come as a surprise? Well, I gotta say, I actually surprised myself as well.

This anime surely doesn’t stand at the pole position of this list thanks to its yuri content, because there is just not that much, especially compared to some other shows I listed. Though, the whole anime itself, as well as all three movies that followed, are simply amazing, pieces of art even, all driven by Homura’s endless struggle to rescue the girl she loves so dearly. She only revealed her true feelings in the last movie, though, we have all been expecting this through pretty much the whole thing, if the ridiculous amount of yuri doujinshi is any hint.

Well, I guess I’d really like to see even more of this series, though I’m a little afraid it might not be able to hold up to the awesomeness of the prior works, so I guess I’d rather not see anything of this franchise anymore, instead of something that might ruin the whole thing for us.


45 thoughts on “My Top 10 Yuri Anime

  1. and I agree with you about Madoka especially Kyouko scene when as she said dream about Sayaka died.
    Just maybe no. 2 is Doki Doki Precure for me.


  2. Hey! I gotta be honest, and this is my opinion: I think Kannazuki No Miko should be Number One. Don’t get me wrong, I was totally surprised that the Madoka series was #1, but when I watched it, that was SUPER sad. So…just basing my opinion.

    Thanks for the post! You’ve made my day!

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  3. great list, i was definitely surprised at the number 1 pick, i was almost sure that kannazuki no miko would take the top spot, but i can see that madoka does deserve the number 1. also i was surprised that nanoha strikers was at 6, i thought it would have been a little higher but it is still in a great spot and also nanofate are so canon!!!!!!!! due to their relationship escalating to pretty much married couple in strikers still would have loved to see a kiss scene between them!!!!!!! also i would have loved the series as a whole to be on the list but im still happy nanoha made it. also another surprise is cross ange, though i love it not just cause of the yuri but the pretty good story (imo), i was really surprised it actually made it seeing as the yuri was only there for fanservice since ange never ended up with hilda which broke my heart so much since if they got together it would be yukanana all over again (well it is yukanana all over again anyways) i still ship them though. also no candy boy??? oh and i love how mai-hime got on the list, shiznat ftw!!!!!!! theyre so dam cute together!!!!!!!! and yay akuma no riddle is also on the list!!!!!!! oh a little off topic i got to meet suzu’s seiyuu recently and got her autograph (sorry for going a little off topic). overall great yuri anime list that was full of good surprises

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    • If there was actually a kiss or a proper love confession in one of the Nanoha seasons, trust me that I would have put this somewhere in my Top 3. Though, even though they are kinda canon, I still need something to make it more obvious…

      Well, there might be some more seasons for us to enjoy, so let’s just wait a little longer 😉

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  4. Great list! so glad to see a lot of my favorites on this list as well! 😀 I agrre with everything you have said about Strawberry Panic. I am also glad to see that you are another one of the few people like myself who seems to like Shizuma! idk why people hate on her she is a good girl deep down and an awesome character to the story. didnt anyone pay attention to her backstory? I wish we had another season to that show we need so much more!

    Kanamemo was one fun series. loved how half the female cast were lesbian, Haruka, Yume X Yuuki, and Mika who was in love with Kana she cant hide that!

    Sakura Trick is the type of show that needs 5 seasons and a trilogy of films! like you said yuri shows like that are just so rare! a yuri show with megaton levels of kisses and other cute yuri content, relationships we can all get behind, and fun animation style, this was surely one of the high points of the new Yuri Renaissance! and I agree, if they put just a few more things in the show it might just become a yuri hentai….or at least on the level of Queen’s Blade and Valkyrie Drive Mermaid.

    I sadly have yet to see Akuma no Riddle but hear the manga and anime were fun. both are licensed here in the US so i plan to buy them and catch up soon.

    Yuru Yuri just keeps delivering on all fronts since it started. glad they keep supporting the show with new seasons! seems like each one is more yuri than the last!

    everything you said about Kannazuki no Miko is just…….right. while the show itself is meh what with the useless guys, and unnecessary mecha(and I’m a mecha fan), and plot holes, but the thing that saves it and elevates it so high is that amazing, deep and passionate love between Himeko and Chikane. we have so many other amazing yuri couples in our lives but those two always take the top prize to me. just wish we got more from them. Chimeko for Life! Can’t wait to see what your next Top 10 List is these are always great to read! 😀

    my own Top 10 List would be:
    1. Kannazuki no Miko
    2. Strawberry Panic
    3. Sakura Trick
    4. Valkyrie Drive Mermaid
    5. Yuri Kuma Arashi
    6. Simoun
    7. Sono Hanabira anime
    8. Strike Witches
    9. Yuru Yuri
    10. Yamibo

