Anime Review: Shuumatsu no Izetta

shuumatsu no izetta

Year: 2016
Episodes: 12
Genre: Fantasy, Historical, War

The story takes place on an alternate Earth, focusing on a time of war, similar to the events of World War II. We follow the story of 16-year-old Finé, crown princess of Eylstadt, a small alpine principality, on her struggle to keep her beloved country safe from Germania. Fortunately, she has long ago gained a powerful friend, Izetta, who is said to be the last witch on Earth and who is willing to give up everything to protect what’s most important to her princess, Finé.

This was THE show for me to watch this season, featuring everything that I long for in a show, badass female protagonists, gorgeous art, a compelling story, and of course, a high possibility for yuri content.

I had only hyped myself with the trailer before I started watching this, so despite the fact that I expected the just listed aspects to hit me, I didn’t know any more about this show, and that’s a good thing, because it left enough room for this show to completely blow me away.

Let’s just start out the regular way and talk about the story and characters first. Story-wise, we get a war setting, with most of the world’s countries one way or another being entangled in this kind of conflict that mostly sprouts from Germania trying to extend their realm, taking the land of other countries on their way. Well, that sounds familiar, though to mix things up a little, we witness the rise of something far more powerful than any man-made weapon could ever be, that being magic. At first, I found it to be a little ridiculous, especially when I saw Izetta basically flying away on a freaking rifle. Though, I got used to it, and despite the fact that pretty much 1/3 of all shows airing right now probably have some kind of magical elements involved, the way the magic was added in this one, especially in a World War II-like setting, made things pretty interesting, to say the least.

Seeing humanity react to it, utilize it, and finally, also exploit it, was simply really interesting to watch, yet again, even more so in a setting that I was already familiar with.

The only thing I probably had a slight problem with would be the pacing, as it was too fast, especially during the few final episodes. I would have appreciated if they had simply gone with a few more episodes, instead of trying to cover all of this within just 12. Hell, I would have even appreciated some more filler episodes of the girls just spending time together in Eylstadt or wherever, really. Or how about a more in-depth insight of the story of The White Witch? I’m pretty sure they could have easily covered this using an entire episode, which would have surely helped understand Sophie a bit better.

Well, I would have also loved to just see some characters have more screen time, as I simply loved Lotte, Bianca, and her crew. Of course, I would have definitely welcomed some more interactions between Izetta and Finé, but even as it is right now, I’m pretty happy with this, as their relationship played out gloriously well.

They already easily gained the title of my two favorite characters of this whole anime season, since Izetta is just that irresistible, kind cutie that is so loyal to her beloved princess that I basically questioned her sexuality right from the beginning. And don’t get me started on Finé, the badass princess, who despite never really physically fighting in battles herself, proved herself numerous times in different ways, both on the battlefield, and especially in political affairs. Though, if you put the two together in a room, that’s where the true magic happens, with oblivious Finé unable to stay away from her precious Izetta and the latter totally shying out in the mere presence of her love interest.

izetta the last witch

And yes, you read that right, I just used that term, because the anime made it pretty obvious that that’s exactly what those two would end up being, or possibly even managed to become during the run of the show. Well, the show didn’t straight up put that label on them, but even the term “heavy subtext” isn’t really enough. The displayed yuri spans from blushing when the other is around, constantly being worried about the other, snuggling, and some scenes that just feel like love confessions. It is simply a wonderful development that we were able to witness here.

Finally, let’s also come to the animation and music. I usually don’t have that much to say, but in this case, let me just continue the praising for a bit longer. The animation and art used here are simply splendid, especially in regard to the character designs of so, so many of them, especially Finé, Izetta, and Berkmann. Well, the animation didn’t go too overboard with the level of displayed ecchiness, though, some characters were certainly designed to… let’s say especially appeal to a certain type of audience. If that is a good or a bad thing is up to you to decide.

As for the music, I was yet again pleasantly surprised. The opening and ending themes are simply outstanding, especially Mayn’s “Hikari Aru Basho e”~

To sum it up, Shuumatsu no Izetta was an amazing anime with great characters, great animation, great music, and just the right kind of yuri to keep you coming back for more. Though, I still feel like the story could have been extended to a few more episodes, which is why I’m now at least waiting for some specials or something similar to this, because let’s be honest here, everyone wanted to see Izetta and Finé be united again at the end, didn’t we?

shuumatsu no izetta


34 thoughts on “Anime Review: Shuumatsu no Izetta

  1. One of my top fav shows of 2016. FineZetta are GLORIOUS, the show didn’t hold back in favoring either side and while not perfect it did a fantastic job. Animation is pretty good and the soundtrack is onne of 2016’s best.

    Also if KorraSami got away with it then so could FineZetta.

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  2. Glad you enjoyed it. I really wish the pacing and characterisation in this had been a bit more consistent because by mid-season I was really disengaged from the show which made it difficult to enjoy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    • I read that a lot.
      People had high expectations after watching the first episode, but they slowly lost interest from that point on. I can’t quite see it, because my focus might lie somewhere else completely, though I do realize that the first episode was definitely one of the strongest of the whole show.

