What to Expect in 2017

Since we now all made it safely into the new year, why not take the opportunity to just take a small look at what we might expect to see in the following 12 months?

citrus netsuzuo trap animeWell, of course, we have to start with the news that hit us in late 2016 – that being Citrus and Netsuzou Trap both getting anime adaptations. Well, since we didn’t really get any more information other than the fact that those two manga will be made into anime, we can’t really be sure that the adaptations will happen in 2017. In fact, we only know for sure in case of Netsuzou Trap. Though, I think we’ll get some more information on that soon, so let’s now just expect both shows to hit us this year.

Especially since 2016 didn’t really have much in the way of pure yuri shows to offer to us, the news of 2 full yuri shows to come out this year is already pretty big news in my eyes. And if we now take into account that both manga are quite steamy in some parts and involve A LOT of kisses and other yuri actions as well, I have high hopes that most of these scenes wil also find their way into the resulting anime. Thinking about that alone already gets me super excited, and I think I’m not the only one. Now I just hope that they’ll provide us with some more information soon so we can hype even more~

Let’s stay with yuri anime for a bit longer. As already presented to you in our list of Yuri Anime 2017, you see that there are far more shows to hype ourselves about. Especially when it comes to yuri or yuri-ish magical girl shows, there are quite a lot in store for us, be it another Nanoha movie, more Yuuki Yuuna, or how about some more gay ships in an all-new season of Kantai Collection?

It’s only the beginning of 2017, and we already know about so many shows that might have the potential of becoming great shows in the yuri department, and I’m pretty sure there will be many more to come~

flowers yuri visual novelMoving on, how about we pick up right where we left off in 2016 and continue the hopefully endless stream of new yuri visual novels being released? Since last year’s releases probably top the amount of yuri visual novel releases of the past 5 years combined, there are quite a few more to hit us in 2017. Despite the fact that we don’t yet know the release date for all of these, let me just name some titles that are either in the making right now, or that we at least know will follow at some point.

So how about we start with FLOWERS, which we already know has many parts, apart from -Le volume sur printemps-, like -Le Volume sur Ete-, that will surely follow at some point, too. And as it turns out, JAST USA is already working on it anyway.

Then, there’s also the second part of Ne no Kami – The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto to look forward to, since it will surely come out this year as well.


Tsui Yuri

Other than that we also have The Shadow of Pygmalion and of course Tsui Yuri – Okaa-san ni wa Naisho dayo that we shouldn’t forget about, while the latter is no official release, but rather a translation project that has been going really well so far.

Other than that, we can look forward to more Yuri Hime releases, as the magazine will start being released monthly, instead of bi-monthly, starting with the January 2017 issue. Well, I’ve read about a lot of concerns from people stating that the publisher behind Yuri Hime plans to put in non-yuri works, as well as people worrying about the quality of some of the series that are featured, like Citrus, for example. In case of the first part, I’m not quite sure how many new works they want to include, as they often go with works from the same artists, meaning those are artists who mainly focus on yuri works anyway. The name of the magazine as well, let’s people suggest what they’ll find inside, so I think we shouldn’t worry about this too much. As for the quality though, I see the bigger problem, as we already saw that even two months were sometimes not enough to finish some chapters. This might either result in a dropping quality of some of the continuous works or shorter chapters. We’ll see how that will all work out in the next few months, though.


14 thoughts on “What to Expect in 2017

  1. 2017 looks very promising for yuri thats for sure! NTR and Citrus anime adaptations are pretty much at the top of that list as you said since they are the 2 shows we will be getting that will for sure be heavy on yuri! 🙂 hopefully more new or returning yuri shows will be revealed later in the year! Yuri visual nocels have been very big last year and I hope they keep riding higher into 2017 and beyond! I have my fingers crossed that the main Sono Hana series can be given an official western release alongside the New Generation games! XD

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  2. i know it’s kind of old but i would really like to see Girl Friends get an anime adaptation. i know it’s unlikely but still. it’d be pretty cool.


  3. Unbelievably excited to see Yuzu get animated in Citrus. All her gyaru outfits and styles will be so much more fun than the sort-of template-characters most series get. I really hope it comes this year.

    I need to actually read some of these visual novels :/ I have a Mac so a lot of them don’t work for me.


  4. I’m actually pretty excited that Citrus will be getting updated monthly instead of bi-monthly. The Anime adaptation is great and all, but I suppose only time will tell how that works out.

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