Let’s Talk About Things We Need to See More Of

yuri edition.pngWhen it comes to Yuri Manga in particular, there are some themes that have always been more popular, or let’s just say more often used than others.

For example, the amount of high school yuri stories might be so vast that it probably outnumbers all other yuri stories combined. I actually have no idea why this setting seems to be so appealing to Japanese artists, though it seems to be something like an unwritten rule to start out your career with some high school yuri setting, and possibly even stay right there for as long as possible, only rarely straying off that path.

Well, don’t get me wrong. I love this kind of setting, since it often implies that the two girls involved are at the age of experiencing their first love, which usually really makes for absolutely amazing stories. Though, even though I still love it, I’ve turned 24 this year, which is probably why my tastes start to drift into another direction, meaning that I’d like to read about characters in my age range as well.

And that’s exactly where my list of things I want to see more of in Manga starts; We need more stories with adult characters! To be even more specific, let me just add that girls in university (or office ladies) make for some really great yuri material! Why not just show some girls in their twenties or even thirties experiencing their first love? We actually already have some of these, but it’s still far too little!

Same goes for stories about married couples! I mean, what could be better than lovey-dovey newlyweds flirting with each other day and night in their own little apartment?!

And since we’ve already reached that topic, why not talk about Age Gap stories next? For me, age gap usually implies that one of the girls is already an adult while the other one simply isn’t. The age gap can range from only a few years to up to like 15 and even more in some rare cases. Though, what I try to stay away from is that kind of age gap that involves girls under a certain age. That’s also why I had my share of problems with stuff like SonoHana‘s Runa x Takako. Runa’s age is not specified, though I assume she’s around 13 or 14, which is… young. So, yeah, that’s something I don’t like much, though there is something similarly off-putting for me for other reasons. What I’m talking about is age gap yuri with lolis. What’s happening here is that they try to have an often NSFW story about two girls of seemingly legal age, with one of them just not looking all that grown up, to put it nicely.

I think I should stop right here before I rant on too much about why I can’t stand stories featuring themes like this or NSFW stories with underage girls in general, and come to the conclusion I actually wanted to point out with this.

What we need more of is simple age gap manga with yuri girls that are both of legal age AND are not lolis. I just recently experienced the greatness of stories like these, and ever since then, I’ve been trying to find more, though on my endless search, I always end up stumbling over some not so pleasant finds.


One of the greatest age gap Manga: Pure Water Adolescence

Lastly, completely unrelated to the rest of the post, my final wish is to see more yuri with girls with animal ears. Yeah, you heard that right. After talking about age gap and married girls, I’m talking about girls with animal ears…. I know, I have a very wide range of different tastes.

Though, seriously, you can’t really go wrong with adding, let’s say fox girls, or even better, cat girls, in any kind of anime, other than horror stories, maybe. I think they simply add some really cute and fluffy atmosphere to the whole show and open up some really great possibilities. You can pet them on the head for example, or feel their fluffy ears (and have them get really embarrassed about that) or even play with their tail (in a non-sexual way, of course). They can also add in some “Nya’s” every here and there and totally swoon us with the overload cuteness they’re throwing at us.

Actually, what I’d really love to see would be some special episodes of anime like Kantai Collection, or Valkyrie Drive where they simply add animal ears and a tail to all characters and let us see how they handle this new situation. I bet Kaga would go totally crazy for an Akagi with cat ears. Or imagine Mirei’s first time seeing her girlfriend with a fox tail?

Well, maybe I’m just being weird for wanting to see stuff like that, though I actually believe that special episodes might be really cute and fun with such additions.

lolibooru 100373 akagi_(kantai_collection) animal_ears japanese_clothes kaga_(kantai_collection) kantai_collection multiple_girls pleated_skirt side_ponytail

Seems like Kaga hasn’t noticed Akagi’s cat ears yet~

Finally, after having said all this, here’s one of the only works that actually combines all my wishes: Legally Married Yuri Couple Book by Itou Hachi

And I love it~

29 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Things We Need to See More Of

  1. What about if they’re in college? Longriders is a yuri-ish manga where all the characters are college girls. There is one girl that looks loli I guess (course, she’s a third year xD), but it has a pretty good range actually. it’s also getting an anime this fall, so very soon!

