Even More Yuri Quizzes

yuri quizzes sporcle quizup

Since the last yuri quizzes post went over well with you guys, we went ahead and made some more.

These seven quizzes are all on Sporcle, so if you’re into quizzes/trivia and want to test your yuri knowledge, go ahead and give them a go~

And if that wasn’t enough, we also put together a Yuri Pairings topic on QuizUp. If you’re not familiar with QuizUp, it’s basically a multiplayer trivia game for Android and iOS where you can challenge friends or play against random people from around the world. Currently, our topic consists of 117 questions, with more to come in the near future. You can also play through your browser, so check that out if you’re so inclined.

And if you guys have any other ideas for potential quizzes, feel free to leave them in the comments~


12 thoughts on “Even More Yuri Quizzes

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  2. Love these ❤ but I am finding that there's a lot of names that are hard to spell and some alternative/shortened names aren't allowed (Mnemosyne is a nightmare to spell, and Madoka Magica had to be Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica).

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      • For nearly all of those quizzes, most of the answers have a few alternative titles that are also accepted~

        And I’ve never actually used the whole name with Madoka myself, so I could understand the gripe about that one. That’s been changed, but I don’t think I can really be more lenient with the spelling on some others, though. 😛

        Oops. Typo on the Yami to Boushi one. 😀
        Thanks for the heads up! I’ll check them over and make sure there aren’t any others~

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  3. Great work as always. I always get embarrassed by my lack of yuri punctuation or maybe I just make abbreviations which no one else gets…guess that’s on me though!

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    • Thanks. The punctuation on some titles can be a bit unforgiving, but on a handful of the answers, I tried adding alternative answers that get rid of the punctuation altogether, since the that just complicates matters.

      Maybe I’ll check them over and make sure I’m doing that for all of the ones with punctuation marks~


  4. I really loved the Name the Yuri-ish Anime quiz. So fun! I think I did okay or good on all the others, except Name the Yuri Visual Novel, in which i had zero correct answers. ^^;; I’d love to help you put together a Yuri Manga quiz of some kind. 😉

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  5. nice job on the quizzes really fun, i feel ashamed though everytime i do these as i either forget what answers are or i just dont know them but still really fun

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