Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – Finale

best yuri kiss in anime history

We’ve already reached the final round, and I gotta say, our three remaining kiss scenes definitely deserve to stand where they are right now.

Now will it be the bittersweet final kiss between our favorite priestesses, the long anticipated happy end kiss between Shizuma and Nagisa, or the oh so sweet after school kisses from Sakura Trick?

Despite the fact that my favorite kiss scene of all-time actually made it to the final round, the other two definitely deserve the title of Best Yuri Kiss as well.

Now let’s just wait and see which one will make it~

As always, find the updated tournament chart right here, and for the final time in this tournament, have fun voting!

Sakura Trick

Kannazuki no Miko

Strawberry Panic

Haruka x Yuu

Chikane x Himeko

Nagisa x Shizuma


48 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – Finale

  1. Well here it is… the final round. I knew these shows would be the ones making it to the end and I am glad it was these kisses that represents them. as you said all kisses are worthy of best yuri kiss of all time they are all just so amazing! but one has to make it to the end and for me that choice was made long ago! sorry Strawberry Panic and Sakura Trick! forgive me… T.T why must this amazing tournament bring such heartache?!

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    • Hahahhah relax chellelover, just enjoy it. The 3 of them are gud, but, let’s face it, chikanexhimeko’s kiss is an epic one. Not only lust, not only a “secret”. Is LOVE, a love that has lasted and will last for centuries.

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      • ChikanexHimeko’s is bittersweet though because they are being separated. They have to do it now since they won’t have any opportunities for (I’ve forgotten how long, a century?)

        Haruka and Yuu gets my vote because their kiss is unburdened by drama or artifice. It is purely and simply an expression of their love for each other.

        Even the fact that they aren’t in a relationship removes a certain level of expectation from their actions. People in relationships are expected to kiss. Haruka and Yuu don’t have that excuse, but yet they kiss.

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    • no need to hide! you are among fellow Chimeko lovers! I doubt many people would be mad if you had done that anyway! 😛 but Chimeko got all this way just on there own merits of being so damn amazing! 😀

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      • I see your point, though I always wanted them to make it clear to us that they were interested in each other in this kind of way instead of “just” making out in school. I know I make it sound worse than it actually is, since I too loved the show. Though, I’m always looking for “more”, a relationship that goes as deep as it can, a pairing that is just destined to be together, brought together by fate.

        It’s something totally lame in a way, but simply the best in my eyes~

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  2. I could see these 3 pairs making it to the finals from the start. They’re all exceptionally cannon and don’t scare their audience off by being toooo ridiculous (though KnM had me going for a minute there).

    I’m very torn between Shizuma + Nagisa and Chimeko. These two kisses are so exceptionally romantic that they just bring tears, the kiss at the end of Strawberry Panic ended with such beautiful optimism that they were happy tears though…

    However, I loved Sakura Trick and I think this kiss was the best. It really elevated their kiss from being just something between friends to something… more. It managed to add hints of actual sexuality (…something “pure and innocent” anime girls rarely get without becoming full blown hentai…) in a gentle evolution, something I don’t think many shows really ever manage.

    Each one is deserving of a vote. Definitely.

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    • Easy there friend. I don’t think you can use the “scareaway card” while rocking the Yamibou icon. Jk, it’s very legit.

      You’re right, each definitely deserves a vote. But I’ll go the other way and say that both StoPan and KnM elevate their kiss to your mentioned “something more” in such an impactful way that ST, cute and sexy as it is, just can’t compare depth-wise.

      If you look up your “something more” in the dictionary, I think “Happy Birthday” to “The Sun Shines Because of the Moon” and “Swimming Pool” to “Wedding Kiss” is right there.

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      • Yamibou rofl.

        I digress…

        I think where these 3 shows differ is that ST is inherently a romcom, and instead of bringing the leads together (to tear them apart again, in KnM’s case), ST has them together at the onset and builds on that. This is where the kisses are so divisive, because ST has so many and they build gradually with their relationship, whereas the other 2 and signs that their feelings are actually mutual.

        I suppose one must ask oneself, what is romance?

        In my eyes, bringing together the love interests is often where a story’s romantic progression peaks and ends. Throughout all the hardship and loss and tragedy, the most romantic moment is when one lover realises their love is mutual when their love lays it out on the table for them clear to see. Their characters become fully formed and completed, ready to live their peaceful ever after. Both StoPan and KnM did this. So has pretty much every fanfiction I’ve ever read, every romcom I’ve ever seen…

        However, ST did something unique, and despite it’s frankly ridiculous premise, is much more realistic. They built their relationship up organically. Not with drama or with battles or tragedy but with love. This kiss is special in that their physicality, their desire for one another, really began to come across, and it managed to do that with that love that was built up over a long, long time. In my eyes, that’s something that’s really, really special.

