Don’t Know What to Read Next? [Part 8]

pulse yuri mangaTitle: Pulse
Artist: Ratana Satis
Genre: Yuri, Age Gap, NSFW, Drama

Mel, a renowned heart surgeon, lives a carefree life with sex being a tool for joy rather than a show of affection. Then she meets someone that turns her view of love and life upside down. This story is about two people that meet with minimal expectations but soon become enthralled in a relationship that changes everything about themselves.

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I just started reading this one recently, and oh my god, do I love it. I guess I started loving age gap stories, and I am a sucker for full-color works, though, what I love most about this is the couple itself; Tough seductress, Mel and cutie with a tragic past, Lynn. It’s just the best! Seeing them interact, with Lynn just barging into Mel’s personal bubble with everything she does and Mel failing to do anything about it, but still trying to keep her cool… it’s fantastic! Go read it!

happy sugar lifeTitle: Happy Sugar Life
Artist: Kagisora Tomiyaki

Genre: Drama, Age Gap, Yuri, Horror, Yandere, Mystery

Sato seems to have it all: good looks, a steady school life and even a nice enough job to earn some extra money. There might be a few nasty rumors going around in school and the job takes up a  lot of time, but Sato seems to be alright with all of this, if she can just return home by evening to be around cute Shio, a little girl that she started living with recently.

Though, were did this girl come from and why is she living with Sato instead of her parents? 

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I usually don’t go for stories that have “horror” and “yandere” in their tags, though I made an exception, because the cover looked so cute, and I have to say, I don’t regret this decision.

The cute art style just goes very well with the definitely not-so-cute horror story unfolding. It’s a really nice contrast that just keeps things interesting. I don’t wanna give away too much though, so just go and see for yourself.

the one i love yuri mangaTitle: The One I Love
Artist: Takano Saku
Genre: NSFW, Yuri, Drama, Historical

Once belonging to a wealthy family, 16 year old Yuzuko suddenly finds herself being forced to work as a maid for a British family in order to earn the needed money and have a place to sleep. She starts working for the famous Arron family, starting out as the maid for the oldest daughter, Claudia Arron. 

Their relationship starts out rather fast, as Claudia makes it very clear what her intentions with Yuzuko really are.

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Seeing new stories by Takano Saku popping up always makes me feel giddy, no matter if it’s a new ErixNozomi story or another Precure one. Though, what gets me excited the most recently is definitely original stories by this author.

They always have a special feel to them, and the amazing art paired with the fact that those are mostly NSFW stories, usually makes for some pretty damn nice content, just like in this case~

belovedTitle: Beloved.
Artist: Jaeliu
Genre: Age Gap, Yuri, Comedy, Drama

34 year old ophthalmologist Wei Wei seems to be quite stressed lately. Work has taken its toll on her and she find herself needing some change of scenery, which leads to her hitting a club, bringing a stranger home for the night.

Though, as it turns out, the girls that she took home with isn’t quite who she expected to be, especially age-wise. To make things even worse, she doesn’t seem to be able to get away from this girl anymore…

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18 years is a pretty big age gap, and if we take into account that one of the girls isn’t even of age yet, I’m pretty sure many people were already scared away after the first chapter.

Though, don’t be fooled. This story picks up this kind of issue, making our protagonist more or less go through hell while coming to terms with her actions and feelings. It’s honestly a very refreshing work, story and art-wise, and so far, I seriously can’t get enough of it.

So, yeah, don’t let yourself get scared off by the age gap, since you might be missing out on quite the amazing yuri romance~

doropanda tours mai hime doujinTitle: Doropanda Tours – Mai Hime Doujinshi
Artist: Nanzaki Iku
Genre: Doujin, NSFW, Romance, Drama, Yuri

A collection of various Shizuru x Natsuki moments.

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Yeah, I know. those are pretty old. Though, that doesn’t mean I can’t recommend them to you anymore.

A lot of those stories are just super sweet, heart-warming, and simply amazing. I’ve always loved this pairing, especially in combination with Nanzaki Iku, who more or less nailed their personalities in so many of her works. So how about you take the opportunity and dive back into the endless ocean of Shiznat awesomeness?


25 thoughts on “Don’t Know What to Read Next? [Part 8]

  1. Wow, lots of age gap this round!
    It’s a great list, I really like all of them and Beloved is especially visually attractive.
    Though Happy Sugar is one I read on the edge of my seat – it makes me kind of anxious for obvious reasons.

    Will check out the Mai Hime DJ, they are new to me so something to look forward to.

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    • You know I’ve been wondering the same thing recently. I used to avoid the age gap tag, then at some point I became fine with it.

      I guess it’s the combination of a pure love story (most of the time) mixed with a bit of taboo that makes it exciting?

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      • I also think that many many of the age gap stories are just very well written. Most artists wouldn’t pick a topic like this if it wasn’t either for… sex with a minor…. or for a story that goes a little deeper than “just” two girls falling in love.

