Yuri News Update – January 2017

This will mostly be a short update on some blog-related things, though, there is actually one thing that we definitely should mention before getting there.

FLOWERS-Visual-NovelAs mentioned on Twitter by JAST USA, the next volume of FLOWERS, namely -Le volume sur ete- will be released sometime in 2017. They didn’t specify when, though the mere mention that we’ll get another one in 2017 is already good enough. Find the tweet I’m referring to right here.

In other news, and let’s try to keep it short here, we’ve updated a few posts.

First off, we added quite a few more characters to our list of Yuri Anime Legends. It’s quite big already, but we’ll be sure to keep it up to date to honor all the amazing yuri characters that we think this list should contain. Feel free to check out the additions right here.

We’re also planning on updating the Yuri Manga Legends post sometime this year, but this might be a bigger update, so it has to wait for a bit longer. Furthermore, we’re also planning on making a similar list for Yuri Visual Novel characters. Though, since we’re still trying to catch up with the recent amount of yuri ones around, this will also take a little more time.

Next up, we completed our list of Yuri Anime 2016. All ratings and information have been added – only the Hibike! Euphonium and Kancolle movies are missing, since those are not available in English yet. The Yuri Anime 2017 list is available, if you haven’t already seen it. We’ve already added quite a few shows, which is awesome~

In other news, right now, we’re working on two very big posts: First up, a list of all yuri and yuri-ish anime, with yuri ratings and certain other information added, and then also, a similar list in which we list all yuri kisses that have ever happened in anime. As you can imagine, those lists will be huge and collecting the info and getting it all together in a nice and neat post is very difficult. We’ve already done a lot of work, but we still need some more time to do it properly. Still, you can already look forward to what I think might be some very helpful lists~

Lastly, we’re glad to announce that we’re getting an official YuriReviews Logo! And you can help us decide which one to pick.

Big thanks goes to @TetsugakuLetra for making them for us!


25 thoughts on “Yuri News Update – January 2017

  1. man I can not wait to see your lists for all yuri anime and all yuri kisses! 😀 you are doing great work for the yuri world Lena! and I am glad the next chapter of Flowers is coming out this year! now I just need to play the first 😛

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    • Well, I don’t want to say anything that might spoil your play through, so I’ll try and be vagueish.
      Yeah, the beginning is great. It’s in the middle that things start to get a bit off. Some frustration with the game play, and some unsettling behavior by some of the characters (a couple of them I just wanted to smack). Also I had trouble getting behind the MC at times, she was occasionally difficult to relate to (for me).

      You should definitely play the Rikka route first. I really liked Mayuri myself, and let’s just say her ending left me stunned for a few minutes afterward.
      I REALLY liked Erika alot (Ms Snarky), but overall the whole VN left a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth. I guess Starlight and Kindred were more my speed.
      Might just not be my cup of tea.

      That said am really curious to see what you think about this VN.


      • i am a bit late on this conversation but i know what you are feeling. I dropped the VN when it asked me to forgive and forget certain character, after she did something that in real life would have earned her a slap and some mean spirited words from me.


      • Well, Steam says I have 30 hours on it, and that is for the major routes and some poking around. Also am a slow player, I tend to read everything and back up etc.

        Stay strong Lena, stay strong!

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    • I JUST finished Flowers 1 and I loved it! though please read my comment below. idk but I am looking forward to the next ones! the way this one ended… it almost broke me. had to try so hard to keep my shit together! T.T but from what I read online the way it ends with Mayuri it will be a major plot point in the next 3 games with possibly a major finale in the 4th game. here is hoping things go well after this epic heart wrenching end! 😥

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  2. Ok sorry about this but idk where else to post what I have to say. Since this is the latest post about FLOWERS I will just go here. I just finished the Good End for Mayuri. for anyone who hasent played it yet avert your eyes!
    WHY?!?!?!?!?! Why did it have to end that way?!?!?!?! thats what a good end is?!?!?! why must it bring so much pain?!?!?! someone just rip my heart out so the agony can stop!!!!!!! T.T Why Mayuri why?!?!?! Now i am going to be so depressed the rest of the week!!!! If this is the good end to a yuri visual novel then I dont want to live on this planet anymore!!!!!!! T.T I need a hug…..

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