Yuri News Update: Sono Hanabira

This will be a smaller News update only focusing on Sono Hanabira. Nevertheless, it’s some big news~

First of all, let’s start with the one thing many of us have been waiting for for quite a while: A Kiss For The Petals: The New Generation! is available for purchase right now! It just went on sale yesterday, and you can get it for $34.95 right now over at MangaGamer!

sono hanabira the new generation

Find out more about the game over at Petals’ Garden or try out the trial version over at MangaGamer~

sono hanabira music album

In other news, there’s actually some SonoHana themed music albums done by Marking that just came out as well. There are three discs available are called St Michael’s Music Academy + Side Story. Be sure to check them out as well, as they are quite nice~

You can do so right here.


15 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: Sono Hanabira

  1. With all the sales going on right now during the Steam Autumn Sale, it seems like a bad time to release it, considering you can get Flowers, Ne no Kami, and Highway Blossoms for about the same price. You can just mix and match from all the ones that’ve come out this year~

    Then again, people love SonoHana (and its sex scenes), so they’ll gladly fork over the money to check it out. 😛

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    • Well, you are aright about that, BUUUUT this SonoHana game comes with a nice treat – that being no censoring, which is definitely a first (and kinda super awesome).
      So yeah, probably worth every penny 😛

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  2. DAMN! how could this have come out without me noticing?!?!?! so busy during the Thanksgiving weekend with Black Friday! already spent so much so this will have to wait till December. But as you said above Lena… this is worth every penny! 😀 I alreay got Highway Blossoms and Nurse Love Addiction during the Steam Thanksgiving sale along with a megaton of other games! 😀 and about the whole lack of censorship for this release of the Sono Hana series, only one video can sum up my reaction:

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  3. HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH, I’m gonna have to get this one way or another. After the fan translations have halted, I honestly forgot about this series altogether. I might have to go back to numero uno and read them all again.

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      • Oh, I’ve indeed played through all of them. It’s just been so long that the process is a bit hazy.

        Honestly though, I enjoyed the little that I saw of The New Generation when it was being fan translated. I look forward to getting back into the SonoHana series!

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  4. Thanks for the shoutout on the album release, Lena. It’s greatly appreciated!

    As for the new eroge, we’ve been enjoying it so far and the new characters are very cute! It’s worth the purchase if you’re looking for some nice fluffy goodness, heh.

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