        Don’t get me wrong, I like that setting too (not so much the sex with a minor one though) 😀

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  2. Excellent! I’ve been running out of manga to read lately. Thank you for all the recommendations, and I’ll be going through them slowly.

    I’ve started with Pulse and it’s REALLY interesting. It’s also an odd mix of western and Japanese culture. It feels like it takes place in Japan and you get people bowing to show respect etc… but the names (and the way people are on a first name basis), the front doors that seem to open inward and that cars seem to be left hand drive are western. Not that it really matters, though.

    What did surprise me is that in chapter 20, Mel can be seen assembling a plastic model! I knew I liked her while I was reading it, but now I love her. 😛 (going to nerd out a bit here so my apologies in advance) The picture on the side of the box of the model she is building is taken from the Tamiya 1/350 scale Yamato (Item No: 78030), but the actual ship appears to be some sort of British inter-war destroyer of some type. Seems appropriate though, as i know a LOT of doctors who also build scale models. It makes me wonder if all the medical speak and scenarios are accurate too.

    I’m going to try and take my time with these titles, but i don’t think I’ll be successful, as I just started pulse today and I’m more than two-thirds through it.

    Thanks again, Lena and keep these articles coming! I don’t mean to put any pressure on you, but I haven’t yet gone wrong with one of your recommendations!

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      • LOL! Lena fangirling on Akagi and Kaga… 😛

        Yeah, I actually do like KanColle, and have seen the anime a few times – poi. However, I find it hard to divorce the knowledge I have of the real ships and the cute characters you see on screen. Most of the character’s ships were lost during the war (Mutsu was cut in half by an accidental magazine detonation while at anchor), or scrapped immediately afterwards, or used as targets for nuclear bomb trials (like Nagato).

        It’s not all awkward though, as I know which ships “visited” my country during the war (we were occupied by the Japanese) and saw action here, which is cool. I also really like how Kongo speaks with a lot of English words since she really was built in England and then transferred to Japan with all the technical plans to make her sister ships before the war began. Also, you’ll be happy to know that although Fubuki was at the same battle as Akagi at Midway, she was never technically assigned to the same fleet as Akagi (she and Kaga were actually in the same fleet). 😛

        I’ve read some of the doujin that you’ve recommended but I find myself hard pressed to really look for more since a lot of what I’ve found is hentai and I enjoy the romance more than the NSFW stuff (though that isn’t bad either). Maybe you should do a special KanColle edition of “Don’t Know What to Read Next”.

        I wish i could play the games though, but as far as I know, they’re all in Japanese. 😦

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      • Haha, of course the die-hard Akaga fan had to ask that 😀

        And it seems, you know your stuff, not bad~
        I don’t really know much, though, I am actually pretty proud of myself for actually at least knowing the names and ship types, even though they are mostly just Japanese ships… well, and a few german ones as well 😛

        As for the game, I’m actually playing it and I have like 0 Japanese knowledge 😛
        It’s all in Japanese, but you can use specially made viewers that show you the most important info in English. It’s playable if you invest the time to figure some things out and I was pretty hooked during the first few months I was playing it, so I can only recommend it~

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  3. Thanks for this post! I have been kind of stuck on which yuri to read next.

    I am glad you mentioned Happy Sugar Life. Story wise, it has some flaws, but I think it is extremely well done and really portrays a sense of angst through the art and characters.

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    • If you have a smart phone or tablet you should still be able to buy coins from the Lezhin app using a google play card on android.

      If you can buy 14 coins for 3.99 USD. So about .30 USD per coin on cheapest package. Average ep is 3 coins so about 4ish ep per 4 USD. I can buy a manga for about 8-10ish USD so it comparable where I live.

      PS. I hope I did the math right. Haven’t slept a lot.

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  4. Out of all of them Pulse is the only one new to me, gotta check it out.

    And regarding the age gap topic: In my opinion its nice to have a seting outside of a school. I am more fond of the adult life tag myself but i take whatever i can if its nice enought.

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  5. I’m following The One I love, love the artist and the story but my one big gripe is I am never a fan of seeing women wearing guy’s clothes. just not for me. other than that though its a fun read. and you of course already know what manga I recommend you read! 😉


      • hey everyone is entitled to there opinion 🙂 I think we can agree that no matter when when she takes her clothes off she is one HOT lady! 😀 man I am one massive pervert! 😛


  6. I think Ratana Satis is one of the best yuri artist for adults considering the quality of her drawings, the plot of her stories and the erotism of the sex scenes which are perfectly balanced without falling into hentaï category. Of course some purists of the genre will say we’re completly out of it since her characters are not teenagers stuck in an all girls boarding school with no other choice than falling for their best friends… Thank her for that!!! she is just brilliant! “Pulse” is definitly my fav before “Lily Love” but “Frosty Jewel”(Lily Love 2) is on its way to reach #1 rank of my top 10 for sure ^_^


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