Yuri News Update: Citrus and Netsuzou Trap to Get Anime Adaptations

citrus netsuzou trap anime adaptations


Okay guys, it’s happening! Not only will we get some more yuri shows to enjoy next year, it will be none other than Citrus and Netsuzou Trap!

The news spread like wildfire through the yuri community this morning, so let me just give you the facts we already got:

In conjunction with the launch of the official website, it’s been announced that Naoko Kodama’s yuri manga Netsuzou Trap will be receiving an anime adaptation in 2017.

In casting news, Daisuki Ono (Erwin in Shingeki no Kyojin, Satou in Working!!, Satou in A-Channel, etc.) has been cast as Hotaru’s boyfriend, Fujiwara, while Ryota Osaka (Marco in Shingeki no Kyojin, Ryou in Shinsekai yori, Sugane in Gatchaman Crowds, etc.) is set to play Takeda, Yuma’s boyfriend.

Comic Yuri Hime will have more information on Netsuzou Trap‘s anime adaptation in their January 2017 issue, which is set for Friday.

In a joint interview conducted by Comic Natalie with Naoko Kodama and Saburouta, it was also revealed that an anime adaptation of Saburouta’s Citrus is in production.

There is currently no more information available, though that will change pretty soon, so let’s just stay tuned till Friday and use the remaining time to hype a little~

Well, I do know that many of you will not be too happy with these choices, though, keep in mind that especially Citrus has a huge fanbase supporting it, which hopefully increases the chances of the anime version actually doing well. In order to get more yuri shows, the right people need to see that there actually is a demand and that shows featuring this genre are doing well. We can’t deny that Citrus is the biggest yuri manga around right now, so at least I believe that this might be a great chance for this genre to get bigger. Though, let’s talk about that in another post.

Personally, I love both manga, so I’m extremely happy right now. I also think that with the given stories, we might finally get what I believe the community needs to see the most, especially after shows like Sakura Trick and Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san. What I’m talking about is a full yuri show that features some drama, a romance, but is more on the serious side. We admittedly haven’t had many of those over the last few years, and thinking about it some more just makes me realize that we didn’t get many shows like this in general.

Now we can look forward to two more, awesome!






51 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: Citrus and Netsuzou Trap to Get Anime Adaptations

  1. The NTR announcement made me laugh for 10 minutes. This will be a most interesting train wreck and newcomers’ reactions will be worth checking out.

    You know how I feel about Citrus but for your sake, congratulations.

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  2. This has to be the best set of news posts I read all year! a double shot of new yuri shows in 2017? 2017 is already shaping up to be the year of yuri! ๐Ÿ˜€ I am really excited for Citrus, I love that manga and it has only gotten better as the series goes on. you are right Lena for a popular manga like that to get an anime will hopefully drive the new Yuri Renaissance further, leading to more yuri manga and especially more yuri anime! I am not too sure about NTR though. the premise is… different and it is yuri but the way the manga was going the last I read of it idk if it is such a good idea to make that one an anime. I’ll watch and support it and hope the manga and by extension the anime turns out good, and very yuri. either way this is just so good! if this is how we are starting out 2017 with one can only imagine what sort of yuri surprises await us throughout the rest of 2017! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  3. I’m all for Yuri that don’t have other tags attached to it (mecha, magical, animal, weird), but I’m a bit skeptical as to the duration of these anime. Are we going to get full 24 minute episodes? 13 minutes? ANYTHING LESS THAN THAT!?

    It’s ironic that the drama and NTR tags that are pinned to these two series go against ever fiber of my being; I dislike drama llama with a passion and NTR raises my salt levels past the Atlantic. I’ve read both of these since the days they’ve first come out, and I’ve more or less enjoyed the ride, all probably because of the Yuri they share (well, in Citrus’ case, at least). I’m still waiting to see even an ounce of genuine romantic interest out of Mei’s cold, dead gaze, which has been one of my main gripes throughout Citrus. In NTR’s case, being a heterosexual male, when there’s a dude getting NTR’d like this, my heart hurts for my brother.

    All in all, I look forward to these adaptations in the future. With all of the abnormal tags being linked with the genre (robots…? horses…? HORSES?! REALLY?!?), I’m infinitely looking forward to a more vanilla experience.


    • I doubt we’ll see 24 episodes. 12 probably or 13, but I don’t think they’d go any higher with shows like this, which might actually not be such a bad idea.

      We’ll we might see a second season of Citrus, since the manga is still going and pretty long already anyway, but the NTR one will probably stay short.

      Many people will not like the show, both of them probably, but NTR for very different reasons. I’m actually a little afraid of it getting too mach hate, considering that Takeda is a great guy and all, but we’ll see.


      • That’s one of the main reasons why I despise NTR as a whole. In some cases, the relationship is one sided and the cheating is kind of deserved, but in this situation, my bro is on the other side of the spectrum, and it hurts me so bad.

        I suppose we’ll have to wait and see what happens with Citrus’ time table. I’m with you and assume we’ll get 12 episodes most, but how long they’ll be I couldn’t really say. I’m just really tired of a lot of the anime adaptions from manga getting ~3-12 minute episodes, as there’s generally a lot of room to have full length episodes. At least Citrus has plenty of content to use, and I actually wouldn’t mind fillers with Harumi and Matsuri. Heck, even flipping the perspective to Mei’s side has been something I’ve been wanting for a while. That, and wanting to see Mei look like she actually gives a crap.

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      • Oh, I definitely agree. I think Citrus is the right kind of story to go with regularly sized episodes, meaning around 20 minutes each.

        I’d actually give quite a lot to see an episode from Mei’s perspective too. Like, this might be a real treat actually, seeing how we still have no way of really getting her in the manga.