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    • Oh. I’m surprised to see Valkyrie Drive in your list, though I can also spot Sono Hanabira, so I can kinda see the connection there 😛

      Though, no worries, I think Valkyrie would be ranked somewhere around number 14 or so. And if I actually had to list real hentai in this list, believe me that SonoHana would have made it pretty far as well 😉

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      • haha yeah i know…..stuff like VD and Sono Hana just….hit the right buttons for me >.< but i do find them really nice and fun in other ways too. its a damn shame there just arent any other OVAs for the other Sono Hana couples. sadly there just arent that many yuri only hentai out there. there is only one other out there that i think people would accept on a list like this. anyway your list was awesome, some truly great titles on it! 🙂 I wanted to put Kyoshiro to Towa no Sora on my list tied with Kannazuki but the fact the amazing Kaon and Himiko werent the main focus kept me from doing that. I feel ashamed to say this but I havent watched Madoka yet. i know, i know…..I plan to fix that soon. just catching up on my back catalog of yuri anime and manga.

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      • The list of things to watch is only gonna get longer, though I know you’re busy. Also, it’s really nice to be able to look forward to something, and I gotta tell you, the whole Madoka series is absolutely amazing, so there’s something great awaiting you~

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      • That list just got longer recently with the news that Seven Seas has licensed 4 yuri manga for release in the US, all acquired in less than a week! i have even more to read now! o.O They got Kase-san, the Kindred Spirits on the Roof manga, and Morinaga Milks two recent series-Secret of the Princess and Hana & Hina After School. It is a good time to be a yuri fan! 😀

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    • I completely disagree with you on your opinion on Kannazuki no Miko. For me it’s a perfectly balanced and diversely interesting show. I like it not only for yuri but as it is.


  5. Akuma no Riddle and Cross Ange in a top 10 yuri anime? Kannazuki battling for the top? YuriKuma out of the running? Consider me a non-lurker.

    Since everyone is doing it, whatever:

    10. Sakura Trick
    9. Mai Hime
    8. Akuma no Riddle
    7. Cross Ange
    6. Puella Magi Madoka Magica (A masterpiece, but this is a yuri list)
    5. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
    4. Yamibou (Influence is too strong)
    3. Strawberry Panic
    2. Maria-Sama ga Miteru (really, no one mentioned one half of the yuri classics?)
    1. yeah I’m not even bothering.

    You folks have a good list, and looking forward for more content.


  6. Well, since I really can’t think of a list here are my (propably? I dunno.) three favourite yuri animes in completely arbitrary order:
    Yuru Yuri
    Sakura Trick
    Of course I’ve watched more yuri animes, but well:
    Example: Kannazuki No Miko. I liked the yuri part of it, but well… I really don’t like mechas. I just think that the story should have been more about Himeko and Chikane, rather than being love triangle. But yeah, I did cry in the end 😛
    Maybe it’s just that so many animes and mangas have so much fighting in them that I’ve grown bored of it, fighting that is. There is only one manga I now read that I like, which posesses fighting and that is Murcielago.
    I propably will watch some of the yuri animes which possess fighting at some point, hell I’ve watched Mai-Hime twice to somewhere episode 17 but I’ve never finished it 😛
    Well, there is yuri subtext anime coming which doesn’t possess fightning, New Game atleast as long as as they don’t step too far away from the manga. But also on the side note I wouldn’t mind having Murcielago anime :3
    Yeah well, Imma go now 😛


    • Well, your top three seem about right to me 😀

      Though, you gotta finish Mai-Hime! You missed the best part! Someday Rattig, you’ll hopefully be able to finish it. The Shiznat is totally worth it~


      • I take that they get more more screen time later? Well, if I remembber correctly there was 24 episodes so… seven episodes… hopefully I don’t forget the stuff that happend so I can just watch the rest of it. Rather than wstart it again just to stop at the episode 17 😛


      • Hmmm, well, if you try to stay away from deprssing stuff… you might have to stay away from Madoka after all 😛
        The yuri is also not that strong…. damn that’s not looking good 😛


  7. That’s a really good list, I don’t know my personal list of yuri favoirtes, but I do know that Sasameki Koto would be near the top, along with Kannazuki no Miko and Sakura Trick.

    I had just been starting my deep dive into yuri anime when I found Sasameki Koto, and I was surprised at how much I loved it. I thought that, while slower paced, (though not as slow as Aoi Hana even though I like that one quite a lot) I felt that the time used to develop the characters was used very well, and the relationships between them, especially Sumika and Ushino, developed very naturally. And I so wish that it got a second season so we could see them grow as they do in the manga, but oh well, what we got was really good.