    Have you read Gamma yet? A yuri manga about superheros, but the MC is a consultant for Superheros. All the main cast are adults. Wish it could have been longer, but such is the fate of so many yuri manga.

    That’s all I can think of from my experience. I’m sure someone else who isn’t as into loli/yuri would be a better help.

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    • College is fine too, as long as they’re over 18 😛

      I have started Gamma a while ago, but if I remember correctly, it doesn’t start right off with some yuri, so I had some difficulties moving forward with it. Though, it’s still not forgotten~


  2. I agree with a lot of these. I love yuri stories set in high school but I want to see more yuri stories of adults. animal ears is also welcome! who doesnt love cute yuri girls with animal ears? 😀 I like age gap when its done well. Pure Water Adolescence was great and done well. I actually like the Runa X Takako romance in Sono Hana. I would also say Hoshikawa Ginza District 4 also handled age gap well. more stories of married yuri couples is like…. almost mandatory on almost any yuri fan’s list! 😀 also I would like to see more stories of female heroes and such! Gamma is absolutely the perfect yuri story in this regard! you really have to give it a try and go through all of it! trust me the yuri may seem to start off light but not very long after BAM…. the yuri hits you like an 18-wheeler truck and it only intensifies 10 fold from there! i feel like 90% of the female cast in Gamma is yuri by the time the series ends and the manga provides us with some sweet, cute, funny and steamy wholly canon yuri action! I cant reccomend that series to you enough! 😉 oh and i would also like to see more interracial yuri stories! 😀

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    • Oh, that’s right! There’s Hoshikawa Ginza Distric 4! Totally forgot about that, and it really was awesome, even if one part was underage… that’s weird but things like this exist, huh? 😀

      And yes, Gamma will move up on my list of things to read~
      Also, Pharmercy best pairing, so I agree on your last point~

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  3. I would love to see more yuri manga where the characters are already in a relationship. Perhaps it’s a relationship that begins at the beginning of the manga, and we see the blossoming of real love that goes beyond the initial infatuation, stuttering, blushing, and all that.

    To me, the whole romance genre has always been about the chemistry and development between two strong characters, and I think it is one of the hardest to do correctly (yuri is the genre that I think get it right on a consistent level, which is why I love it so much). And all the “will they, won’t they” stuff is fine, but almost every romantic story is like that nowadays. I guess I just want something different from time to time, like Moringa Milk’s “Even if we’re not friends,” which is one of my favorites.


  4. I completely agree! Although there are a lot of high school yuri stories that I love, I really want to see some with adult characters. I am also 24 (almost 25) and seeing characters my age is much more relatable to me. One yuri manga that I really like is Collectors by Nishi Uko. It is really cute and funny, and the characters are in their twenties. They both have weird quirks and have to learn to deal with each other.

    I also agree that animal ears are a must! That is one of my favorite things about Yuri Kuma Arashi :3


    • Collectors is still on my to-read list, and it’s there for a reason.
      I have to get in the mood to read stuff by Nishi Uko, not because her stories are bad or unpleasant or anything like this. They just give off a very special vibe that I have to get myself excited for~


      • Yes, there is something different and special about Nishi Uko and I appear you need to be in a certain mood to read her work 🙂 She is one of my favorite mangaka.

        Oh and have you read anything by Itou Hachi? Their work usually has a lot of animal ears and animal characters.

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  5. I can totally understand the feeling about (high, middle, wathever) school stories. Maybe my age, (turned 41 a couple of month ago), maybe i’m just fed up, but lately i’ve read mostly… mmm, how can i say… anything else? And i keep goin back to Ebisu san and Hotei san 😀
    My litle yuri fetish? I’d like to see more story about yuri wedding. I mean, not already married coulples, but stories that show the wedding, with white dresses and so on. Ok, any color is good, just give me more 😀

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  6. Well, the high school trope is not just a yuri thing, it’s literally everywhere (for some reason the Japanese are obsessed with that life period) and I find it even more annoying when they combine it with some plot point that would have worked better with an adult cast, at example things like Haifuri: I really liked the anime but for the whole time I couldn’t get over the fact it’s based on the premise that a bunch of teenagers are expected to maneuver an armed military ship with no adult surveillance.

