Yuri News Update: March 2017

Another month, another yuri news update. Things pile up fast even in the new year, which is absolutely awesome!

So first off, let’s just get this one biiiig piece of news out of the way: The Netsuzou TRap anime will air in the upcoming summer season this year, how awesome is that?!

If you don’t know about the cast already, check this post, where we got this awesome information from.

Also, here’s a promo pic, for those who haven’t already seen it~

netsuzou trap anime

Next up, and how could it be any different? We, of course, have some news regarding new yuri visual novel releases. This is like a monthly thing now, it seems.

sweet volley academyFirst up, we have Sweet Volley Academy, that you can get right now for $9.95 over at MangaGamer.

Here’s a short short plot summary:

In Sweet Volley High, players explore the life of Aya Mizuku, a senior in highschool pursuing her lifelong ambition of becoming a professional volleyball player. Caught between her dreams of stardom and the easy charms of her fellow players, Aya must balance her work and social life to achieve her ambitious goals. Skillful decision making and attention to detail will result in romance and success, while poor planning will leave Aya rejected and heartbroken.

Five major characters will serve as friends, rivals, and love interests for Aya throughout the course of Sweet Volley High, ranging from the temperamental team captain Nanami to soccer superstar Yuichi. Players will explore the elaborately crafted world through over 100,000 words of written dialogue, illustrated with lovingly crafted CG scenes that create a vivid world of high school drama.

shadows-pygamlionIn other news, just like announced in our last news update, The Shadows of Pygmalion has been released and is now available for purchase for $34.95 at MangaGamer and Steam.

Lastly, let me just inform you that we’ll update our list of Yuri Anime 2017, since there are some shows we’ll have to add, like Love Live! Sunshine!! 2nd Season, for example. So please look forward to that as well~


19 thoughts on “Yuri News Update: March 2017

  1. Always nice to read these yuri news updates! 🙂 I cant wait till summer for NTR anime. looking good so far! hopefully it does well enough and more yuri manga will be made into anime! 😀 and for the yuri visual novels I am keeping my eye on Pygmalion, having it on my wishlist on Steam!

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  2. im so excited!!!!!! netsuzou trap in july which is great hopefully citrus will follow in the fall season maybe but if not love live sunshine will fill that void cause we will definitely be seeing more chikariko and kananmari in the fall

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  3. Heeyyy, another VN. I’m for sure cool with another one after being pleasantly surprised with Love Ribbon.

    As far as the NTR Anime goes, as much as I’m looking forward to it, I feel as if it will make me dislike it even more (the concept), giving the characters more personality and all that. The Manga has been progressed at a decent rate, so we’ll see what happens this Summer.


    • Seeing the anime studio behind it also makes me wonder how it will all turn out.
      Just took a quick look the other day and didn’t even know one of their previous shows, which might not be the best start 😛


  4. It’s going to be interesting. And big. Either big success or big failure. I don’t think there’s been this much polarization publicity from a yuri amongst yuri fans since…Cross Ange? Probably more. Kannazuki? I dunno.

    …Speaking of Kannazuki…is anyone else having some rethoughts on how they view post ep 8 Chikane and Souma now that Hotaru and Takeda show up…?


    • I’m a little afraid to be honest. I think a lot of people already dislike the manga for obvious reasons. Will probably be just the same with the anime. It will polarize a lot and there will be people who’ll love it and people who’ll simply hate it. I think there won’t be much in between in this case.

      Citrus on the other hand will polarize too, but surely not as much as NTR. The title alone should be reason enough for a lot of people to either not watch it or hate it while watching 😛


  5. Hi, idk if it got lost in the junk mail but i send someday ago a guest review about the shadow of pygmalion. I have not received any reply about it since. Sorry to bothering you guys.


  6. First of all, having male characters in yuri manga or anime, is like two-edged sword, can strengthen or weaken yuri relationship in the end. In NTR Trap, that’s part of plot from the beginning. I admit I’m a little bit furious about it but, in the middle or maybe close to the end, I hope they end up together. If not, I will regret it for the rest of life.
    That’s my personal opinion. Thanks.


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