    Kannazuki no Miko was an odd anime to stumble across (this when I was starting to have interest in yuri, but before I got hooked) on Amazon Prime. It’s one thing to be told about a great yuri anime, it’s another thing entirely to discover one on your own. I’ll have to admit, I couldn’t really follow the story in the first episode because it took so many bizarre turns while not explaining anything, but the relationship between Chikane and Himeko is what kept me interested, and the kiss at the end is what sold me on the show, because I had never seen any yuri so bold before (except for Sakura Trick, but I’ll get to that later) and I just had to keep watching.

    And while it may be one of my favorite yuri anime, I will acknowledge that it does have a ton of flaws, like weak, underutilized villains, an awkward story, and a few dropped story lines (did it really matter that one of the villains was Souma’s brother. No.) , but darn it all if the main characters aren’t amazing and save the entire thing, it’s a fantastic yuri, but a terriblel Mech anime.

    And finally, to Sakura Trick, which I have a weird history, I actually watched the first episode on a whim when it came out back in 2014 raw without subtitles, I had no idea what was going on, but there were adorable moe girls making out on a balcony, awesome, so I went with it. A few years later, I found the entire thing on Hulu and I watched… the final episode, because one: Hulu decided that the episode it wanted to start on was the last one, and two: I didn’t recognize the anime as the one I had watched a few years ago, so I didn’t know that it wasn’t the first episode, needless to say, I was extremely confused. Who are these people? And why are they obsessed with pudding? But I eventually corrected myself, and loved it. All I need to say is that it’s super cute, super yuri, with fun characters, and surprisingly funny, exactly what I wanted from a show like this.

    Oh, and of course I forgot to mention YuruYuri, not just on of my favorite “yuri,” but one of my favorite anime in general, it’s just so funny! And if I wasn’t a shipper before, Ayano x Kyoko made me into one.

    Sorry I got so ramblely, and strangely backstory heavy, but my passion for yuri burns like the sun! No, a hundred suns! And I can’t help but gush every time I talk to people about yuri.


    • Gush about it all you want, it’s actually wanted here 😉

      Also, I liked your little Sakura Trick story. “Who are these people and why are they so obsessed with pudding?” That’s a priceless reaction 😀


  8. It seems like I might as well jump in too… :

    1. Kannazuki no Miko
    2. Strawberry Panic
    3. Madoka Magica (Ranked lower b/c it’s kind of not canon yet canon with Rebellion. You either liked it, hated it, or never seen it.)
    4. Nanoha (Same case here but everyone pretty much agrees that its canon.)
    5. Yuru Yuri

    There’s five because I can’t rank the rest of them and I’m lazy. Some people disagree with me on KnM being better than SP, but there’s a story why I ranked it higher. KnM made more sense to me than SP.

    Let me explain when I watched both of them it was around the same time. According to my notes I actually saw SP before KnM. But it never made any sense to me why a school (actually three of them) has a large population of lesbians (pretty much every character there was a raging lesbian at a private Catholic school no less.) Now for KnM, let’s see mecha, supernatural gods, and lesbians. You’re probably wondering how that’s normal. Mecha is normal because I saw a lot of it during my childhood with transformers, power rangers, etc. Supernatual elements are normal and having two undoubtedly gay cast members are more normal than everyone being gay. Regardless both shows were what caused me to enjoy the wonders of yuri.


    • I think that’s a pretty good list~

      Also, KnM and SP are kind of similar in my eyes, maybe only because I watched them at around the same time. Well, they don’t have a very similar story, nor do they have similar themes, other than yuri of course, though, they still feel alike for me.
      And that is also why I had a hard time deciding which one I liked more.


  9. Not completely on board with your list, but I’m pretty much in agreement with most of them in at least being worthy of a top list. To each their own though, right?

    To be quite honest, I’m dying for something sweet and fluffy as Sakura Trick again. I’m a sucker for Slice of Life/Vanilla, especially when it comes to romance, I prefer it over anything actiony, sci-fi, what-have-you. I don’t mind Ecchi too much, but when females are rocking oversized knockers, it just kills my mojo (I’m looking at you, Valkyrie Drive).

    I can’t recall the last Yuri Anime we’ve had similar to Sakura Trick… They all fall other genres thrown into them, so I kinda feel like we’re overdue for something big.


    • Seeing that Sakura Trick didn’t do that well, I have a feeling that it’s gonna take some time until someone decides to go with something like this again.
      such a pity…


      • That’s super unfortunate, then.

        I’ve noticed that there really hasn’t been any SoL/Vanilla Romance Anime lately that don’t have robots, monster girls, magic or disproportionate people in general, let alone Yuri. Makes me wonder if Romance of any kind in general just isn’t worth building around solely that genre, and ends up being a sub-plot or is just hinted towards….


