Anime Winter Season 2017: First Impressions

2017 winter anime

It’s that time of the year again, so enjoy our First Impressions on the winter anime season that just started~

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen
Studio: A-1 Pictures • Genre: Action, Demons, Fantasy, Supernatural

ao no exorcist season 2
I liked the first season, so why not continue and hope for it to pick up right where we left off a few years ago? And that’s exactly what this show did. Well, we could argue about the fact that they should probably have put in a short recap of the first season, since I was kind of lost at some points when they were talking about past events. Though, the show seems to be as fun and entertaining as the last season, so I’ll surely follow this for a while longer~

Youjo Senki
Studio: NUT • Genre: Magic, Military

youjo senki
I only started watching this one because I had seen a lot of screenshots on Tumblr that looked like the show was kinda interesting. Well, don’t get me wrong, I’ve only watched the first episode, but after the run of 20 minutes alone, I couldn’t stand listening to Tanya anymore, as her annoying voice drove me crazy. Funny thing is, it’s the same voice actress as Madoka (Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica) or Hibiki (Senki Zesshou Symphogear), both characters I actually enjoyed listening to.

Well, the anime itself looks okay, nothing outstanding so far, though it has potential. If it wasn’t for the fact that they seemingly put little girls on the front lines of war, as well as make Tanya—who has the most annoying voice ever—the main character, I might continue, but like this, I can’t.

Gabriel DropOut
Studio: Doga Kobo • Genre: Comedy, School, Supernatural

gabriel dropout
Having just graduated from angel school in Heaven, Gabriel descends to the human world to further her studies… but instead, she gets addicted to video games and essentially turns into a slacker. Yeah, a comedic take on teenage angels and demons (they’re involved too) is pretty ridiculous, but so far, it’s a fun show that I’m enjoying quite a bit. You throw in the fact that HanaKana is involved (as an angel, of course), and this show looks more and more promising.

It’s an all-female cast—as least thus far—but there aren’t really any hints that there will be any yuri subtext involved, so no need to get too excited. Nevertheless, the winter season looks a little better, thanks to this show~

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
Studio: Kyoto Animation • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life

kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon
This anime was already on our Yuri Anime 2017 list, so needless to say, this is most likely going to compete with Urara Meirochou for yuri-ish anime of the season. Through the first episode, things look really promising on the yuri front, and even though they literally couldn’t be any more different, Tohru and Kobayashi seem to have all the makings of an excellent pairing. You have the serious-minded office worker Kobayashi and the outgoing and affectionate maid dragon, Tohru, and this odd couple of sorts is already making things pretty entertaining.

It doesn’t hurt having KyoAni as the studio behind this, and so far, this is looking like a comedy that’s gonna be a lot of fun, especially when Kobayashi inevitably starts warming up to Tohru. If things keep going the way they’re going, expect to see a review of this at the end of the season~

Kuzu no Honkai
Studio: Lerche • Genre: Drama, Romance, School

kuzu no honkai
First off, let me say that if this were a yuri anime, I think some people (i.e., me) would be losing their shit. I loved Aoi Hana, and for the longest time, I’ve been wanting a yuri anime that takes on a more serious tone and puts all of the emphasis on the relationships, just like how Kuzu no Honkai does. With Citrus and Netsuzou Trap both coming down the pike, I think this show would be an excellent blueprint to follow.

Now, this isn’t a yuri anime, but the story still seems very interesting. We have two people who are in love with someone (their teachers), but since their feelings are unrequited, they find a remedy for their loneliness in each other. So, essentially, they are each other’s replacements, but this is more of a “business” arrangement, and both their hearts belong to someone else. And did I mention that these two teachers are interested in each other?

I think this feels more adult than your typical romance anime, so until we get another yuri anime that wants to be serious and straightforward, this might be enough to scratch that itch for me.

Urara Meirochou
Studio: J.C.Staff • Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

urara meirochou
After seeing a screenshot of two girls face-to-face, I figured I’d take a look at this, and I thought the first episode was surprisingly good. My favorite thing about this show so far is probably the characters, especially Chiya. She’s the early front-runner for cutest character of the season, and her belly-baring habit (for herself and others) is pretty great. Kon and Koume remind me of Chiya from GochiUsa for the former and Nico from Love Live! for the latter (except she’s actually enjoyable). The final main character, Nono, is an extremely shy girl, and she’s pretty much the polar opposite of Chiya, yet she’s another cute character in a show filled with cute characters.

And did I mention that this is already looking pretty promising from a yuri standpoint? It even found its way into the OP, so it looks like this will definitely be a show to keep watching till the end. It probably won’t be the next great slice of life anime, but at the very least, this looks like it’ll be a welcome addition to the cute girls doing cute things genre, and I can’t wait to see more cuteness~

Yami Shibai 4th Season
Studio: ILCA • Genre: Dementia, Horror, Supernatural

yami shibai 4th season
Nobody’s favorite horror anime series is back for another season, and now more than ever, the new season of Yami Shibai seems like a waste of time, even despite the fact that the episodes are only 4 minutes long. The addition of the narrator killed the atmosphere for me, and the brief live-action segments just feel weird and out of place. Ever since the first season season ended, you could say this series has been getting progressively worse, so barring something dramatic happening with the next episode, I can’t see myself watching this for much longer.


15 thoughts on “Anime Winter Season 2017: First Impressions

  1. Finally someone who agrees with me about Tanya’s voice. I didn’t make it to the end of the first ep because I wasn’t very interested in what was happening and I couldn’t stand listening to her. It isn’t just the voice, it’s also the affected delivery of each of the lines that just makes it horrible to listen to. Most other people have said its fine but it really bugged me.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m not a massive fan of Tanya’s voice, either; but the amazing action is keeping me hooked. I absolutely love the fast-paced airborne fight scenes, and the downtrodden war-torn setting is great.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I, personally, am not giving up on the possibility of yuri ships for Gabriel DropOut anytime soon. We’ll just have to see how it pans out before passing verdict, I guess.


  3. yeah, the narration really kills the mood with Yami shibai. They’re trying to go for a “story time” feel, but forgetting that part of what makes that “story time” so effective is that you’re imagining everything. It just kills the entire mood. And is really failing on the scare aspect. I’ll continue to watch though, i really want to believe that these staff can get their act together and at least be as good as the first season.


      • So I tried watching today’s ep, wasn’t really feeling it. And then remembered what I said. So, I stopped it. Rewound it, and then pressed play and closed my eyes. The experience was very different. This is obviously impossible for someone who doesn’t know JP, but I think it works a lot better if you just cut the visuals.


  4. Important note about Ao no Exorcist, the first season had an anime original latter half (I think it was 16 through 25?). This new season actually continues to follow the manga and ignores all those anime original episodes, so yea a recap would have been nice if you haven’t rewatched it recently.


      • I didn’t know either. I had rewatched the first season in preparation for the new one, and then was confused why everyone seemed to be ignoring the final arc. Turns out they were, literally.

        I had always figured there some filler episodes or other changes, but since I haven’t gotten around to reading the manga, I didn’t know that like half the season was anime original.

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