Let’s Talk About The Most Popular Yuri Manga Right Now

Spoiler Warning!

Let’s just use this opportunity to talk about the most popular yuri manga and manhwa that are out right now.

Since this is a “Let’s Talk About…” post, please feel free to take part in this little discussion by, for example, writing your own thoughts on some or all of the listed works, or by listing some more.

citrus manga

Let’s start with what I think might still be the biggest and most popular Yuri Manga out there, Citrus.

Yeah, well, I surely won’t miss out on any opportunity to talk more about this Manga, will I? 😛

Anyway, since this manga is being worked on in a kind of slower pace right now, other (less known) translation groups have taken over and have started to translate and release this fairly quickly, though at the cost of quality, of course. Those releases are also not featured on the Dynasty Reader, so those who are not bothered by some drop in quality might want to check them out elsewhere.

As for the content of the most recent chapters, I can’t say I do much like it. The most recent events seem uninteresting and kind of irrelevant to me, and even though Yuzu and Mei have something going on—as in actually being in a relationship with each other—things still don’t really proceed any further, thanks to a certain someone. What I’d like to see is some kind of more visible change in Mei’s behavior, even if it just means that she’ll treat Yuzu a little differently. Mei actually doing something out of her comfort zone, or in other words, out of character, would probably do this manga, and all its readers, good.

I guess I might earn a lot of hate for saying the following, but I believe that Citrus shouldn’t be dragged out for too much longer. It should come to a conclusion soon, at least if Saburouta can’t come up with content that doesn’t feel like she is just milking the Citrus cow for some more. That actually brings me to the perfect solution to this problem; end the manga and start working on an Anime.

bloom into you yuri mangaMoving on, we have Bloom Into You, or Eventually, I Will Become Yours. Well, as some of you already know, I am a big fan of this one. I mean, come on. This is done by one of the greatest Touhou Doujinshi artists, Rireba, so what could possibly go wrong?

Well, right now, the manga is standing strong, delivering some nice drama, good pacing, and some quite likable characters. Though, there is something lurking behind this facade of this perfect, light-hearted yuri manga, and it already showed itself in one of the most recent chapters. What I’m talking about is Touka’s past, and especially her resulting wish to have Yuu never fall in love with her. Compared to the rest of the story, the chapter in which her true intentions were revealed was kind of dark, maybe a little too dark for my taste. Well, I also can’t say that I understand her way of thinking, though that certainly doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make sense, or that it’s a bad kind of development/twist. I’m still very intrigued in how this will all turn out, and I’m actually pretty sure that in one way or another, both will come to the understanding that them sharing the same kind of feelings for one another might not be that bad.

lily love yuri mangaNext up, we have Lily Love, which is probably ranked in my Top 3 reads right now, since it simply focuses on what I like most, without adding in anything unnecessary.  Actually, the more I read this, the more it reminds me of Girl Friends, which is still my all-time favorite yuri Manga out there. Though, since this one features university students instead of high school girls, it earns a brownie point in my eyes, at least.

Well, I just said that Lily Love doesn’t add in anything unnecessary, and what I mean by that is that this manga only adds in what is essential to make the relationship between Donut and Mew grow stronger. All the drama leads to nothing more than to having Mew and Donut either realize their feelings for each other, or it creates opportunities for them to strengthen their bond even more.

This kind of plot is really easy to follow and doesn’t weight you down like some other recent manga do. And that’s exactly what is has been doing all this time and how things will probably continue from here on. They are right now on the brink of experiencing some greater obstacle, but in the end, I can already foresee that the greater the problem they have to overcome, the greater the reward will be after overcoming the crisis. And by that I mean that sex will happen eventually, and I’m impatiently waiting for that. 😉

tumblr_inline_o4vnx98slp1qa4nl2_540Lastly, we have Fluttering Feelings, which is, unfortunately, on hold right now. I think most of us already know about this, but for those that don’t, click here to find out about the reasons why the author, Ssamba, can’t continue working on this manga, at least for now.

The story didn’t really end with a cliffhanger, though the last few chapters finally revealed the pair’s feelings in a way that made them obvious to all of us readers, climaxing in an almost-kiss that was, unfortunately, interrupted by one of the most unfavorably timed phone calls in yuri history. What would have happened had they actually kissed? Maybe the night would have ended with a love confession, maybe some more kisses, or maybe even more…?!


Yeah, thinking about all the possibilities makes me wonder all the more when confession time will finally take place. Well, I guess that even if this is one of the most important questions this manga has brought up, what’s even more important right now is to support Ssamba and hope for the best.

