Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – Semifinals

best yuri kiss in anime history

We’re down to the final 6 kiss scenes, how exciting~

You can, as always, find the updated tournament chart right here.

Have fun voting!

Sakura Trick

Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!

Haruka x Yuu

Illya x Kuro

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Kannazuki no Miko

Mamori x Mirei

Chikane x Himeko

Strawberry Panic

Yuru Yuri

Nagisa x Shizuma

Kyouko x Ayano


18 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – Semifinals

  1. OHHHH! we are so close to the end of this epic tournament! and the final kiss between Shizuma and Nagisa makes it! 😀 sorry pool kiss, you may have been the first kiss of the series and an epic one but the fans have spoken! you fought well though! I cant believe the Yuru Yuri kiss went ahead of Yamibo. that kiss wasnt even real! -.- well im sure Shizuma and Nagisa will go forward to the final round. and i know for a fact Chimeko will go on ahead. I am sorry Valkyrie Drive, I loved that kiss but Chimeko must go on! forgive me! >..<

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    • > that kiss wasn’t even real!

      I had the exact same reservations! Though, as I pointed out last week, YamiBou’s wasn’t technically real either (that show’s ending gets me all riled up).


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  3. wow i wasnt expecting the last six to be so hard for me to pick between, but i went with the 3 that are near and dear to me and i really hope they win

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  4. I was voting for the underwater kiss, but either is beautiful. I think Strawberry Panic’s Shizuma and Nagisa are probably the best developed lesbian couple in anime, and definitely made me love yuri as much as I do, so I would be totally fine with them winning, even if I’m rooting for another horse. (I’d love it if somebody could shorten Strawberry Panic down to cut out the Amane/Hikari arc since I can’t be bothered to rewatch that, but would absolutely love to go back through Shizuma’s story)

    I fully expect Chikemeko to win the whole thing tbh. I was even surprised that the margin of votes for it against Ginko and Kureha’s kiss weren’t higher.

    I’m between surprised and unsurprised that Ayano x Kyoko got as far as they have. It’s the 2nd most cannon ship in one of the most popular yuri shows (probably because when you end up crying it’s with laughter, unlike other yuri shows…), but at the end of the day we’re voting for best kiss and this one was kind of a hallucination of another character… and they blurred out as it happened…

    Sakura Trick… pretty much any kiss from that show is definitely worthy of getting this far. My favourite was the one that did, so I’m happy 🙂 but any would have done.

    I’ve actually avoided the other two shows… Maybe if they win I might give them a shot, but I’ve heard that they’re not my cup of tea.

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    • I’m actually surprised to see Yuru Yuri still being so strong. The kiss in itself wasn’t a big deal, at least not to me, since it happend as a fantasy sequence anyway.

      Though, well, what can I say, I ship them anyway 😀

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  5. Looks like aside the last kiss (I really hoped for Hazuki x Hatsumi to win! It was so moving <3), all my picks from the last round made it here. I really adore Chikane x Himeko and love Nagisa x Shizuma kiss, but…

    … but how am I supposed to choose between Sakura Trick and Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya 2wei!?
    I just… please, can't I really just pick both? =')

    This tenderness and fondness in Haruka x Yuu kiss, along with the mood and everything, I really loved it! I find sensitive, but full of deep emotions things like this very affectionate.
    From the other hand, Illya x Kuro kiss have this passion and excitement in their kiss, it's so emotional!

    I have no idea what should I do now… my eyes right now are just like Miyu's eyes (@ᴗ@)

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    • A bittersweet tournament, huh? 😛
      Totally agree by the way, it’s so hard to chose when basically all kisses that are left have something about them that make them special in the greatest kind of way~

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  6. Alright, you guessed it right Lena. Stuff like Strawberry Panic and Chimeko vs Valkyrie Drive and Sakura Trick and Ilya. What’s your guess this time?

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  7. ChikanexHimeko will always have my vote as the greatest yuri of history ❤ After all, KnM was my very first yuri series, such classic. I do love Strawberry Panic too. The veterans must have a chance this time!

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