Anime Review: Yuru Yuri

yuru yuri anime

It’s actually really surprising that Yuru Yuri hasn’t been reviewed here on YR yet. It’s one of the staples of the genre, and something that’s definitely needed on a yuri blog. So even though it’s a few years too late, it’s finally time to review it~

Now that she’s a first-year in middle school, Akari has joined her friends—second-years Kyouko and Yui—in the Amusement Club… where they don’t really do much. Residing in the disbanded Tea Ceremony Club’s room, the trio get a new member when a classmate of Akari intends to join the Tea Ceremony Club but decides to stick around after being told it no longer exists.

Year: 2011
Length: 12 Episodes
Genre: Comedy, School, Slice of Life, Yuri

This brief description sounds like almost every other slice of life in existence, but where Yuru Yuri differentiates itself is by how much the emphasis is placed on the yuri. Things got off to an alright start, as there were flashes of what the show could be, but it took a few episodes for it to really hit its stride. By the time the girls visit Comuket [sic], it’s pretty clear that the show is gonna be a fun ride. You have some of the situations you’d normally encounter in the genre (like the obligatory beach episode), but for me at least, familiar situations such as this didn’t end up feeling clichéd at all. I think that’s primarily due to the quality of the comedy, as well as the characters. Despite the fact that there isn’t much of a comprehensive plot, this is one of those shows where there are so many memorable moments that it’s hard to pick a lone favorite. For me, it’s probably something involving Kyouko. There are far too many candidates to choose from, so let’s just leave it at that.

There’s the occasional moment where things slow down a bit, like the flashback to when the girls were young and playing in the park—or the scenes involving Rise—but generally, there’s a consistent flow of funny occasions. So the story largely consists of cute girls fawning over cute girls, and though that’s not the most ambitious premise ever, damn it, it’s still entertaining as all get-out.

yuru yuri anime

First things first, Toshinou Kyouko is an international treasure that should be cherished and celebrated the world over! Okay, now that I got that out of my system, let’s talk a little bit about the characters, Kyouko included.

Where do I begin? The cast of characters is a near-perfect blend that complement each other extremely well. It’s pretty funny how the show is self-aware of Akari’s meager presence, and it becomes a running gag throughout the season. She may be phased out every now and then, but it is hilarious when you forget that and don’t even notice that she’s missing. Poor Akari…. I already mentioned her briefly, but I just have to do it again. Kyouko’s easily my favorite character in the show, and probably one of my favorites in all of anime. She always makes everything more entertaining, and the show simply wouldn’t be the same without her. Yui’s kind of like the glue that holds the group together, so someone as level-headed as her is definitely needed. Chinatsu eventually grew on me, even though I was annoyed by her a lot of the time. I guess she’s not so bad after all. Chitose’s yuri delusions are great, and even though I prefer her sister, Chizuru’s drooling is pretty awesome, too. You can’t go wrong with a tsundere, and having Kyouko as the object of her affection makes Ayano an even better one. Himawari and Sakurako might have been a little bland had it not been for their fierce rivalry that brings out the best worst in them. You just want them to hurry up and kiss and make up already.

yuru yuri himawari sakurako

In most other anime, any one of these girls might be the main source of entertainment, but not here. An improvement that I feel could’ve been made is we could’ve seen more of Himawari and Sakurako. They performed surprisingly well in our Best Yuri Pairing tournament last year, and their scenes together were cute, it’s just a shame that there weren’t more of them. I would’ve been willing to sacrifice Rise’s screen time in order to make that happen, though at least Nana was enjoyable, so I guess it’s not too bad. All in all, I loved the characters and think that as a comedy ensemble, it doesn’t get much better than this.

When it comes to slice of life anime, it feels like you can just copy and paste the animation (and audio) portions in all of these reviews. It’s been five years since this premiered, but I don’t think it looks that out of place among more modern slice of life anime. ‘Tis the nature of the genre, and that works out to the show’s favor. All the small visual touches here and there do wonders for the comedy, so there’s always something interesting to gaze your eyes upon. For an anime such as this, that’s really all you can ask for.

Much like the animation, there isn’t anything particularly great about the audio, yet all the bells and whistles you’d expect are present and accounted for, and they contribute to the comedic mood quite nicely. One thing I loved how was how voices match the characters to a tee. The casting was spot-on, so whoever’s responsible for that deserves a raise. Both the OP and the ED are memorable, and they maintain the fun personality of the show, though I slightly prefer the ED. Overall, the audio plays an important role, and even though it’s rather subtle, it accomplishes its goal and adds an extra layer to the hilarity.

yuru yuri kyouko ayano
And why didn’t this happen?!?!?!

