Anime Review: Go! Go! 575

go go 575 anime

Since this anime is centered around poems, what better way to write a review than to do it in poem form? The review takes the form of a crown of sonnets (Shakespearean sonnets), though serious poetry fans can probably find miscues on my part (like the absence of iambic pentameter in the couplets). 😛

That said, prepare for the worst poetry you’ve ever read (probably)! I even threw in a few haikus for good measure~

Year: 2014
Length: 4 (Short) Episodes + 1 (Short) Episode OVA
Genre: Slice of Life

Go! Go! 575, why did I watch you?
Tied to the Vita game, my hopes were already low.
And you’re shorter than Torbjörn, this I already knew.
But I have a duty that I cannot forgo.
I’m a YuriReviewer. It’s a gift and a curse.
Give me your old, short, forgotten shows, yearning to be watched.
I will review them all, for better or worse.
No slice of life is too moe. No hentai too debauched.
For there are many anime waiting to be reviewed.
The back catalog is lengthy and growing by the day.
I really don’t want my words to be misconstrued.
Even though you have a character that might be gay,
you’re still not that much fun to watch, and I’m being kind.
Before I give you a score, allow me to rewind.

Before I give you a score, allow me to rewind.
This is the story of two girls who want to go wild.
Girls who seek an escape and want to leave their boredom behind.
They do this through poems, which they themselves have compiled.
And honestly, that’s all that there really is to the story.
After all, it’s only four episodes at three minutes each.
Then there’s an OVA that brings forth another cutie.
But it’s still more of the same, so once more unto the breach.
I was expecting something more, keyword being something.
That’s normal for the genre, yet almost nothing happens here.
The story is uninspired, and to some, could be boring.
But if you happen to like cute girls, have no fear.
Go! Go! 575 has a few of those.
They are some that I certainly don’t oppose.

go go 575 yuri
no parents at home
but what on earth will we do
yeah, it’s naughty time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

They are some that I certainly don’t oppose.
Of the three main girls, Azuki is my least favorite.
She’s outgoing and energetic, and her charisma just flows.
That’s not a bad thing, it’s just that I prefer Matcha a bit.
Her charm and sincerity makes her seem even more cute.
It’s no wonder why Azuki is so clingy with her.
That leads me to Yuzu, who happens to be quite a beaut.
Her glasses and blonde hair remind me of a certain blogger…
She looks just like Lena, and if that wasn’t enough,
she ships Azuki and Matcha and has yuri delusions!
The two of them in the bath, not to mention in the buff,
her thoughts are kind of lewd, these girls’ love illusions.
All in all, these characters were a pleasant surprise.
The best part was surely watching Yuzu fantasize~

go go 575 yuzu
the girl in question
might as well be a twin of
our lovely Lena~

The best part was surely watching Yuzu fantasize~
But all we wind up getting from this show is yuri subtext.
Given how brief it is, that seems like a fair compromise.
So let’s wait and see where yuri will pop up next.
For such a short show, the visuals were surprisingly good.
You can even say it looks better than some full-length series.
Some, not all, yet it still looks better than it probably should.
Not much happens, but at least we get to see those cuties.
C2C and Lay-duce definitely deserve some praise
for not phoning it in and putting forth proper effort.
Something as essential as that should be the case always.
And moe levels aren’t too high, so there’s no discomfort.
With that out of the way, let’s move on to the audio.
It doesn’t exactly make you want to say “Bravo!”.

It doesn’t exactly make you want to say “Bravo!”.
Let’s start off by saying that the music is kind of bland.
There’s just not time for much more than standard fare, y’know?
In that respect, you can say that it feels somewhat canned.
Even though it’s not great, the OP is the highlight for me.
Light and fluffy, it flies by in an instant.
Probably because it’s only thirty seconds… barely.
That’s more than the ED can say, because it is absent.
It’s not a big deal, but that’s not going to help the score.
The voice-acting is about what you would expect.
Nothing spectacular, yet there are fitting voices galore.
Mediocre’s a way to describe the sound in this project.
I honestly expected a little more in this regard.
Lowered expectations. Why is accepting that so hard?

