Yuri News Update: February 2017

It’s not even been 2 full months into the new year and there are already so many more yuri Visual Novels popping up from basically nowhere.

nenokamiThough, before we get to the new or future releases, let’s first talk about Ne no Kami. In this case, there has not only been a huge translation update for Part 1 that has just been released, but right here, you’ll also find some art previews for Part 2. So how about you get even more excited for the second part that will be released pretty soon?

In other big news, we’ve been given the opportunity to interview Ne no Kami‘s writer and developer Fenrir Vier. Right now, we’re collecting possible questions and we need your help. So if you’re interested in anything regarding Fenrir, Ne no Kami or any other of their works, feel free to leave your question in the comment section~

shadows-pygamlionIn other news, the release date for the long awaited Shadows of Pygmalion yuri visual novel has finally been announced and set for February 24th. It’s just a few more days to wait, and if you wanna get the game, you can already pre-order it right here and get it for a 10% discount~

seabed-coverAs already covered, or more like re-posted, from YuriNation about a week ago, you can also already pre-order the freshly localized yuri visual novel SeaBed with a discount of 25%. The release date hasn’t been specified yet, but it will likely get released sometime in late 2017. Pre-order the game and find more information right here.

qjfuwudNext up, we have an update on the progress of the translation project for Tsui Yuri – Okaa-san ni wa naisho da yo. As shown here, the whole project is pretty much nearing its completion, though, as one of the members of the translation group said, they will still need some more time, especially for the quality checks. So there is no information on a specific release date, though I think the progress they made and the pace they’ve been going looks pretty promising~

five hearts and virtual romanceLastly, your help is needed for 4 upcoming yuri games:

All four titles look pretty promising, so please check them out and help, if you’re interested. Clicking on the titles will lead you to where you can either back the games up or vote for them to get them on Steam. A plot summary, a trailer, or samples will be shown there.


15 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: February 2017

    • Hi, there it’s been a while~

      The most noticeable change has probably happened when it comes to yuri Visual Novels. As you can see from this news update alone, the amount of new games is quite overwhelming, something I would have never believed possible 3 years ago.

      It’s pretty damn amazing.


  1. What were your models for the characters in ne no kami? An anime, a book?
    English is not my native laguange, so i’m not sure of the redaction


  2. So far, 2017 has kicked off with a bang with all of this Yuri goodness! After the drought that was 2016, this is a very pleasant surprise.

    Aside from all of the lesser known Yuri titles, Citrus has been advancing at a much better pace since it was moved to monthly releases. I particularly enjoyed this month’s chapter, and am looking forward even more to the anime!

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  3. 2017 just gets better and better for yuri! 😀 I am looking forward to so many of these yuri visual novels! I just bought love Ribbon on Steam a couple weeks ago. looks like I have more yuri to add to my Steam library! XD keep them coming 2017! and thanks always for the news posts Lena!

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  4. this year so far is really good and it just keeps getting better and better, im really excited for all of these VNs especially ne no kami but i still need to get a lot of the other yuri VN releases ive got backed up also they showed off the anime character designs for netsuzou trap and its making me so excited for it even more than i already have. also i think the cast for it is great i just hope it doesnt go off and have anime original stuff which is the thing im the most afraid of since there arent many chapters as of yet also after this we need to see more from citrus cause i need more citrus!!!!!

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    • I got super super excited when I saw the sample art for the Netsuzou Trap anime. Looks awesome to me, though the info of the anime studio in chard is weirdly still missing.

      I really wonder. Though, more news about Citrus would be awesome too. Well, the cast will probably be the same as what we’ve already heard in the drama CDs, and I’m totally fine with that (please change Matsuri’s voice actress though :D)

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  5. Random thought:
    Does any one else love the way Kyouko from Yuru Yuri speaks? Her voice is so sing-songy its like music to my ears. I think it also makes her jokes funnier as well:)

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