Anime Summer Season 2016: Final Thoughts

2016 summer anime

Thanks to upcoming reviews of Love Live! Sunshine!!, New Game!, and Amanchu!, the list this season is rather short and mostly devoid of yuri-ish titles. Nevertheless, the show must go on, so enjoy our Final Thoughts on the summer anime season that just came to an end~

Bananya • 6.5/10
Length: 13 (Short) Episodes • Genre: Comedy

bananya anime
If you were to look up fluff in the dictionary, I’m sure there would be a screenshot of Bananya staring back at you. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad, but it’s clearly for people who are into cute things above all else. There’s no plot, and the narrator is the only source of actual dialogue, yet it somehow works, and every episode is a surprisingly enjoyable look into the lives of tiny cats that live in bananas.

If the episodes were any longer than three minutes each, I think the show would grow tedious and it would lose a lot of its charm, but as it stands, just marveling at the adorableness of it all is enough for me.

Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru! • 7.5/10
Length: 12 Episodes • Genre: Comedy, Romance, School

kono bijutsubu anime konobi
After the first couple of episodes, I was really happy with where Konobi was seemingly going, but even though the cast later grew a bit and it wasn’t all about Mizuki and Uchimaki anymore, it was still a fairly enjoyable comedy with enough romcom elements to keep things interesting.

I wasn’t expecting the next Maid-sama, Toradora, or anything that serious and awesome, but for me, it doesn’t get much better than a good romcom anime. The relationship in this anime is of the one-sided variety, so I hesitate to even call this a romcom, but nevertheless, those moments were definitely the highlight of the show for me. It didn’t hurt that those two characters were the most entertaining in the group (which also included a few other notable characters), and the art club setting created a few fun scenarios, yet I felt like there was still a certain something missing.

So all in all, this was a slightly above average anime that had its share of funny moments, but I don’t think it did enough to truly separate itself from so many other similar shows that are out there. It was entertaining enough that I wouldn’t mind a second season, but if that doesn’t happen, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Orange • 8/10
Length: 13 Episodes • Genre: Drama, Romance, School, Sci-Fi

orange anime
Orange is a different type of “change the future” anime where the fate of the world isn’t at stake or anything like that. It’s all about this small group of friends, and how one character is trying to learn from her future self, yet is still wrestling with her emotions and struggling to make the necessary decisions to save their beloved friend. And that’s really the beauty of this show. It’s a sentimental story that a lot of people can relate to—in one form or another—and the drama is clearly character-driven.

I couldn’t help but be reminded of AnoHana while watching this (which happens to be one of my favorite anime ever), but I just can’t think of it that highly. And the main reason for that was the characters. Even with the most important characters in Orange, I wasn’t as emotionally invested as I think I should have been. Other than the whole “communicating through time” angle, this was a pretty realistic portrayal of the challenges of growing up, and maybe that contributed to how unexceptional (for lack of a better word) I found some of the characters to be.

So if you’re the type of person who relishes personal stories with plenty of character development, Orange is an anime you might want to check out~

Regalia: The Three Sacred Stars
Length: 13 Episodes • Genre: Action, Mecha, Sci-Fi

regalia anime
Back in July, the broadcast of Regalia was suspended after the fourth episode due to quality issues, so there will be no final thoughts at this time.

The show has now restarted from the very beginning, so hopefully they’ve ironed out the issues and we can get back to watching lolis and mechas battle it out.

Once it’s wrapped up, a review of this will likely be coming down the road as well~

Taboo Tattoo • 7/10
Length: 12 Episodes • Genre: Action, Comedy, Martial Arts, Mystery, Super Power, Supernatural

taboo tattoo yuri kiss
Despite the mediocre story in Taboo Tattoo, the action was what ultimately kept me watching this (and the comedy wasn’t that bad either). Based on the PVs, some pretty good action was kind of expected, but the big surprise here was the presence of some yuri.

Princess Aryabhata is the main antagonist, and when she’s not following through on her evil schemes, her and Iltutmish (the homeless girl she takes in and makes work for her) are usually engaging in some sort of “extracurricular activity”, if you know what I mean. It’s even inferred that they have sex at one point, but all of that is phased out in the second half of the season. Boo.

This felt a little bit like a poor man’s Ga-Rei: Zero, and as the show got further and further along, I think that the story got progressively worse. Things became more serious, and as the comedy all but vanished, the show lost a lot of its luster. So at the end of the day, Taboo Tattoo succeeded in providing some solid action, but not too much else.

Shows dropped: 91 Days, Mahou Shoujo? Naria☆Girls, Qualidea Code, Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara


17 thoughts on “Anime Summer Season 2016: Final Thoughts

  1. I was waiting 4 ur comments my dear fellow. Unfortunately, i didn’t watch none of the list xD. Well only taboo tatto but i couldn’t finish it due to the reasons that u have mentioned.
    And, u must watch Qualidea Code, there is a blue haired girl with glasses…


    • Honestly, I think it’s more like a 7.8-ish, but I rounded it up. It was far from perfect, I think it did a lot of good things and some of the lowlights could be forgiven, since most of the more crucial moments were generally stronger than everything in-between.

      So to each his/her own~


  2. Nice!
    My favs were Love Live! Sunshine, Amanchu, and the much talked about Re:Zero (yay Rem!). I also liked Orange, thought it was really faithful to the manga. Oh, also ReLife.
    Am watching Ange Vierge right now (meh…), and am going to binge New Game this weekend.
    Summer anime rocks!
    You dropped Shokugeki? I liked that one alot! You actually got me started on that one when you started reviewing Wagnaria (suddenly I was food themed).
    And no Fate Kaleid 3?

    Also the first graphic at the top of this post is just a black box (yrefrj6lonq3.jpg)?


    • Overall, it was a pretty good season, but fall isn’t looking too bad either.

      L’s the one who started watching Shokugeki (and subsequently dropped it), but if it’s not yuri-ish, she probably won’t bother finishing it. 😀

      I never started watching Fate/kaleid because I haven’t seen the prior Fate seasons and am not sure if they’re required to really enjoy it.

      And nice catch. Not sure why it did that, but it’s been fixed. Thanks~


    • Admittedly there was some light yuri in the first season of Shokugeki, but none in the second. I mostly stuck around for completion and the foodgasms.
      Fate Kaleid, well like anything yeah you can just jump in, but you miss out on some of the details.


  3. the Fall season looks to be shaping up nicely with shows like Brave Witches and Izetta: The Last Witch hopefully providing yuri. Izetta shows the strongest promise in that department so far though.


  4. Decent thoughts. Honestly, while there are a few good shows, I think we might have to resign the fact that it may be a lull or end the “yuri era” (first era being Utena, second being KnM/Marimite/StoPan, most recent being AnR/ST/YuriKuma/VDM etc).

    Ah well. I guess enjoy the snippets as they come. Speaking of which, does anyone play League of Legends around here? A new outfit theme has a music video of interest…


    • Inevitably, there’ll be new shows that come along that take their place, so I’m not worried too much (even though I don’t think any of the more recent ones sold particularly well).

      In the meantime, there seems to be a lot of anime with lighter yuri fare, so I think that will hopefully hold us over until the next major one shows up, whenever that may be~


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