Double Doujin Release – Minase Ruruu & Ooshima Tomo

Today we have two short doujinshi by two of my favorite yuri artists, Minase Ruruu and Ooshima Tomo for you. Enjoy~

love live yuri doujin nicomaki ooshima tomo

Title: NicoMaki Are My Pets
Pairing: Nico x Maki [Love Live]

yuri doujin minase ruruu trivial story

Title: Trivial Story
Pairing: Original Characters

Big thanks yet again goes to Dareka, who translated these works for us~


12 thoughts on “Double Doujin Release – Minase Ruruu & Ooshima Tomo

  1. Minase Ruruu is one of the best yuri authors ever! love her art and stories. seeing a new release from her was surprising since I heard she was doing other types of work right now instead of yuri. I really hope she gets back into yuri because the world needs more of her work!


  2. Minase Ruruu doujin!! I have to go read it right away” Oh the art is so good , but what about the story? What enticing things will it posses…
    Oh, boobs.
    (continues reading)
    Well, it felt somewhat… odd , but also oodly cute.
    I just hope she doesn’t go fondling every womans boobs she sees 😛

    The NicoMaki doujin was really cute, them jsut flipping each other :3
    And, well I can’t think of anything else say about that than that.

    But well, those were two good reads so thanks for that 😛

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