    Married yuri couples are THE BEST, can’t ever get enough of them, idem on age gap (without lolis).

    Another thing I’d like to see more is representation for trans-lesbians, the only good one I found is Mermaid Line and it’s only two chapters long.


    • Due to various things (and readings), i gave some though about this high school obsession, and i think that those are view as some of the best years of their life: young enough to be free but old enough to take your own decision. (keep in mind that this is just my idea).
      Anyway… ahh, Haifuri, i had to power up my “suspension of disbelief” to max, but when i got over it, i liked it very much. Not the best anime in history, but still i enjoyed it.


      • I think you’re right about that, and the fact that first love stories are mostly the sweetest ones, surely have something to do with that as well.

        In some cases though, it doesn’t make sense to always go with these themes… as shown in almost all action anime right now 😀


  7. I definitely want to see more yuri with adults. There’s a fair bit out there but you have to dig for it. Nishi Uko and Amano Shuninta are noteworthy examples I think, as most of their works feature adult leads. It’s not actually the characters I have an issue with in regards to high-school material however, it’s the setting. The school-related tropes are wearing thin on me by now. Just taking them out of the school building is enough for me though – those stories tend to be pretty short though.

    Age-gaps aren’t really something that particularly draw me in, though I adore Chatting at the Amber Teahouse.

    Other than that, I’d like to see more from Tima. Can never get enough Tima.


    • Tima and Amano Shuninta have a similar effect on me and I love both of them~

      Amano in particular for her awesome works, always featuring different themes and different characters without dropping in quality


  8. May i add another whine… a-hemm… contribution? I’d like to see some story that involve also the families of the girls, in most cases – when present – families are just minor elements.
    The first that come in my mind is dandelion among lilies and…. A DAMNED ONE THAT IS BUGGING ME SINCE MONTHS, BUT I REMEMBER ONLY THE SETTINGS, NOT THE TITLE NOR THE AUTHOR!!!!
    hemm… gomenasai, didn’t mean to lose my temper 😀


      • interferint, supporting, any reaction would be good. Most of the time we see girls suddently start dating other girls without a care in the world. How come? It seems that in japan half of the girls – turning 15 – leave their parent house and start living alone. The other half don’t need to do that, because have parents dead/working 25h per day/overseas.
        Btw, i’ve realize that i’ve just barged in your site and start posting without a “hello”. How shameful. Hope you didn’t mind.


      • How rude of you indeed 😛

        Hello Fbs~
        I actually wonder how things would usually work in Japan for gay and especially lesbian couples. Though, I have a feeling as if most parents, especially the older generations wouldn’t approve of it still.


    • well… thank you for having me (next time i’ll bring the cake 😀 )
      Anyway, it’s a complex topic, too big for a comment but i’ll give my best. Short version: i think japan is moving forward, as the rest of the world. But especially for japanese people, i think, there is (and will be) a huge gap between the ones that accept homosexuality and those who refuse it. And i also think that i’m going totally off-topic 😀


      • I’ll be waiting for the cake then, and for the world to finally accept homosexuality as what it is; normal.

        Also, don’t worry about going off topic, that’s a very common thing on this blog 😛


  9. So speaking of more adult themes…
    Yeah, so for what I want more of, how about more erotica?
    Not talking hentai here, just more intimate…umm…relations?

    Not that everything needs sexing up. I mean Girl Friends, Prism, Sasameki Koto, etc. had just the perfect level of skinship, and I wouldn’t change them for the world.

    But besides the fluffy and pure love that I enjoy so much, have also been enjoying What Does the Fox Say, a certain Love Live! doujinshi that earned a first time tag on DS, and some wonderful Kantai doujinshi from this site that have kept me enraptured with great characters acting out some great wants and desires with each other.
    Also re-read Maka-Maka (I love all the 3 works of Kishi Torajirou sooo much), and have to admit I like reading something that gets me hot and bothered.

    So yeah, how about some skin?


    • I have to agree. I often want to see some stories with more bold flirting going on between the characters instead of these cute and hesitant kind of first steps the majority of Japanese manga display.

      Though, I actually believe that it’s just not like that for young Japanese girls, though they could add some more spice when it comes to more grown up couples~

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