With a name like Yuru Yuri, of course, you’d expect a lot of yuri content, and it’s most definitely present. Well, there’s no actual romance in this anime, and all of the yuri takes form in the way of comedy, but it’s still great that it’s there and that there’s so much of it. For comparison’s sake, KinMoza and GochiUsa also have some yuri content (two pairings for the former and a yuri character for the latter)—but from a yuri standpoint—they both still seem to pale in comparison. Kyouko is infatuated with Chinatsu, Chinatsu has it bad for Yui, Ayano’s like the rest of us and likes Kyouko, Himawari and Sakurako secretly admire each other, Chitose and Chizuru add even more yuri in the form of delusions… the yuri’s literally everywhere you look. As much as I enjoyed Himawari x Sakurako, Ayano x Kyouko has to be my favorite pairing here. Chitose’s nosebleed-inducing delusions between the two probably play a role in that, but it was great to see tsundere Ayano struggle to maintain her cool. That scene in the final episode involving Chitose was probably the greatest thing ever, and it nearly made up for the lack of legitimate kisses throughout the rest of the anime. Speaking of kisses, how about that Chinatsu x Akari kiss, huh? Poor Akari, indeed…. Comedy and yuri is naturally a great combination, and even though something a bit more serious would have been the cherry on top of this yuri sundae, you certainly can’t say that what we got was anything but delicious~

Yuru Yuri should be required viewing for any self-respecting yuri fan. If you enjoy yuri, comedy, or slice of life anime, you have to watch it. It’s really as simple as that. Since there are now three seasons, that means three potential reviews to write. Lucky me… and unlucky YR readers. 😛

Story: 6.5
Characters: 9.5
Animation: 7
Sound: 7.5
Yuri: 7
Total Enjoyment: 9

Lena’s Opinion: 8
“The most fun yuri show there is.”

yuru yuri anime

17 thoughts on “Anime Review: Yuru Yuri

  1. About time!!! I-I mean: I humbly thank you for reviewing the anime that is propably my favourite of all time 😀
    The pic choices are really, really good.
    I would myself have go for Ayano as favourite character, but Kyoko would be second only by very, very, very little. Also I also ship Ayano and Kyoko 😛
    And also ship Akari and Chinatsu, aside from many things that happened between them, I do think there is a spark. On the other hand there also is very cute and very good doujins and such about them:
    As for the opening I haven’t been able to forget it since the first time I watched the first series. The ED is also really good and catchy.
    Personally this, the first, series I hold closest to my heart, but I still have to admit that my favourite moment of all three series will happen in the third.
    Also I would count myself more lucky than unlucky of the potential reviews of the other two series… And maybe one of the movie :D?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Akari x Chinatsu? I think I fear for Akari’s safety in that pairing. 😀

      I watched this once before, but for some reason, I don’t remember enjoying it like I did this time. Obviously, something must’ve been wrong with me.

      Since I first wrote this, I’ve since written reviews for the second season and Nachuyachumi!, and just started writing one for the third season. You truly are a glutton for punishment, Ratbag. 😛


  2. A yuri classic without a doubt. Here’s hoping it become a “quadrilogy” in the near future. Fav pairings are Dr Boom-Boom X Cute Mute, AkaChina, HimaSaku and Ayano X TSOHINO KYOUKO!

    The series’ greatest strength is how it balances both well-written humor and yuri goodness that does not reach 100% canon but all the girls are gay so it’s only a matter of when the author feels the time is right to pair everyone up for good, even though some are already set.


  3. “. An improvement that I feel could’ve been made is we could’ve seen more of Himawari and Sakurako.”
    There are two more seasons to view. The series keeps on getting better each season. And season 4 should be amazing once it happens. The manga’s gotten SOOOO good.


  4. I got a 93% on my first try of the quiz, because the season 2 comuket was more fresh in my head xD I should have paid more attention to the fact that there were no odango xD


  5. I just recently finished up the first season and started the second. I read the manga some time ago, and have been saving watching it to cash in on some guilty pleasure, and have been enjoying it a whole lot.
    This thing is hilarious, I mean it really made me laugh out loud. Most of anime comedies just don’t seem to connect for me, and some of the puns/cultural jokes in YY do fall flat occasionally, but most of the jokes connect solidly here.
    My pairings are a bit weird, in that I totally feel for Ayano and see Ayano x Kyoko, and I see Yui looking fondly at her old friend so I see Yui x Kyoko. Then I look at Kyoko and all I see is Kyoko x Kyoko (Probably her pick too). Otherwise everyone else pairs up just fine.


    • It’s not really surprising that the series has had the success its had. It’s really good~

      Those pairings don’t seem so weird. Then again, I’ve been told more than a few times that some of my pairings in other shows are weird, so…. 😀


    • Dman, I don’t even remember mine….

      The third season sold fairly well, so it’ll hopefully get more than just one more season, just as long as it doesn’t take another three years to get here~


  6. All who are considered yuri fans must watch this serie. They are just awsome! and fucking hilarious!. Toshino kyouko!!!!!!!!!!
    Ahhhhh Ayano…(sighing)


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