Nurse Love Addiction Coming to Steam This June

This really did come out of nowhere, but I think we all love Yuri surprises~

The Yuri Empire

This…came…out of…nowhere.

BLOCKBUSTER ANNOUNCEMNET! One of my good buddies, Aldre Chulia, spotted this out of nowhere announcement. Degica Games is publishing the sequel that takes place in the same setting as White Robe Love Syndrome, Nurse Love Addiction, aka  Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou or White Robe Love Addiction, developed by Kogado Studio.

Nurse Love Addiction

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13 thoughts on “Nurse Love Addiction Coming to Steam This June

  1. Best part, 2016’s barely halfway done and there are STILL more yuri games from both the East and West to come. 2015-16 has been the Yuri Nation’s resurgence.

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  2. Poor Highway Blossoms…

    Has no chance against something like this. Oh well. I’m going to be forty bucks short this month.


    • I think it we shouldn’t be too hasty. Highway Blossom looks absolutely awesome, and it already has established a fanbase.

      This one kind of came out of nowhere and seemingly only a few people knew about this one.


  3. I saw this announcement a few days ago! Steam pulls through for yuri fans AGAIN! this is just too good to be true. this is one yuri vn I have to get! 😀

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  4. Sweet! Steam likes their money, and the more Yuri we buy, the more they’ll give us! It’s a win-win! The only downside is that I’ll probably be broke because of of it, but it’s so totally worth it. <¦,D


    • I already spent waaay too much money on games this year, though, what can we do other than spent even more in this awesome yuri-filled year that is 2016? 😛


      • There’s nothing we can do. Even if Steam starts giving us bottom of the barrel yuri fluff (which I don’t think has happened yet, thankfully), the fact that they’re pulling from the barrel is enough to keep me buying. I mean, who knows when this wave of yuri content will die down? Personally, I want to keep it going as long as possible.

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  5. im so excited for this, i really wanted to get it on vita but it was japanese only it is sad that it wont get released on the vita overseas but i guess steam still better than nothing


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