Let’s Talk About Something Different… Again

Spoiler Warning!

We already covered some “different” yuri works in our first post which you can find right here. Though, since new shows and such luckily keep popping up, I think we’ll never really run out of new topics to talk about, so why don’t we use the opportunity to catch up on some things?

So what you’ll find in this post is simply me talking and partly ranting about The 100, Highway Blossoms, and even Overwatch, since the Yuri community (including myself) is currently going crazy over it.

the 100So let’s just start with The 100, probably one of the most popular ongoing TV shows featuring lesbian characters right now. Well, there’s of course Orange Is the New Black, though I tend to forget about this one, simply because I still haven’t managed to hype myself enough to actually watch more than just the first episode.

Anyway, I did watch The 100, at least until the point our favorite character, Lexa, died. The show itself is rather meh if you ask me. Many of the events taking place are plain stupid, don’t make any sense, or just feel way too forced. The pool of characters as well is just not able to make it any better. In fact, there is only one character, namely Lexa, I truly liked, and since they killed her off, what else is there to really enjoy? Maybe Clarke, who I just can’t get myself to like, ever since she didn’t even mind her best friend, Wells, dying, but cried over the exact same random girl who actually killed him. So as you can see, she’s not a good option. Same goes for Raven and Octavia, who were often such a huge pain in the ass that I don’t even feel the need to talk about them. So yeah, the idea behind this all might have been interesting, and the same goes for the added lesbians, though the plot itself was so flat and often so random that even the badass lesbian queen couldn’t make up for it.

If I had to rate it, the show itself would probably get a 4/10, though it gets an extra point simply because I love Lexa, which leaves us with a total score of 5/10.

overwatchNext up, we have the current hype game, Overwatch, that is getting everyone and their mom excited enough to talk about nothing else but this game online. I actually found out about Overwatch thanks to Tumblr, where seemingly all the people I follow spam the platform with either pictures of Tracer x Widowmaker, Mercy x Pharah, or basically any ship possible with the current 8 female characters playable (+ one new character that is Pharah’s mom). So, yeah, I’ve probably never seen the internet hype a game this much, and all the lesbian ships surely didn’t decrease my interest in this game in the slightest.

So long story short, I got this game shortly after it was released, and I seriously can’t stop playing, even though I suck big time with basically every character I try. Though I weirdly don’t even get angry about it, hell, I didn’t lose interest in it even after playing it almost every day for over a month now. And a big part of the reason why, is definitely the “high yuri shipping factor”, as I like to call it. Actually, in this aspect, you can view this game as something similar to Love Live!, where there is no actual yuri involved, yet it feels totally natural to ship everyone with each other.

That’s how it works with Overwatch as well. And thanks to the many dedicated fans out there, we get new short strips featuring our favorite couple Pharmercy or new awesome pics showing D.Va confessing her love to Mei or to any of the other girls, each and every day, which is why you just can’t get bored with it at all. In fact, it even gets me a little excited to see Pharah and Mercy just playing in the same team, saving each other’s butts.

So in short, you could say that this game is a yuri gold mine, if you are in fact willing to search long and hard enough for it, and trust me when I tell you that when you actually do, you won’t be able to get out of this anymore.

highway blossomsThat’s probably the best transition I ever came up with, since our last topic is none other than the Visual Novel Highway Blossoms.

First off, before anyone asks, yes, I will be writing a whole review about this on as well, though, since I’m so hooked with Overwatch right now, there is not that much time left to play this one as well. So right now, I’m more or less only playing it on the weekends, which is why I didn’t get this far in the game as of now. Though, what I’ve played, or more like read so far, seems pretty damn good. Admittedly, I was skeptical at first, since I simply wasn’t immediately hooked after the first few minutes of playtime like I was with Kindred Spirits or Starlight Vega. Though, it seems like Highway Blossoms is one of those games that just keep getting better the more you actually play.

So right now, after having played about 20% of the game, I can already recommend this one to you wholeheartedly. And if things keep getting better like it has for the first 20% of the game, then I can only imagine how high my end rating for this one might be.






8 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Something Different… Again

  1. “even though I suck big time with basically every character I try.”

    Pffff. One of these days, I’m gonna record you getting Play of the Game and upload it to YouTube for the world to see. 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I probably would have been down with the plot of 100 because it did sound interesting. But throwing in teens just made me loss my hype.
    Because you just know they are going to throw in Teen drama because they can.


    • I think that too before deciding watch the 100 y’know.
      but you’ll be surprise how the story become more deep and more difficult. this story related how you (Clarke) became leader and sometime have to sacrifice someone, even someone you love.

      I’m like Lexa too, and I understand how lesbi fans out there raging because Lexa died with stray bullet, but there still have Raven and O. I’m more loved Raven (even she smart, sometimes she really stupid though).


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