Love Ribbon Steam Code Giveaway

Try your luck and possibly win a nice yuri Visual Novel. Sounds awesome? Then check it out over at YuriNation~

Info: Since some people seem to misunderstand – I’m not the one hosting this Giveaway. You have to write a comment at YuriNation!

The Yuri Empire


I figured I would do a little something for all my loyal fans out there (and people who want to try their luck) by hosting a mini-lottery. As peeps can guess from the title I’m giving away one Steam Code for Love Ribbon. Check out my review of the game HERE.

The rules are simple. Post a comment down below. There are two conditions though.

1: Make sure all names are different. I don’t want to mix up “Mr Yuri” with “Mrs Yuri” for example.

2: All entrants must type their comments in this post down below. Comments made on my Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Tumblr accounts will not count. It would make it harder for me to keep up with them otherwise.

I’ll put all the entries into a “randomizer” and then contact the winner. Simple as that. This is my first time ever hosting a giveaway…

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25 thoughts on “Love Ribbon Steam Code Giveaway

  1. I am the one hosting the giveaway. Lena K is graciously promoting the lottery. Best believe I will return the favor for her own much anticipated contest.

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  2. I have to say about this one thing. Yuri is my life! Kannazuki but Miko is the best yuri-product in the world. Chikane Himemiya my favorite character.


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