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      • I manged to read the raws of the most recent chapter. In case you haven’t seen them, I won’t spoil anything, but since I can’t read Japanese, I was a bit disappointed. But I’m sure once I understand what was being said it’ll come full circle and I’ll revise my opinion.

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  4. I’m SOOOO glad Citrus is being made into an anime! Though, I sure hope that it doesn’t end up like the Sasameki Koto anime kust because the manga is not finished.

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  5. when i heard about this, i was like no way i must be dreaming but then i started seeing it everywhere and im like okay i still must be dreaming but then i went onto the official website and some other anime/manga news websites and i was like omg!!!!!!!!! im not dreaming, it finally happened, they pressed the greenlit button!!!!!!!! we finally won!!!!!!!! i couldnt contain my excitement i fanboyed for so long, i really couldnt remember being this happy in like a while. now that we finally finished playing the waiting game for the announcement, its time to replay the waiting game for the release dates. also for citrus if the drama cd cast doesnt return ive already thought up of my dream casting for the anime, i really do hope it can come true if not both just one of them please. im just so excited!!!!!!!!! i cant wait!!!!!!!! i love both mangas so much and im just really happy that it finally happened, now if only we could ever get an anime announcement for girl friends (ik will never happen but still) and yagate kimi ni naru (please make it happen!!!!!!!) that would be a dream come true

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    • Now that’s exactly the reacting I was hoping to see ๐Ÿ˜€
      As for the cast, I’m actually totally fine with the one from the drama CDs…. Okay…. please change Matusri’s voice to something a little less annoying, even if it might be fitting ๐Ÿ˜€

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      • ya i love the drama cd cast so i would definitely like to see them return for the anime and i agree on matsuri even though her voice was fitting and whoever voiced her did a great job but it did kind of get on my nerves a little. next year truely is a great year for us yuri fans with citrus, netsuzou trap, nanoha movie 3rd reflection (finally!!!!!!!!!!!) and also most likely the return of love live sunshine is bound to happen since love live is still insanely popular

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  6. Agree with your sentiments. Even if you don’t like Citrus (I personally love it), it is very important to show support for this series. I think it was back in 2009 when they last gave Yuri Drama’s a chance with Aoi Hana and Sasameki Koto. Both series did poorly sales wise, and what we got was nearly a half decade where the best yuri anime we could expect was Sakura Trick, Inugami-san to Nekoyama-san and a ton of Yuru Yuri. Nothing against those series (Sakura Trick is the super adorable) but I think we all know Yuri has some amazing stuff that needs to get adapted. These might not be your best pick, but the first step has to be the popular flashy attention grabber to gauge audience interest. Citrus is the perfect series for that.

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    • Exactly! We just need something that already comes with a big fanbase, something that catches your attention, like Citrus will if they actually add in all the yuri, and something with a story you can actually take seriously, as in a drama.


  7. I am not looking forward to a NTR anime. Its got cheating & het ( Which is a big no no when it comes to my Yuri ). I don’t like Citrus either but I think it might be the anime to bring Yuri to the mainstream, And that makes me happy.

    PS – I would’ve preferred a Anime movie adaption of Octave instead ๐Ÿ˜›

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  8. Late to the party? Ah well. Hey, the fans are still waiting for their gamebreaker. The next one. We have the explicit and comic and happy yuri with the likes of Valkyrie Drive and Sakura Trick. But we’ve lacked that “GAMEBREAKER” type show that hits home. .

    Our two NTR shows, especially Citrus, could be the next one. But I’m afraid. Because NTR is drama, but is also one of the biggest reasons for yuri disappointments. NTR is especially risky, since the biggest yuri disappointments are being baited, and having less well-developed/convoluted/WTF resolutions (think CA’s bait and switch and Yamibou’s instruction to basically NTR yourself respectively). And NTR by definition involves baiting and convolution. From the manga, Citrus’ art is amazing, but the plot of endless NTR attempts have already turned off people who want to see genuine growth in the story and the character relationships.

    But hell. I want the next one as bad as the next guy. Because the good yuri drama is the gamebreaker worth waiting for. So damn logic, chips in, ready up, go!


    • I think we can still argue about the fact that Netsuzou Trap really is NTR, given that we as the readers are not really meant to feel with Takeda and rather root for the yuri. Though, the cheating stays so I guess that’s right and a risky topic for sure.

      Though, Citrus is not NTR, there is also no cheating going on, well okay, Matsuri kissing Yuzu and Mei and so on, but that’s not NTR. Or did you mean something else?
      Though yes, I also think that Citrus will be the gamebreaker. If it won’t be that one than I believe no other yuri manga could do it.


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  10. I have been a yuri fan for almost a year now and got into it because of Strawberry Panic and how much Shizuma reminded me of myself. But since Strawberry Panic and Sakura Trick I don’t think there has been like a pure yuri out so I am happy for Citrus. Everyone always talks great about it so I decided to read the manga last night and it was pretty great! I hope this anime adaptation will be great:)

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  11. I just hope Citrus is handled well. I was heartbroken that Whispered Words/Sasameki Koto was adapted so early in its run and never completed, it was gorgeous and really well done in my opinion.

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    • A second season would have really been awesome, though I think it didn’t do too well, which is not surprising to be honest.

      Well, it’s been a while since I watched it, but I honestly can’t even remember how the final episodes played out.


      • If I recall correctly, it ends with them talking on the phone after that whole bit where Murasame was unable to use hers when she was away. It’s definitely a positive ending, but it doesn’t resolve anything.

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  12. omggg โค โค I love both manga โค Iโ€™m so glad Citrus is being made into an anime, this is amazing โค i love Netsuzou Trap too , this manga just turns me on……Iโ€™m extremely happy…2017 is looking very very good.

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