Love Ribbon Steam Greenlight

I don’t quite know if I will ever be able to leave my room again with all the yuri visual novel coming and already available right now, and that makes me quite happy actually~

The Yuri Empire

Can’t wait for Tsui Yuri to get translated? Looking for something similar but on Steam of all places? Fear not, for the lovely Razzmatazz, creator of the excellent Starlight Vega has the Nation covered with Love Ribbon.

Love Ribbon Cover.jpg

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7 thoughts on “Love Ribbon Steam Greenlight

  1. Geez another yuri visual novel on Steam? and from the same people who gave us Starlight Vega? you are right Lena, we might not be able to leave our rooms with all the yuri being released all over the place! but who said that was a bad thing? 😉 seems like we are on a roll when it comes to yuri and the ball just keeps going! XD cant wait for this new VN!

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