Yuri News Update – October 2016

valkyrie_drive_bhikkhuni_08.07.16_newsbild.jpgSince it’s been a while since we did our last news update, it’s time to catch up on some things!

Starting off, let’s talk a little about Valkyrie Drive, namely Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni for PlayStation Vita (PS Vita). It was just released in English by PQube a month ago, but I honestly haven’t heard that much about it since then.

So I had a chance to play the game, despite the fact that I don’t own a PS Vita or the game myself, and I have to say, I was very surprised. It of course featured the ridiculous physics that you would expect from a game like this, but the gameplay, the story and the characters actually really stood out in a very positive way. I’m in fact close to actually buying a PS Vita just so I can play the game as well.

If you’re interested, the game is available for purchase right now and you can buy it right here.

head-image.jpgNext up, we have the first part of the Visual Novel Ne no Kami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto that has just been released a few days ago and that is now available for purchase on Steam. Click here to buy the game or click here to find out more about the game over at Sekai Project.

twittercardLastly, we have an update on another yuri visual novel, Shadows of Pygmalion that MangaGamer are currently working on to provide an English translation for us. As said on their Twitter about a week ago, the game will enter beta testing pretty soon, so I assume the release of this game might happen sooner than expected~


In other news, Seven Seas announced the release of new yuri Manga My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness just a few days ago. Since I already finished reading the first volume of this one, I’m quite happy with their pick to say the least~

Find out more about this manga by clicking here.


23 thoughts on “Yuri News Update – October 2016

  1. Another great news post. More yuri visual novels on Steam is amazing and at just $10, thats a steal! 😀 but I will try and wait closer to Thanksgiving to see if anything goes on sale. so much yuri to buy! I myself have to get a Vita this holiday season to get Valkyrie Drive(as well as other Vita games). I heard nothing but nice things about the game and cant wait to get it! 😀

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  2. Ah! the disappointment! I really hoped for a physical release of SonoHana. Sigh.
    I think i’ll wait and see. I already got burned with Kindred Spirits, i’m not really eager to repeat the experience.


      • I got the dl version on day1, but after 6 months (more or less) MG released a physical version too.
        I would have wait if i knew,. KSotR is so good that it deserve a place on my shelf.
        And if you want to know, yes, i am an idiot and i bought also the boxed one.


      • Ahhh, that’s what you mean, yeah it’s sometimes all about waiting.

        I have no idea when they announced the physical release though. But you are right, if I had known it a little earlier, I would have gone with this one too…

        On a side note, I will answer your mail. Just don’t get angry that I’m always taking so long please 😛

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