And with that, I’ll end this little topic for now. I actually have plans to do a Part II of this with titles like Their Story, My Ignorance of a World Yet Unknown, Happy Sugar Life, and basically all other big Manga titles right now, though I’d first like to hear if you are actually interested in more at all. So feel free to tell me if you want to see more posts like this in the future.





44 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About The Most Popular Yuri Manga Right Now

  1. Recently Citrus just irritates me – what with everything revolving around one infuriatingly stupid idea after another. It seems like it’s getting stretched out, which is a shame.

    Fluttering Feels has been long and drawn out too, but I don’t feel as if any of it was wasted ink – and none of it made me want to throttle the anyone.

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  2. I really like Citrus, but must admit the fluff chapters lately have been putting me off. The last 2 chapters (21 + 22) were a welcome return to Mei and Yuzu.
    With the sounds of Yuzu’s latest pervy thoughts there might be some action soon? Will see in Volume 6, if not am disappoint.

    Bloom Into You is doing really well. The dynamic of their relationship is keeping me on the edge of my seat to find out what happens. I wonder if it will go the same way Flag Time went?

    Loving Lily Love, so nice and fluffy with a good bit of angst mixed in. I also like that despite all the curve balls thrown at them they just come out stronger every time.
    Latest chapter 26 looks like we are in for a boss fight, and Ice and Ploy may get some traction? That would make me happy, as Ploy has really come around (I think?).
    I don’t think Mew will be able to hold back much more, time to take a bite of Donut.


  3. Citrus is surely very popular right now! not to mention it has been seeing well in official English releases here in the US volume 5 is due out in a couple months and i sure as hell will be buying it! 😀 we havent been seeing a whole lot from other yuri authors right now though sadly. I want more Morishima Akiko, Amano Shuninta, Morinaga Milk, Saida Nika, Minase Ruruu, Kurogane Ken. Mira has been killing it with awesome yuri one-shots. ive been trying to catch on yuri manga with my English releases of Strike Witches manga(yeah i do consider Strike Witches yuri 😛 ).


    • Oh yes, you just reminded me of Mira, who is probably an artist worth talking about in a standalone Let’s talk about post.

      Man, she surely can come up with some awesome stuff, but every now and then there’s just something really off-putting mixed in as well 😀

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      • Her Earth Girls series was awesome as was The Sea, You and the Sun. she even did a Resident Evil yuri one shot involving Claire Redfield O.o cant wait for more of her. im hoping we see more from Morishima Akiko soon aside from her awesome manga version of Yurikuma Arashi.

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  4. In regards to Citrus, I will have to admit to being in the minority by saying I hope Harumin receives more focus eventually. Don’t get me wrong, I find Yuzu a great character and Mei to be interesting. It’s just that I always feel bad for the girls who pine for one of the girls in the OTP. She’s a real bro, you know? Maybe she’ll end up with Matsuri or Yuzu’s fangirl.

    I’m admittedly behind on Bloom Into You and haven’t even started the other two on your list, but they all sound promising!

    Seeing a follow-up to this post would be awesome. Lately I’ve been diving into old Tsubomi volumes (rest in peace) so I’m not too caught on current yuri manga outside of Happy Sugar Life and I guess Netsuzou Trap which hasn’t updated since January from what I can tell?


    • Oh yes, there’s Netsuzou Trap as well. I almost forgot about that one since it really hasn’t been updated in a while…

      Such a shame, I actually loved this one as well. But it’s a great pick for the next list~

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  5. Omg “Citrus”…is the first Manga that I have read…ok that’s not true, the first one was “Sailor Moon” buuut it really was the one that made me spend money (my money, because sailor moon was provided for my dad’s money several year ago xD) buying each volume. However i’m agree, the last chapters have been inconsistent. Surely the author is trying to take advantage of the non consumate relationship Yui-Mei, but that is becoming dangerously boring. The sexual tension is the center of all the interest right now, so that should be solved and then give us the story of the protagonists as a consolidated couple (finally). And of course, the feelings and thoughts of Mei. I would like to see her more open and honest with herself and tender with Yuzu.
    Harumin is sooooooooooo hoooot and her sister as well. They should be paired with some nice girls too. Or between them (u know how japanse adore the yuri-incest “candy boy” for example…).

    I would described “Their Story” as the feeling that you get when you take a new brush and slides it on a clean white sheet…that simplicity is the beauty of the story.