Lowered expectations. Why is accepting that so hard?
There’s also an OVA that introduces a new girl.
It’s no trip to the beach, so we might as well just disregard.
But it’s also short, so there’s no harm in giving it a whirl.
The new girl felt tacked on, and she’s not as charming as the rest.
But like Yuzu, at least she seems to be into girls’ love.
Despite that development, I remain unimpressed.
It’s nowhere near enough to help the series rise above.
I greatly would’ve preferred a full-length episode.
As an experiment, it would have been fun.
Then again, I doubt I would’ve been impressed by what it showed.
Unless it was all about Yuzu, who is second to none.
This exists to sell the Vita game and iOS app.
Since we’re approaching the end, let’s have a recap.

go go 575 yuzu
nibble on glasses
oh my, what a sexy sight
envy becomes me

Since we’re approaching the end, let’s have a recap.
A short-form anime with limited things to offer,
save for cute girl lovers, this show may ellicit a nap.
It’s far too short and not quite what most people would prefer.
The yuri subtext is nice, even if it’s not a lot
So unless you love poetry, you might as well pass.
Though, if you have a few minutes to waste, give it a shot.
Since it’s short, it’s not as bad as anime that are pure ass.
Overall, this isn’t a complete waste of time.
Can that ever be said about cute girls doing cute things?
Just like me, you might also get the urge to rhyme.
Alas, this nearly does it for all of my musings.
And I’m no longer seeking an answer, for I always knew…
Go! Go! 575, why did I watch you?

Story: 5
Characters: 5
Animation: 5
Sound: 6
Yuri: 3
Total Enjoyment: 6

go go 575 yuzu
updating my blog
why is the traffic so low
good job, sticky pants 😛


29 thoughts on “Anime Review: Go! Go! 575

  1. Presented in verse
    Funny and entertaining
    Hardy is his name

    I’m not expert on poetry (in fact, i eked by with a C+ in poetry in college), so i didn’t check the rhyming or structure or anything but i have to say this review was one of the most fun to read on the site! Your haiku on glasses is quite revealing, not to mention hilarious.

    I may watch this show now just because of this review! 😛

    Bravo, Hardy. Bravo.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I couldn’t agree more!
      I always tell him how freaking creative he is, but he never listens. Good thing he finally proved it to all of us! Though, it doesnt just feel like a mere review… it feels like you also told us about your burden of being a blogger… I feel a little bad 😛

      However, since I can’t answer in a similar fashion… you do know how my rhymes usually end up looking like, you have to endure the praises now, even if they are just written this plainly 😛

      I don’t even want to know how long it took you to write this, but it’s amazing~
      I can kind of see where you got your motivation from… oh man 😀

      updating my blog
      why is the traffic so low
      good job, sticky pants 😛

      -Indeed sticky pants, awesome job 😛

      Liked by 2 people

      • I’m not good with compliments. You know this. 😛

        If I were doing it alone, it probably would be a burden, but thankfully, I have an amazing partner, so it’s anything but a burden. It’s a pleasure~

        MC Yuri Snizzle, your rhymes are awesome, so hopefully you listen and take that to heart. I’m not exactly lacking for motivation, but whenever I am, I know where to find it~

        That last haiku meant that the traffic dips whenever I post something, so it was sarcastic. 😛


    • I might’ve tried the app—I did try the Love Live! app after all—but I can’t understand any Japanese, so that’s not gonna happen.

      If it were in English, though, I would’ve at least checked it out~


  2. Poem review by Rock!
    I just read this and then watched.
    I couldn’t help but picture Lena as Yuzu the entire time!
    She was like the Chitose of the show…

    I did like how they always ended up at the bath at the end too. Consistency!

    Liked by 2 people

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