Short Anime Review: New Game!

New-Game-illustration-manga-009.pngYear: 2016
Episodes: 12
Genre: Slice of Life, Comedy, Ecchi, Yuri Subtext

After graduating from high school, Suzukase Aoba realizes one of her biggest dreams, that being joining Eaglejump, the famous game company that once released her all-time favorite game, Fairies Story.

This anime takes us on a short ride from the moment Aoba joins the company to the actual release of the new installment of her favorite game series.

First of all, why did I start watching this show? Was it because of the awesome manga that had gained some popularity over the year prior to its anime adaptation? Was it because of the theme of the anime, that being joining a game company? Or maybe it was because of the hinted yuri elements that we already knew would hit us in the anime as well?

Well, not quite. I knew about this manga’s popularity. I knew about the possible yuri subtext, and I do wish to actually work for a company like this, or just one I can identify more with than where I’m currently working at. Though,ย despite the fact I was already interested in the setting and the possible yuri in the anime, what really got me interested was the whole look of it. The characters are presented in a very unique art style. The whole atmosphere of the show is really bright and cheerful, thanks to the vibrant colors they used, and in general, the characters simply look super cute and interesting. So yeah, I was sold on the look of things, rather then the actual content, but that’s probably not too bad.

So as expected from the look of it, the show feels just like it looks: bright, happy, and super fun. There might not be much to the story, as we simply follow Aoba on her way to become a proper part of the team, gaining new friends on her way, experiencing the hard work life, but also learning to enjoy it all. So yeah, there were no huge obstacles, no hardship, no drama in general, but that’s exactly why I loved this show so much. It’s simply so relaxing to watch the girls interact with each other, work together, and have fun together. It’s so simple, yet so satisfying – the perfect slice of life experience, you could say.

new game anime characters

(from left to right) Rin, Kou, Aoba, Yun, Hajime, and Hifumi

The characters themselves, of course, range from super shy and cute, to your typical klutz, tomboy, tsundere, and as one of my personal favorites, the military geek, namely Ahag- I mean Umiko.

Though, the characters that I enjoyed the most, by far, were definitely Kou and Rin, especially in combination with each other~ Not only did they share the most yurirific scenes in this entire anime, their chemistry in general worked way too perfectly for me to not ship them with all of my heart. I’m still waiting for more fanart and especially more doujinshi, but I’m positive we’ll get some in the future~new game anime kou rin

As already mentioned, the whole look of the show, meaning the art style and animation, were the two factors that got me interested in this anime the most, so needless to say, I was very pleased with the visuals. As for music, however, I yet again didn’t even notice the background music much, skipped through the opening and ending, and in general, didn’t pay very close attention to it. This definitely doesn’t mean it was bad in any way. In fact, not noticing the background music is probably a really good thing, since it means that it works well with the atmosphere, and that is definitely something essential for a slice of life show.

In the end, I was not only pleased with the visual aspect, but even more so with the cute and light story, the set of adorably cute characters, and the slow-building bond that not only formed between the cast itself, but also between them and my humble self. So needless to say, I’d be more than just pleased to find out about a possible second season, ideally with some more Kou x Rin scenes please~

Story: 8/10
Characters: 9/10
Music: 7/10
Animation: 9/10
Yuri: 4/10
Total Enjoyment: 8/10


Also, this was the cutest thing ever~


13 thoughts on “Short Anime Review: New Game!

  1. I really really enjoyed this one. For me it was all about the characters, watching them interact and bond really made it for me. After watching the first episode I thought they had cut it short to like 8 minutes or something, then I looked at the time and realized I had just been totally lost in the show and that I completely lost track of the time.
    I would disagree about there being no hardship though. When Aoba agonized over her first villager it was great seeing how she struggled to achieve something Kou (and herself) approved of.
    It was nice seeing something not in a school room too.

    My favs were Aoba x the blushing Hifumi. Too cute!

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  2. The New Game! anime was a great adaptation of the manga! they included almost everything and the yuri hints were kept intact! ๐Ÿ˜€ Kou needs to open her eyes to Rin, Rin just wants her so bad and they go so well together! Hifumi needs to just work up that courage and confess to Aoba. she wants her so bad! the level of cute and awesome in this anime was just epic and I really hope they do a second season! ๐Ÿ˜€ especially with Umiko and Nene becoming the next potential couple in the manga!

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      • I think she is cute! and she and Umiko really seem to hit it off! ๐Ÿ˜€ plus she provided all sorts of great comedy moments in the series! well I like her at least. ๐Ÿ˜› and you are right about Umiko. having a cute girl like her as the hardcore military geek is one of the best things about this series and her love for all things weapons make for some of the funniest moments in the show and manga! ๐Ÿ™‚ we need more characters like her in anime.

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    • I was about to give my opinion but chellelover just said everything he he he, except regarding Umiko x Nene. As lena said, she used to be a pain in the ass (i mean Nene, not Lena…XDXD). I like more Umiko and the Director, don’t remember her name.

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  3. This is the cute/chill slice of life anime that I’ve been waiting for. I’d like to say that I have a diverse preference of anime genre that I enjoy, but when it offers the same things that New Game! did, it makes me reaaaaaally happy. There were too many anime that I didn’t enjoy or didn’t appeal to me over the past few seasons, so it was nice to be able enjoy a piece of tasty cake to get bad tastes out of my mouth.

    I more or less liked all of the characters, especially Aoba and Hifumi. It was much less indepth when it comes to creating a piece of entertainment (such as Shirobako), but I still enjoyed the tiny peak into creating a game.

    Hopefully the manga continues to go strong and maybe we’ll get a season 2 (if it wasn’t already in the works/announced).

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  4. I only watched the first 2 episodes and was still a little unsure about it, but because I love your review so much, I think I might watch the rest of it. ๐Ÿ˜›

    BTW. I really love your blog. Keep up the good work. โค

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