Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – The Winner

the best yuri kiss in anime history

After many weeks of heated matches between the various yuri kiss scenes featured in this tournament, we’ve finally found or more like tracked down the very best yuri kiss in yuri anime history.

The yuri community has spoken, and the “prestigious” award for the best yuri kiss in anime history goes to none other than Sakura Kiss‘ Haruka and Yuu, with their adorable, yet quite steamy, after-school kiss session~

Congratulations to those two, who very much deserve the top spot in our tournament.

As already mentioned in the previous round, all three remaining couples were worthy bearers of this award, but of course, only one could make it. I actually had a feeling that we might end up with this composition in the final round, though I was expecting Himeko and Chikane to win it all.

It’s all the more surprising to see that Haruka and Yuu even won it by quite a significant margin. Without a doubt, that was definitely a kiss that had quite some impact on many of us~

As a big fan of Sakura Kiss Trick, I’m very happy to see them winning this tournament, but I also can’t hide the fact that I’m happy that we ended up with a composition made up of two yuri veterans in the final round, and of course, the yuri newcomers, Haruka and Yuu. It’s great to see that even after almost a decade, people still don’t forget about the yuri “classics”~

All in all, it was yet again a super fun tournament, with some interesting twists and turns, despite the fact that I already had a feeling who might end up in the final round. If you wanna see more things like this, or maybe something totally different, be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments~

Finally, let’s all re-watch the winning kiss in celebration of their glorious victory. Enjoy, guys, and thanks for staying with us throughout this entire tournament!


And now, for the last time for this tournament, here’s the final bracket~


45 thoughts on “Yuri Tournament – Best Yuri Kiss in Anime History – The Winner

  1. wow that was a huge surprise, i really was routing for chimeko to win but still like you said all three definitely were worthy of this title and i really dont mind seeing haruka and yuu win since that kiss scene was definitely my favorite scene next to the one they had behind the curtain during the concert it was just so cute!!!!!!!!!

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  2. WOW! I didnt see this coming! I thought Chimeko would win for sure! forgive us Chimeko… but the fans have spoken! Yuu and Haruka won fair and square and it was a damn fine kiss. please forgive us Chimeko! T.T but maybe next time. your kiss was still epic and amazing though!

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  3. I campaigned pretty hard for Sakura Trick, but I was really rooting for KnM lol. Honestly expected Chimeko to win, too.

    I think that, as purely a kiss, Sakura Trick is probably the winner. Out of all 3, it has the most dedicated animation (several angles even!) and is the longest (I think the only other kisses in all of the contenders that came close in these regards is also from ST, YamiBou’s 1 or F/K).

    Thanks for the tournament, can’t wait for another one!

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    • Also wanted to add that the older-yuri fans may have been split between StoPan and KnM making the 3-way vote potentially difficult.. but then again, who hasn’t seen StoPan and KnM and calls themselves a yuri fan?!?

      Still, going by the data it was a very interesting outcome. Surprised ST had such a significant margin!


      • Oh i’ve seen KnM… but rewatching it even if the the rape didn’t hold it back – the rest of its too fanservicey for my tastes now that I’m older – I’ll take the perfectly passable (if you ignore the last 5 minutes) Romcom over the uncomfortable problems I’ve developed with KNM. I used to really like it but…. this just doesn’t hold up for me anymore.


    • “as purely a kiss”
      Yeah… the show itself (romcom / comedy / slice of life) is probably a matter of taste, there’s not much ‘action’ going on – I can see some people being bored or at least feeling underwhelmed by such.
      But on top of the kiss itself, I’d argue, even relationship-wise this couple has a lot going for it. Not in it being the best couple – which is also a matter of opinion – but due to its presentation; like them actually being in a relationship from the start or at least trying to figure out “how to relationship”. In comparison: SP had much more angst and drama, and the main couple’s relationship just got past their (and outside) issues and barely lifted off at the end, like most other competitors… In ST it’s not hints or subtext or will they / won’t they – it’s two girls exploring their mutual love and relationship…

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  4. Wow. Though, it was my vote too, I am very much surprised it won by this much – especially after so many commentators speaking out for the equally worthy ‘classics’.