  10. 10. Strawberry Panic (In a really so bad it’s good kinda of way.)
    9. Sasekmi Koto
    8. Sakura Trick
    7. Kanazuki No Miko
    6. Akuma No Riddle
    5. Madoka Magica
    4 Devil Lady
    3. Aoi Hana
    2. Blue Drop
    1. Simoun

    I have pretty weird tastes.


  11. Good ranking, for me, take only 10 is so hard to do for me so i choose 21 (forgive me) that i can remember for now, and i can make one ranking based on the quality of the yuri, and another one based on the quality of the show, so than last one should be like this:

    21 Sakura Trick & Yuru Yuri (I can´t understand why I always see theese two so up in the rankings)

    20. Blue Drop
    19. Kashimashi Girl Meets Girl
    18. Bakuretsu Tenshi
    17. Hibike! Euphonium
    16. Kannazuki no Miko
    15. Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito
    14. Aoi Hana
    13. Strawberry Panic!
    12. Noir
    11. Kiddy Grade

    10. Simoun
    09. Cross Ange Tenshi to Ryuu no Rondo
    08. Mnemosyne
    07. Yuri Kuma Arashi
    06. Ga-Rei Zero
    05. Shinsekai Yori
    04. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
    03. Sasameki Koto
    02. Shoujo Kakumei Utena
    01. Devilman Lady

    00. (supremacy, let me dream) NANA


    • Devilman Lady as number one?? I think I have to watch this (again). I can’t even remember if I watched this one at all.

      I sure hope it’s worth it 😛

      Also, nice (long) list~


      • Yeah will worth, speaking about the quality of the anime i think Devilman Lady (strictly the anime and not its manga) deserves the number one of my list, but if we speak of the quality of the Yuri i should say than Sasameki Koto is the best even if it wasn’t a complete adaptation of the great manga that Sasameki Koto is at least for me.

        So, sorry again for the long list (too long and i forgot Mai HiME) but was hard for me to choose only a few of them……

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  12. And here’s my Top 10 Yuri anime’s.
    10. Valkyrie Drive
    9. Cross Ange
    8. Kuttsukiboshi
    7. Harmony
    6. Shoujo Sect
    5. Yuri Kuma Arashi
    4. Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl
    3. Simoun
    2. Strawberry Panic!
    1. Kannazuki no Miko
    Owned Kannazuki no Miko is my first and favorite anime genre yuri, as I said before, and it will always be my number one! It is a clone of Cros Ange however, there was a totally different outcome. Harmony in turn is similar to the attachment of the two main characters together. I really like anime like, where in addition to yuri, the main character on the plot promotion also increasing your self-confidence and strength of mind. When the protagonist being fragile and helplessness at the beginning of the story becomes harder and starting to look face a death without hesitation spoiling for a fight to those who have it sewn up the road more than anything else. That is in the infinite darkness, you can find your way to the eternal light.
    I would also like to present its Top 10 Yuri Visual novel’s
    10. Noel
    9. Okujou no Yurirei-san
    8. Sapphism no Gensou
    7. Starlight Vega
    6. Katahane
    5. Yamiyo ni Odore -Witch wishes to commit the Night-
    4. Seisai no Resonance
    3. Atlach-Nacha
    2 .Aoi Shiro
    1. Akai Ito


  13. Thanks to this Top I discovered Kanamemo! what a beatiful surprise! I totally adore the Yuki & Yui couple and of course the tsundere reaction of Mika who refuses to accept her feelings for Hana. =)=) I found more yuri in this humble serie than in those that are broadcasting actuality

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  14. More love needs to go to Kashimashi, imho. 😉 I know many may consider it gender bender, but as a trans lesbian it resonated a lot. I think of it less as bending, so much as putting things rights. And after the silly-stupid setup, it actually is really deep and explores interesting concepts. I suffer a light dose of face blindness myself so really sympathise with that character.

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  15. I completely disagree with you on your opinion on Kannazuki no Miko. For me it’s a perfectly balanced and diversely interesting show. I like it not only for yuri but as it is.


  16. Kannazuki no Miko has one fatal flaw that it needs to get past for me to consider it… The Rape. I know WHY the rape happened I can certainly see how it was fully in character and consistent. Going there was not a good idea. Worse there are NO consequences as a result of it. Himeko just lets it go and….I’m not cool with that.

    Most of these I’ll let slide I would even agree Madoka deserves the top slot even taking more recent hits like Bloom into you into account. Yuru Yuri and Sakura trick I feel like should be higher but its been too long since I’ve seen Strawberry Panic to judge it fairly.


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