YuriReviews News Update – FLOWERS Now Available For Download And Much More

It seems like there is a lot going on when it comes to our favorite genre right now, which is really nice~

As always, we tried to list the most recent pieces of information for you:

flowers visual novelStarting off, how about some news about FLOWERS?  As sudden as it might seem, after so much waiting, the Visual Novel just got released in English today! This news is so surprising that I first didn’t even believe it, though it is true, as you can already download the digital Version over at JAST USA.

If you’re waiting for the Steam version, depending on your location you might not be able to download it just yet, but they’ll surely solve the problem in no time. So click here to download the game/demo on steam whenever it’ll be available in your location.

comic yuri himeNext up we have some news that might sound familiar. As already announced a year ago, this time it might really come true, the Comic Yuri Hime will finally be released monthly starting next year. I sure hope it will actually happen this time. Find more Information regarding this by clicking here.

kindred spirits on the roofThen we have Kindred Spirits on the Roof, which yet again made it into our news list, though it will probably be the last time. Since the beginning of August, the 4th and last drama CD is available for purchase. You can either get it over Steam or at MangaGamer.

Lastly, I’d like to show you two new yuri Visual Novels that our friend OG, over at YuriNation showed us, one of which being an American and the other one a Chinese game. Let’s start with the American one, A Ladykiller in a Bind:

ladykiller-in-a-bind-long-titleI don’t think I have to add much more, since the pic already explains the plot well enough. Though, in case you need some more info, here’s the short plot summary.

Can you survive seven days trapped on a cruise ship with your brother’s classmates and enemies, forced into a game of high stakes social manipulation?

An erotic visual novel by the creators of Analogue: A Hate Story about social manipulation, crossdressing, and girls tying up other girls.

Check out the whole project right here.

undying-love-yuri-kissAnd then there is also a Chinese Visual Novel with the name Undying Love. The plot goes as follows:

A Yuri visual novel about the tale of two lovers, spanning through ancient history, reincarnation and the present day, and the fight between light, spirits and darkness within.

I am actually really hyped about this. Not only does it look totally awesome, but from what I can see, the story sounds pretty nice as well. Let’s just hope someone will pick this up and work on it once it’s released~

You can by the way watch a trailer right here:

Finally, we have one more announcement to make. As you might already know, in case you’re following us on Twitter, we asked you guys if you’d be interested in another Yuri Tournament, and as it seems, you actually are~

We haven’t decided on a topic yet, though since you already decided for the Best Yuri Character and Best Yuri Pairing last year, we came up with the following topics:

If you’re interested, please leave us a vote:


23 thoughts on “YuriReviews News Update – FLOWERS Now Available For Download And Much More

  1. Good thing that little mistake on Steam regarding FLOWERS didn’t take long to fix. Now we can FINALLY enjoy this highly anticipated game.

    The other titles are also ones worth getting hyped over.

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  2. I should be happy about Yuri Hime, but this magazine as it is now can be bearly called a yuri magazine. Even the YH editor-in-chief in recent issue said something like: “That because the magazine is titled YURI Hime doesn’t mean it’s a YURI only magazine. So, it’s clear taht they want to become another “kirara” magazine, ’cause: “yuri is not important anymore” (they said that back in 2015). This is ridiculous. Any other popular yuri series from other NON YURI magazines is selling better that anything in Yuri Hime, e.g. Yuru Yuri vol 14 – 30 000 vs Bloom into You – 58 000, Citrus Vol 5 – 7 000 vs AnnoKiss Vol 4 – 15 000.


    • Can you provide a source? I thought citrus would be way more popular and what do you mean by Kiara? Does anyone know why they’re hardly selling?


      • The source about sales is from 2chan. Some Anon posted an example how bad is Yuri Hime compared to other magazines. And yep, Citrus is not that popular. The most popular series from Yuri Hime is still Yuru Yuri.

        Not Kiara but Kirara. Like Manga Time Kirara or Manga Time Kirara Forward. Moe gag/sol magazines.

        They are hardly selling because the series in YH are bad. Really bad. They were that bad that most of the series like PrincexPrince, 12-bun no Etude, Sumedo Jigoku no Inferno, Last Waltz or Shoujo Shikkaku finished in just two volumes. Some of them felt like they were axed.


    • I tried to do some research, but finding info on that is kind of hard to do and always just leads me to lists of only the 20 top selling manga out there.

      So I have to say, I can’t believe Citrus is really doing so shitty. Like I was so sure that Citrus, Bloom Into You and Shinmai Shimai no Futari Gohan would be doing great.
      When I was in Japan half a year ago, I saw posters and stuff featuring these three titles basically anywhere. Shops always had a huge quantity of these available and they were always displayed somewhere most people could easily see them.

      I have to be honest, I have no idea about the recent sales, but I can’t believe that especially Citrus would be doing so bad.


      • Top 50 might be a little too high, only the super popular manga are listed there. I think it’s not that realistic to assume even Citrus to be listed in there (though correct me if I’m wrong, maybe it was once listed there?).

        I think only going by whether or whether not a yuri Manga is listed in this top 50 list, doesn’t really give away if it’s actually doing well or not, it would only tell us if it was doing exceptionally well. At least that’s what I think.


      • i looked up the four volume released, but didn’t find it once on the chart, but i couldn’t find data for the same week of citrus vol 2. The only other yuri manga i found was Murcielago, but it was on the bottom of the list. I think it was the third volume where last place was 17,000. So we know the eek citrus releases it doesn’t even even reach 20k sales. After the first week, sales drop. If we’re optimistic and say citrus sells 16,000 the first week, it’ll drop rapidly and probably be under 10k What i mean is citrus would be lucky to sell 30k per volume. we can compare that to yuru yuri which sold over a million volumes so far, granted it has a higher number of volumes. I love citrus, i pre-ordered every volume and i’m eagerly anticipating the 5th volume. I guess i am disappointing that it isn’t selling more in japan.


      • I guess I still can’t believe it. Sometimes I wish I had Japanese friends that could give me a better insight on things like that, or simply translate some info for me.

        Though, if you’re right, I totally agree, this is simply disappointing, and I sure hope yuri manga in general are doing at least a little better than that.


  3. You are right! there does seem to be a lot of new involving yuri as of late! and thats a GREAT thing! especially considering a lot of that news has to do with certain yuri titles/franchises being licensed for the US/worldwide release! things just cant possibly get any better for us yuri fans. my wallet is going to be weeping in agony from being empty with all the yuri stuff I have to buy at the end of the year already and now I have to add Flowers on Steam to that! might as well let the people releasing this stuff have access to my bank account. 😛

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  4. How come that the new chapter of Dear my teacher is out since almost a month ago and nobody told me???? KUMA SHOCK!
    ref: mai88eternalscarlet.wordpress.com
    BTW, in their link section, the first one point to a certain site that deals with YURI and REVIEWS. But probably you’ve never heard of it. 😀


  5. News from NeNoKami team:
    “…backers will be receiving keys to unlock and experience Ne no Kami part 1 tomorrow night!”
    Timestamp of the mail: 31/08/2016 04:07
    a good news, indeed!

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    • have someone had the chance to try it? I’ve played it for about 2h and, while i find it amusing enough, I also think that the storytelling is quite poor. My greatest complain is about the MC incoherent reactions. She goes through rejection, acceptance, and toal denial a few time but there are no reasons that could spark those changes.
      Boh, maybe i’m just too picky, but i’d like to know what other people think about it.


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