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  3. The story really turned out to be the weak point. Which is sad because it had some potential.
    A lot of plot points are rushed and the writing in some parts are just stupid. Yeah let’s discus our important plans in the open and jeopardise the weakness of the one weapon we have. The story just became that bad that it almost became a deal breaker.
    This is a show that should had definitely been a 24 episode anime. It’s just lucky that it has everything else working for it.

    Izetta and Finé are definitely my top couple of the year.

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    • Exactly!
      Just add some more episodes and give the characters and the story some more time to develop instead of rushing things just to have it all fit.

      Finé in Izetta should also have gotten some more alone time… with 24 episodes I can only imagine where their relationship might have gotten 😀

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    • Well they only had 12 episodes, can’t really blame them for things being rushed (Imagine the whole two seasons of Code Geass compressed into 12 episode).
      I think it’s already amazing as it is. Only 12 episode they managed to build up the whole settings and end it up with conclusive ending kind of shit! Not an open end shit! (Sequel bait)

      As for the characterization, I don’t see what everyone complained about, of course it’s not perfect. But they flow naturally to me. Maybe because I saw things from the character’s perspective? Not as the overseer behind the screen?

      Oh well, overall this is pretty much an enjoyable show, only if we’re not over-analyzing for ANY plothole/weakness within EVERY seconds.

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  4. Wow, this was oh so enjoyable! A fine cast of characters that you really get attached to (Lotte and Bianca were my fav side characters).
    The delight is seeing how Fine and Izetta work as a team of equals. They compliment and support each other so well, not to mention the promise that binds them both. A total yuri dynamic duo.
    That said toward with so many elements I did worry that it was trying to be too much. But by the end I didn’t really care. You can just focus on the relationship between the two over the course of the whole show and treat everything else as window dressing.

    And oh, that mountain scene with just the two of them…

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  5. I need to download this and binge watch this later. Heard it was a fun show and the yuri between the two female leads was cute. Not to mention Izetta looks ultra cute! 😀

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  6. Thank you for a positive review. Many reviews I have read were really negative and panned the show. I personally enjoyed very much, especially as a yuri fan. Izetta and Fine were adorable. I enjoyed the story too, even if it had some weak points.

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  7. My only complain about this show is that it was in essence Valkyrie Chronicles with yuri. Wich is not a bad thing. i just had to enjoy what i see and forget I already knew what plot twists were going to happen.

    Still this was one of the few shows this season that kept me waiting for a new episode each week.

    On a side note anyone else was screaming “kiss her” on that date on ep 11?

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  8. This is one of those shows like KnM where if you stand back, it’s not that good. But if you focus on the important bits, it’s really very good – and by that, I mostly mean FineZetta, the gorgeous music, key side characters and strong animation (much like KnM). If only they focused the show more on them I would have enjoyed it more ❤ Unfortunately, unlike KnM, they didn't stick to their trump card for anything other than flavouring. Knowing how much of a fan of KnM you are, I'm unsurprised you gave this such a high score!

    I'm convinced that on the broomstick ride, as it swooped down they kissed. That entire scene had me blushing from the romance of it.

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    • Deep down, what I am, is a shipper, someone who finds pleasure in shipping characters with each other – no matter the fact if they actually suite each other or not 😛
      This show gave me plenty of room to do just that, adding in some “favoring” as you called it every now and then to make it even easier and keep me thinking that what I am shipping might actually be canon after all. Adding a kiss or a love confession would have been awesome, but even as things are right now, this show made my shipping really easy, so I enjoyed it 😀

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  9. ~Ich bin tapfer und bin fromm~

    No shit, I never saw a anime with so much yuri (subtext), except Madoka Magica maybe xD (But I still need to watch Hibike Euphonium :D)

    I must say, Izetta The Last Witch, was okay. Not very good but not very bad. I’ll give the anime 6-7 points from ten.

    The animation was almost every time good. The music was very good and I like the German in the anime, they spoke it very good. ^^ (Sieg Reich, Kamerad! :D) And on the first episode was an opera from Mozart, awesome! ^^

    Fine & Izetta were fucking awesome and I cannot decide who of them I like more! Really, this two are gayer than the gayest rainbow ;D

    Even if the story and the other characters were a little bit…pale. I wish they had more scenes, more interesting scenes. Even if Sieg had a very good last scene in the last episode.
    And the story end too fast. :/

    Oh, and episode 11: KISS HER!!! KISS HER!!!!!
    (The moment when Izetta said Finé’s name over and over, it looked almosz like a kiss! The anime’s having a whole page in TV Tropes about the gay subtext!)

    And I personally love the opening! But I really love the ending too. (Not only because it’s so gay ;D)

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    • Oh the German in this one haha, I laughed when I first heard Finé’s full name too. It’s sounds so ridiculous, but I also can’t help but find it super cute when Japanese try to correctly pronounce German words 😀


      • Finé’s name: Ortfiné Fredericka von Eylstadt

        Best German (or more Austrian) name of all time xD I had a WTF-moment when I heard her name for the first time, hahaha ^^

        It’s kinda cute after all, but I think that the German was good after all, better than the English in many other animes xD

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