    Again, the finalists were all mutual and non-accidental – and real. Something, that might be what we really are looking for when thinking about a “great kiss” in an -yuri- anime.

    I doubt Sakura Trick won because it’s the most recent and most fresh in the Nation’s mind… Rather, I think, it’s the most relatable; sure it’s steamy, but at the same time just a tiny bit awkward (legs falling asleep et al). And what’s more, it’s not the climax of the portayal of their relationship – it’s part of its development and evolvement; it’s not fanservice per se, it is an integral part of their romance and story and the path they are on. And, it’s not bittersweet, we know, for it not being the final kiss (we get/got to see).
    And really, that’s all we (or many of us) want sometimes… between watching all the angst, drama, action and epic tales, sometimes we just want to watch a happy couple exploring and enjoying their every modern day gay romance and maybe a bit of flutter without the sense of impending doom, sacrifice or the hanging question “…and then?”.

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    • How very true.
      It’s simply something you can watch over and over again, for the fun of it, for how cute the whole scene is and simply to enjoy seeing their slowly developing relationship.

      In case of Kannazuki no Miko, it was a kiss we all waited for, but one that’s way too bittersweet to be enjoyable in the way the Sakura Trick kisses are.
      Same goes for Strawberry Panic. While it might not be a bittersweet or tragic one, it’s still the last we saw of them, marking the end of an awesome show.

      So yeah, I can definitely see your point and I think you might actually be right with that.

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  5. I’ll be the one to shame post. SHAME ON THOSE WHO DIDN’T CHOOSE CHIMEKO! I am so very disappointed. Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow! Dishonor on your whole family!

    Chimeko will always be my number one until proven otherwise. *strokes picture of Chimeko and cries*

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  6. Well, that was a surprising ending; I was pretty sure Sakura Trick was gonna get 3rd place and it ended up getting the gold instead 😕.

    Still, I’m fine with this result, and the tournament has been very fun overall.

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      • I also thought it was fairly boring. 😀

        I actually would’ve enjoyed it more if it had been about Haruka and Mitsuki, but whatever.

        My vote went to Chimeko, so I’m disappointed in the results.

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    • I can very much see how the show as a whole can bore someone… but then, I for my part felt fairly entertained by Non Non Biyori, too .-.
      Personally, I am kinda glad, Sakura Trick doesn’t dwell too much on angst or drama, and how all misunderstandings are quickly resolved before they become actual obstacles. It’s all rather chill, and certainly a matter of taste.
      And we did vote for the kisses, not the shows 🙂 (although the backdrop certainly did play a role in many voter’s choices)

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  7. Might be a little late here, made my day to see HaruYuu top the contest. I always thought there wasn’t enough appreciation for how ST, glad to see I was wrong. Fav kiss was from ep8 btw, the light show one.

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      • Hnn… the one where they kept splitting up in various groups to talk or shop or try to find better angles to watch the show, eventually at the end of that episode YuuHaru kissed in front of these giant monitors (that displayed something resembling old-school more or less x-mas themed winamp visualization…). There was something about Yuu’s (lack of) passion and initiating intimacy, I believe… And the first half of the eps included the wedding-misunderstanding (them invited to one, Yuu believing it’s theirs).


      • Oh yeah, that helped, thanks~•
        I wonder why, but I feel like I almost forgot about this one.

        Nice scene, though was it too short? I don’t know, something about it was just not “enough” to keep it in mind.


  8. Fun contest with a great finale!

    For the series as a whole I like KnM slightly more, but from purely yuri kiss standpoint, I feel that ST is superior. I voted for Haruka x Yuu, and I’m happy that they won 1st place 😁

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