Yuri News Update – June 2016

Guess what news we can yet again talk about? That’s right, it’s time to talk about Yuri Visual Novels!

Prepare for a very long post~

highway-blossomsFirst off, the highly anticipated Highway Blossoms has finally been released and is available for purchase on Steam right now.

For those that are not yet familiar with the game, here’s yet again a short plot summary:

The gold rush has struck the west for a second time. Highway Blossoms is the story of Amber, a girl trying her best to be alone on the road until she stumbles upon a young hitchhiker and the journal of a prospector from long ago.

Buy the game right now and get a 15% discount~

white robe love addiction yuri visual novelMoving on, we also have big news regarding another Yuri Visual Novel, namely Nurse Love Addiction, a Japanese one that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, as the announcement of its release took us all by surprise.

The game will be released July 7th, and you can yet again get the game on Steam.

Here’s a short plot summary for you:

Follow Asuka Osachi; a ditzy girl training to become a nurse at “Teito Nursing School”. Experience the story of her and her classmates, as they discover love, medicine, and adulthood.

kindred spirits on the roof drama cdIn other news, the third Kindred Spirits Drama CD—featuring Seina and Miki—has just been released and is available for a 15% discount on Steam right now.

If you’re interested in any of the Drama CD’s click here.

The last of the 4 Drama CDs, which will feature the three girls of the Kyuusei Radio, will most likely follow within the next few months as well~

reach for the stars yuri visual novelNext up, we have another Yuri VN that needs our help. What I’m talking about is Reach for the Stars, a Visual Novel by Lunar Wings Games.

Here’s a short plot summary:

After a near suicide attempt, Abby returns to her old home town in order to heal the inner wounds of her past. When arriving back to Belmont she makes quick friends with a group of girls who all appear to have what she doesn’t; true happiness. But on her way to recovery Abby will find that no one has an easy life and in order to progress past the pain they must learn to face their greatest fears and darker selves.

The Kickstarter will be going for another 19 days, and we already passed their initial goal of $2500. Though, I gotta tell you, if we can support them a little more, we might get some quite interesting and promising-sounding additional content, like love scenes, so keep it up guys! 😉

Here’s the link to their Kickstarter. Also, be sure to vote for them on Steam Greenlight.

ne no kami indiegogoLastly, there is another project worthy of our attention, and that is Ne no Kami. You can still, and should definitely, back up this little Yuri gem on its IndieGoGo page.

Here’s the plot summary:

A large earthquake rocks Kyoto at its core, unsettling the balance of the world. Through television and radio, news of absurd behaviors and emergence of cults became frequent, and demons sightings were reported all throughout Japan. But with the passage of time, society’s belief in the supernatural was fading and the people’s interest would eventually return to the mundane, regular life. The demons were no longer seen, and the world has become “peaceful” at the surface. Not long thereafter, the events of the earthquake were all but forgotten. Len has been living her entire life as a regular high school student. But suddenly, she is reunited with Shinonome, her childhood friend from long ago, and receives the ominous message-

“Len, you are going to abandon this town… and die—today”

Since her reunion with Shinonome, Len’s life is thrust into an all new “reality,” and the curtain which hid the “truth” of this new world is been lifted. Len and Shinonome must tempt fate and face a world in which reality is all but blurred, as the truth of this world comes to light.

We’ve already surpassed their goal by a lot, though, a little more money will get us some great additional content, which is always nice~

Also, be sure to vote for them on Steam Greenlight.

And if you’re interested, you can find a very interesting interview with Ne no Kami‘s developer, Fenrir Vier, at our neighbors blog, YuriNation~


19 thoughts on “Yuri News Update – June 2016

  1. There are so many good visuals on the way now that it’s almost hard to keep track of them all!
    The one I’m looking forward to most is Nurse Love Addiction, but Ne no Kami looks good to. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I think our tastes might be quite similar, since I’m also looking forward to these two~ Though, it might as well be the fact that these two are Japanese, while the others aren’t 😛

      Well okay, the one I’m looking forward to the most, is FLOWERS, though since I didn’t list it in this news update, it doesn’t count 😛


  2. damn….so many yuri visual novels getting released! some from Japan and some American made. this truly are glorious yuri times we live in! I want to get that Highway Blossoms looks interesting! Nurse Love Addiction looks like a fun and cute title too! oh and i know this has been a while but I finally got around to beating one route on Starlight Vega. I took the Melody Route first and i gotta say….it was AWESOME! the whole set up for there romance was quite good but thats probably because it reminds me of a few of my friends 😉 Melody just came across as a sweet and kind girl anyone could fall for and she fit well with Aria. very satisfied with the way it ended. I started the Scherza Route and am rushing through the parts that are the same across all routes to get through it quicker. Ill let you know my thoughts on it later on 🙂


    • So you’re going for Melody first, then Sherza and then Lyria?!
      What is wrong with you?!

      Okay, I’m just kidding 😛
      Though, it’s surprising. Most people either go for Lyria or Melody first, but Lyria as the last choice… that’s new.

      Or did you play her route before all that? We talked about this already, but my memory is so bad 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • haha no worries! 😀 but no i havent played Lyria’s route yet. im doing hers last. Melody just came across as the sweet girl next door that anyone would fall for so I had to go for her first! her route had such a good end. im hoping for the same with Lyria and Sherza! but the real goal of all this is that sure to be epic Harem end! ill be ill be sure to post more when i play more of the novel! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. this year really has been amazing for us yuri fans just like the past years, i really hope near the end of the year we will get more announcements for yuri animes and VNs and here is to hoping 2017 will be an even better year for us

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hey, Lena.

    Are you going to review KSoTR drama CDs? I mean, not now necessarily, but, well, eventually?


    • Hey, hey, hey, hey there 😛

      So far, I only own the first drama CD and I still have to finish this one, though I’m definitely planing on posting a review about all 4 of them sometime in the future~


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