Anime Review: Seitokai no Ichizon

seitokai no ichizon

Here’s something you don’t see every day here on YuriReviews, a hetero-oriented harem anime series. Wait! Don’t go yet! This one isn’t quite as bad as most of the others. The reason? It has a yuri character~

Ken Sugisaki has a dream. He has a dream that one day the other members of the Hekiyou Academy student council (Kurimu, Minatsu, Mafuyu, and Chizuru) will rise up… and live out his fantasy of a harem. Yeah, I know. Inspiring stuff. 😛

Year: 2009
Length: 12 Episodes
Genre: Comedy, Harem, Parody, School

Seriously though, harem anime can evoke unpleasant visions of needy girl characters that can only be happy if they’re fulfilling the desires of a douchey male character. That’s not exactly what you’ll find in Seitokai no Ichizon, but at the end of the day, it’s still a harem anime.

Generally, I’m not a fan of the genre, and even though the girls of SnI usually aren’t willing participants, I thought that the situation was still rather annoying.

That’s the bad news. But on a more positive note, the parody elements were sometimes amusing, and combined with the self-awareness and fourth wall-breaking, these things were perhaps what I enjoyed most about this anime.

I don’t feel like they were extraordinary or even decidedly better than your average anime parody, yet those moments were a welcome change. MariMite, Strike Witches, and Death Note are but a few of the various intellectual properties that are spoofed in this show, so fans of those IPs have something else to look forward to.

Plot-wise, not that much actually happens, so the story is not a particular strength, but if you knew anything about this anime beforehand, that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

seitokai no ichizon chizuru
The mistress herself, Chizuru.

Moving on to the characters, Ken is the protagonist, and he’s pretty much the stereotypical male harem lead, so in other words, he’s very dislikeable. I don’t really care to discuss him much more, so let’s just move on to the others.

Kurimu is the president of the student council, and her child-like personality and appearance make her seem like an unlikely choice for that responsibility. It’s perhaps no surprise that the student council rarely ever gets anything done, and that starts with her, though she’s far from the sole reason for that.

Adding a more mature air to the student council is Chizuru, who also happens to be the source of the yuri content in this show. The thing that separates Chizuru from most other yuri characters is her darker side, which is most definitely sadist in nature.

Another in a long line of Yuri Anime Legends that have seen their show get reviewed, even when she’s coddling Kurimu—which she does often—Chizuru has a control over her that’s a bit unsettling. Luckily, she isn’t like that all of the time, such as when she’s sleeping in the nude and Kurimu somehow wakes up in her bed… .

That sounds enticing, yet moments like those are too few and far between (hence the yuri score). Also, Kurimu doesn’t seem to view their closeness as anything romantic, so it’s essentially a one-sided relationship (and an odd one at that).

seitokai no ichizon chizuru kurimu

Rounding out the main cast are Minatsu and Mafuyu, who are sisters that serve as the vice president and treasurer, respectively. Like the others, their personalities are also over-the-top, with Minatsu being a big fan of shounen media and Mafuyu being a hardcore gamer, as well as a BL fan. Those two are fine and dandy, but for this show, Chizuru is in a class of her own.

Okay, you can probably tell by my score that I didn’t quite love these characters. It’s not that I thought they were bad, it’s just that they’re straightforward, and even more than that, the comedy involving them was very hit-and-miss. There were stretches where I would be impatiently waiting for the next skit, simply because I felt that the current one missed the mark.

That’s not necessarily their fault, but it does affect your overall perception of them. So I’d say that this cast of characters is above-average, though Ken does his best to ruin the experience—or at least it was like that for me. 😛

Studio Deen is the studio behind this anime, so you know that it won’t look bad, yet that doesn’t mean that it looks great either. Overall, it’s a very competent-looking show and not much more. And being labeled as a harem anime, you’d expect a certain amount of ecchiness, but Seitokai no Ichizon is fairly tame in that regard. That’s kind of surprising.

Honestly, I barely even noticed the music in this show, so I guess the score can’t be too high or low. There’s usually something at least faintly memorable about most anime, yet I struggle to think of anything here. The OP and ED themes sound like a million other shows, so that’s not helping either. Long story short, I thought that the audio was somewhat mediocre.

If you’re into harem anime, Seitokai no Ichizon might be right up your alley. For everyone else, some colorful characters (including a yuri one) might or might not be enough to salvage this show from being passed over in favor of something better~

Lena’s Opinion: 6
“Funny, but a little over the top~”

Story: 6
Characters: 7.5
Animation: 7
Sound: 6.5
Yuri: 3
Total Enjoyment: 6.5

seitokai no ichizon

9 thoughts on “Anime Review: Seitokai no Ichizon

  1. I wasn’t expecting you to review Seitokai no Ichizon! Well, people who aren’t into yuri probably appreciate how the male character is more assertive than your average male lead… But you’re totally right about Chizuru! The woman has wonderful taste as seen when she gets comfy with the student council president washboard.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. The first season was fun mostly because of the girls as individuals and every single time Ken Sugisaki got tortured. I watched this show at a time where i got great enjoyment from seeing het harem protagonists be mentally destroyed by their future waifus. Then when I noticed that it was lessened in the second season I dropped that one immediately. Nowadays I hardly watch het harems anymore.

    Oh and Chizuru X Aka-chan are wonderful together. Elise is super adorable and Mafuyu is a gamer worthy of respect. Minatsu has a nice body…and that’s it.


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