Some More Yuri Fanfiction Recommendations [Part 3]

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Guys, I have to apologize to you in advance. What is going to follow is indeed some awesome fanfiction recommendations, but they might feel a little… let’s say… similar, since most of them feature the same pairing.

Well, you see, when I like something, I focus my attention on that specific thing, and in this case, this “thing” is Pharmercy. So, yeah, I hope you can still enjoy~

Anime/Game: Overwatch
Author: Viceter
Title: Sleep Sounds
Description: Pharah and Mercy have trouble sleeping. A series of chance encounters prove that the solution might be each other.

Genre: Romance, Yuri, Drama
Pairing: Pharah x Mercy
Status: Finished – 7 chapters

Link to the fanfiction

Doesn’t this one just sound super simple, yet super awesome? It implies that there is some cuddling happening, which is always a plus, but the author added in way, way more.

Not only do we see the oh-so-slow love story between the two love birds unfolding, no, the story is also stuffed with just the right kind of Pharmercy moments to just melt your heart~

Anime/Manga: Citrus by Saburouta
Author: Angel0wonder
Title: Citrus schtuffs
Description: A collection of quick one-shots featuring Yuzu and Mei. And pretty much everyone else! A few chapters are M-rated.

Genre: Yuri, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Adult
Pairing: Mei x Yuzu
Status: Ongoing – 38 chapters

Link to the fanfiction

This is probably the most hilarious fanfiction I’ve ever read. Despite the fact that there are some more serious, and even some pretty damn hot chapters happening as well, the focus lies on the more lighthearted chapters, featuring various very, very funny moments in the lives of Yuzu and Mei.

It’s rare that a story makes me laugh that much, and especially that it makes me laugh out, but this one managed to do it numerous times.

Anime/Game: Overwatch
Author: Kumoma
Title: Flight of Fancy
Description: After a chance encounter found them on the same side of a desperate struggle for peace, a friendship has blossomed between Fareeha and Angela. To the surprise of the both of them, it seems to be continuing to grow into something more. They each struggle to come to terms with their own feelings and fears as they each wait for the other to take the next step.

Genre: Romance, Yuri
Pairing: Pharah x Mercy
Status: Ongoing – 18 chapters
Link to the fanfiction

This is a very rare kind of fanfiction. It’s one that draws you in immediately, keeps you interested despite the fact that everything happens waaaay too slow, but hits you hard when something finally does happen.

I’m usually a hard judge when it comes to fanfiction, so finding the right one takes time for me, and I almost never start liking one after just the first chapters. Though, that is exactly what happened here. You can say I was sucked in right after the first few paragraphs even, and I seriously couldn’t stop reading for hours, and that’s super rare for me—so, yeah, it’s really a rare treat.

Anime/Manga: Hibike! Euphonium
Author: not a straight trumpet
Title: falling in love at a coffee shop
Description: This had all started, Kumiko concluded, with the umbrella and a coffee order.

Kumiko works at a coffee shop, one day meeting the breathtaking beauty Reina with a quite unique order.

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Yuri
Pairing: Kumiko x Reina
Status: Complete – 13 chapters

Link to the fanfiction

Since the anime just won’t deliver as much yuri as most of us are wishing for, you gotta look for “your fix” elsewhere. I had to go through quite a few rather unsatisfying Hibike! fanfics before finally finding this one.

So, yeah, I don’t even think it’s necessary to mention that this one is totally worth your time, especially if you’re interested in a charming and fun story about these two cuties finally falling in love for real.

Anime/Game: Overwatch
Author: XxRQxX6
Title: Autumn Sings
Description: Pharah and Mercy learn to accept their feelings for each other and slowly take their first steps.

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Yuri
Pairing: Pharah x Mercy
Status: Ongoing – 3 Parts

Link to the fanfiction

Apparently, this story is written by a friend of mine and more or less features some ideas or prompts I requested to see happen. As it turns out, I did not only get the content that I wanted, but also a whole story connecting these prompts of mine to something pretty damn awesome.

I seriously can’t put into words how much I love these, so how about you take the time and check them out yourself? The stories are not that long anyway, so feel free to find out all about why I love this pairing so much by simply reading this story~


15 thoughts on “Some More Yuri Fanfiction Recommendations [Part 3]

  1. Heres some:
    Hermione x Bellatrix, probably the best fanfic I’ve ever read! The writer is able to keep the two characters characteristics and still make it work 😀
    D.Va x Symmetra, kinda crack pairing but nicely written fanfic.
    And last but not least D.Va x Mercy >:D well, it was nice fanfic that left me with a smile.

    I’ll leave the NSFW ones out this :X


    • I am going to second this recommendation. for those who havent heard of it GrimGrimoire is a Japanese real-time strategy game with visual novel elements on the PlayStation 2. its a pretty great game with a great story, great characters, awesome visual style and yes… YURI! the yuri in this game is actually quite awesome and becomes very important to the overall plot and is worth buying this game for alone! 😀 think of it as Command & Conquer meets Harry Potter meets any yuri visual novel ever. surely worth a try and then go read the fanfiction for it in the link in the comment above! 🙂


    • DezoPenguin is a more than respectable name in these hoods, having penned some of the best KnM fics round! Maybe the best of those that are still uploaded lol


  2. We doing fanfic recommends now? Alright, throw another vote in for Dezopen. Amazing overall yuri writer, whether it is Kannazuki, Mai Hime, Nanoha, whatever. Other good ones include anything by RadiantBeam, jen-chan-shaw, or Tsuyazakura Kouyuki (although the latter seems to have purged all of their fanfics).


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