        I’m not gonna lie; I cried when Himeko returned Chikane’s feelings. I cried when Chikane held Himeko’s uniform when she was with Souma. It was all too romantic for me (or maybe I’m a crybaby). I rate KnM as my 2nd favourite anime ever (narrowly behind Simoun). Sakura Trick isn’t even in my top 10. But Sakura Trick is a show with a lot of depth and, despite seeming incredibly fanservicey, painted an incredibly unique and romantic relationship.

        (FYI StoPan is quite low on my list 😦 if it wasn’t for Hikari and Amane’s arc being so generic, it would be much higher)

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    • mmm are you sure ST isn’t in your top 10? you talk about it with a fondness that i would bet it was in your top 3 😀
      anyway, for a split second i give a tought to ST, but in the end for me is StoPan. ST is funny, but it’s too much comedy-oriented to give it my vote. On the other hand, StoPani got me more because it’s more “plausible”.
      fo the third
      …*takes a deep breath* …


      • Pretty much every gaygay anime could be in my top 3, I love yuri ❤ I might consider moving ST up but there's a lot of resistance in my top 15 (from the funnier Yuru Yuris, Madoka Magica and it's other half Yuki Yuna, Ikuhara's finest hours of Penguindrum and Utena, the incomplete but glorious Aoi Hana and Houruou Musuko and then one of my first, TMOHS and NGE)

        To be honest, putting KnM at 2nd requires A LOT of cognitive bias and a sentimental retrospective. Sometimes, I wonder if the things they got right in that show was luck, considering they literally threw everything into the mix and hoped it work. Still, the things they got right, they got reallyreallyreally right in my eyes. I don't blame people for disliking the mecha or the random legend lore or the weak slice-of-life or underdeveloped, out of place comic relief bad guys… but Chikane is probably my favourite anime lesbian (largely because of the internal dilemma she faces over her homosexuality and the choices it causes her to make) and that's enough for me to rank it so highly. And that kiss at the end just had me going. But some people don't get that far, or are too put off by the hard-to-swallow circumstances of how they got there.

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      • i did watch KnM from start to end and i can see its strong points. What put me off – as you suggested – is that sense of “too much crammed in too little space”.
        But in the end it get at least some points, being one of the few series that shows a real romantic interaction between two girls (and goodnight to “subtext hell”!). Now, if only they had left out Souma…. XP


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      • agreed, even lesser known yuri couples and kisses like that are awesome in there own way. there were a lot of those types of kisses and pairings in this yournamnet and even though they can never match up to the likes of Strawberry Panic, Chimeko or Sakura Trick and so on they should never be forgotten! hell there were even MORE yuri kisses I knew of that could have been added but I just never had the time to mention them.

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    • Your answered your own question 😛
      Though, I guess you’re right, but it’s a little hard to give away something to fiction characters…

      Maybe we’ll send them on a honeymoon? 😀

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  4. Remember when i said i was super happy all my favourites had made it earlier in the tournament? Now it’s just made things harder, my 3 fav’s in the final;-;. I personally will be happy no matter who wins now but the problem is having to actually vote for 1 over the other 2, i guess i’ll roll a die.

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  5. In the end, i’ve found this easier than the semi-finals. Well, probably just because one of them has a.. how can i say… a personal significance.
    Anyway, now i’m reeeeally curious about the outcome.

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    • And I’m really curious what you voted for? I assume it was Chimeko 😛
      Also, sorry about the long wait, I still haven’t found the right time to just sit down during a quiet moment to take a look at what you wrote, but that will change very soon~

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  6. Interestingly, I am not all too much curious about which of these kisses is gonna win this final round.
    The fact that out of all the options these three kisses lasted until now already makes me glad. The nation has spoken: Honest, mutual and non-accidental (or non-“exchanging oxygen underwater”) kisses satisfy us most and stay with us the longest~

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  7. i knew these three would make it to the finals and it was so heart breaking for me to choose, i love all three animes and all three kissing scenes but in the end i had to go with chimeko, even though strawberry panic was my very first yuri anime and i love nagisa x shizuma with all of my heart and i love sakura trick and all of its cute kisses, i just love that kiss between chikane and himeko so much, it was just such a touching and passionate kiss i couldnt help but choose it, i just really love that kiss so much

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      • I think the big reason why everyone wants to see them win so much is because they were like the first yuri couple to have a true happy end, being reunited in the next cycle and falling for each other all over again. most other yuri couples ended tragically or were ambiguous like Yamibo. Chimeko tricked us with a fake sad end and gave us the true end we wanted, what those two amazing girls deserved. plus there romance was just so well done and they go so well together. say what you will about the rest of the show but Chimeko stands the test of time! 😀

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  8. as much as i like chimeko,, i have to say i am rooting for nagissa/shizuma,, even tough i know this comunity is sold tpo chimeko,,mostly because it come at the end of a while not as torturous path as chimeko,, it come after much more personal growth from both girls

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    • Definitely agree. The story of KnM couldn’t give Chikane and Himeko the much needed time to develop their relationship more, whereas SP had enough episodes to pretty much cover everything needed.

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  9. Definitely voting Nagisa x Shizuma!
    It was my very first yuri anime and will always have a special place for me *cries again*


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