Yuri Visual Novel Tsui Yuri – Okaa-san ni wa Naisho dayo~ Translation Project

QJfUWuDThis news has already been around since April, though I just now found out about it.

So as it seems, this new and very promising looking Yuri Visual Novel is being translated and worked on right now, by the following team:

Project leader + Translator: @Dergonu
Hacker: @Porygon2
Editor: @Meat_Bun1

Here’s a  the plot summary as well as a promo video already translated into English:

Loving twin sisters, their “true” feelings.

Sakura Ichika (serious, somewhat stubborn) and Sakura Futaba (friendly, youthful) are twin sisters who get along so well that their family and friends become astonished at times.

No matter where they go or what they do, the two have always been together from a young age. Even after their surroundings change around them while growing up, their relationship still remains the same. There’s never a day where Ichika (stable) isn’t around Futaba (pampered), be it at home, school, or anywhere.

But one day, their mother started to worry about them since they’ve been hanging around each other excessively. She warns them about the difference of getting along and relying on one another, and that no matter how close they are as sisters, it is not possible to stay together forever.
After that, their relationship gradually begins to change bit by bit.

On the other side of Ichika’s feelings of “wanting to see Futaba’s smiling face” are her worries of her personal desires considered unforgivable and “not normal.” On the other side of Futaba’s feelings of “wanting to always be together with Ichika” is her presence of mind lost in their diverging relationship.

Their bond that harbors hidden emotions beyond that of sisters…
What form will it take? And what kind of conclusions will come out of it all――?

Now that looks exciting, doesn’t it?  But to boost your excitement even more, click the following link to see some awesome CGs of the game.

The translation group is by the way aiming for a release in 2016, and as far as I can tell, it’s looking pretty good! The project status is updated every week, and so far, I think they are doing an awesome job, working pretty fast.

If you’re interested and have the needed skills, maybe you can even help them out too, since they are probably still searching for people to join the team to speed up the work even more.

Here’s the current status that has last been updated about 3 days ago:

Translated: 100% (26/26)
Edited: 100% (26/26)
QCed: 0% (0/26)

Translated: 100% (1662/1662)
Edited: 100% (1662/1662)
QCed: 0% (0/1662)

Translated: 2% (36/2183)
Edited: 2% (36/2183)
QCed: 0% (0/2183)

Translated: 20% (408/2001)
Edited: 0% (0/2001)
QCed: 0% (0/2001)

Translated: 36% (2132/5872)
Edited: 29% (1724/5872)
QCed: 0% (0/5872)

Find out more about this Project

Find this VN on VNDB

Official Website of Tsui Yuri



12 thoughts on “Yuri Visual Novel Tsui Yuri – Okaa-san ni wa Naisho dayo~ Translation Project

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  2. Thank you very much for informing me of this project. It’s funny. I recently discussed it with Starlight Vega’s Razz about it getting localized. Considering the subject material and it not being brought up during the Mangagamer survey, maybe this project is our best bet on getting it translated.


      • I already had plans to campaign for its localization in next year’s survey but now I can focus all that energy on a series that MUST GET LOCALIZED…

        “Lilycle Rainbow Stage !!” and its Drama CDs. Anyway we’ll see what happens when that time comes.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Unrelated to this post (feel free to delete after reading even), but the “Review” button in the header navigation links to “http://*” instead of somewhere useful or valid.


  4. Had no clue about this one, and with twincest no less, I’m very excited. I wonder how it handles the incest though, there are so many ways to mess it up. Well, either way, it does look very promising so I’ll keep a close eye on this; thanks for the info.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re scaring me, though I heard something similar before when Razz was talking about a certain yandere mechanic in the game…. I was wondering about that …


      • Hey, Dergonu here, the translator on this project.
        Just found this article by chance, thanks for spreading the word about our project ^^

        For those wondering, the project is definitely not dead, and we have every intention of finishing it. The fuwanovel thread is being updated weekly, so do check that out for the newest progress. (We are currently over 50% finished with the translation.)

        The game does indeed have some … interesting bad endings, thought the main story and good endings are super cute and fluffy.
        I’m a little busy with real life, so the progress isn’t super fast, but a 2016 release is definitely possible with the way things are going, and it is what we are aiming for.

        Liked by 1 person

      • I already sneaked a peak at some of the CGs, and it mostly looks really cute and fluffy, so let’s just hope we can make the right choices to have it stay that way 😛

        Also, even though you might call it a slow pace, I think you guys are working on this one quite fast.

        So yeah, looking forward to more updates and the game of course~


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