    Regarding: “…feel free to take part in this little discussion by, for example, writing your own thoughts on some or all of the listed works, or by listing some more”. Lena, you are playing with my feelings… you know what’s the title that i want… No i will never desist! XD


    • What needs to be said should never be held back, you know? 😉

      Also, I agree. Harumin needs a girlfriend too! Well, definitely not Matsuri, since they would simply drive each other crazy…. in a bad way. But someone like Yuzu would definitely suite her~

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  6. I still love Citrus but I want something interesting to happen.
    They’ve only just started going out but I feel like their relationship hasn’t changed since the first volume. Something big needs to happen because it’s not going anywhere.
    Maybe their relationship have been found out or maybe they take it a step further like second base.

    Side characters seem to have been forgotten also. Himeko and Matsuri need more appearances.

    Just glad it’s becoming monthly soon because the wait between chapters doesn’t help the pacing.


    • Still not sure how Saburouta will get things done within one month when we already know that double the time can even be too short.

      Oh well, let’s just wait and see. I’m also hoping for some more Harumin, though I don’t need any more of Himeko or Matsuri 😀


  7. I’m not sure about its popularity, but I’ve been enjoying Ano Musume ni Kiss to Shirayuri o and it’s been updating every so often. I actually don’t care too much about Kurosawa, but thankfully the series also focuses on other couples.


    • It’s a really nice series I enjoy reading every now and then. I’m still not up to date, though I really like just being able to come back to it every so often, always finding something new and interesting to read~

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  8. I would hve liked Citrus to pick up pace already, though as long as it starts to do it soon I won’t have anything to complain.
    As for all of these, first I have to say that apparently people really like drama 😛 and secondly, as for my favourite of these three, I have to say it’s Fluttering Feelings, It’s just good…


  9. 1) citrus is getting boring, If mei stops acting like a giant bitch in the mud ill appreciate this series ALOT more. 2) “Lily Love” just keeps getting better and better. 3) Ive never read “fluttering feelings” or “bloom into you” and thats for one reason which brings me to my next point. 3) if “Akuma no riddle” thought me anything, its that the waiting game Sucks ass I don’t like sitting around waiting for a lovely yuri series to update. So I’ve decided to wait for a series to end before reading it.
    ( I recommend you do the same )


  10. nice choice, if i can say. And mixed feelings for 3 out of 4.
    Citrus is nice, but i agree, its overexagerating drama is.. how can i say… fake? Dunno, i like it but not as much as i would like to like it 😀
    I find Bloom into you intriguing, but also a bit confusing. Maybe i should go for a re-read, because i didn’t really get what they are saying in chap 10.
    Lily love got me from page 1. Even if the drama always ends in almost-joke scenes i can’t help and go back for another read. AND MY COPY OF VOL. 1 IS ON ITS WAY!! YAY!
    Loved Fluttering feeling, i think it’s the most “balanced” of them. I’ll miss it. My best wshes to the author.
    Anyway, i will (probably) drop the first three because i’m getting the books (a long wait for bloom into you). Yes, i’m on the “physical overe digital” side 😀


    • Owning a physical copy feels… hm, how to put it, superior over ‘just’ a digital one I would say. It makes me want to collect them and fill my shelves with them 😛


      • i had to stop a couple of year ago, had to decide between comics and the loan for the new house. just recently i’ve start to buy a couple of books, well, i’m buying all the yuri you can find in english (or italian, but translation are very low rate).
        anyway (let me boast a bit) my catalog.. catalogu.. book inventory count is around 7000 pieces. And i’m proud of (almost) every single one 😀

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  11. Yeah, I kinda feels same about Citrus. The last chapter is very frustrating makes me hold on read the updated chapter.

    Yagakimi maybe the manga that I looking forward every month. Hope they’re any conclusion about Yuu and Touko.
    Lily Love, gonna read this after.

    Currently reading Adachi to Shimamura and Nanashi Asterism. The triangle love is pretty much interesting between these three close friends.

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  12. oh wow.. thank you for “Lily Love” rec, totally missed that!

    Definitely in my top 3 manga right now besides octave & girl friends. The story is so real with the right amount of fluff & angst, grinning all the way when reading it cos remind me of myself. Guess i’m too old for high school drama. lol (i cant stand watching sakura trick or yuru yuri)

    Disappointed with Citrus. It has such a good premise with pseudo incest thing but the writer keep dragging the same problem. it’s getting unrealistic when after this far, only Yuzu who always being selfless. Mei need to stop being a bitch & i wanna see her defend Yuzu or express her real feeling. ffs.

    Fluttering feelings is okay-ish. Kind of story which is entertaining & guarantee to make you laugh, but you will forget it next year. Only looking FF for comedy & dont expect too much of yuri content.

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  13. “Anyway, since this manga is being worked on in a kind of slower pace right now, other (less known) translation groups have taken over and have started to translate and release this fairly quickly, though at the cost of quality, of course.”

    I was wondering what for translation groups are u talking about there?


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