Mysterious Kase-san Poster

If Kase-san is going to get an anime adaptation, I’m probably going to cry sweet tears of happiness~

Though, yeah we don’t know for sure, but it sure looks like it. How exciting?!

Well, for now, let OG explain to you how he came to this assumption~

Update: It’s happening!! Kase-san is already listed on MAL:

The Yuri Empire

When I talked about the double whammy announcement of Citrus and Netsuzou Trap both getting anime right HERE I had a “fiiiine” and “special” reaction for both respectively. Recently I posted a tweet on my Twitter page briefly mentioning one manga series in particular. One series I would LOVE to see get animated. I do not often make posts about simple posters and little else. Look what happened after the supposed Virgins’ Empire anime was announced. I think it’s been nearly two years and we’ve heard nothing ever since. HOWEVER, I woke up this morning and once again my loyal fans and Yuri Council associates have shared the following news…

Mysterious Kase-san Poster.jpg Could it be?


  • Director: Takuya Satou
  • Key Animation: Kyuta Sakai

Ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you something…Kase-san is one of my favorite yuri manga of all time. It’s in my top 10. It’s in my list of…

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28 thoughts on “Mysterious Kase-san Poster

  1. I never read the manga, But If this does get an adaption I will be very happy. Since NTR is just a sack of shit and Citrus got repetitive as fuck, This will be the Anime that I look forward to the most in 2017 (If it happens).


    • Time to read it~
      It’s definitely different from the two you named, and seeing that you don’t like them, I have a strong feeling you might enjoy Kase-san


  2. I’m a big fan of all of these Yuri manga getting an anime adaptation! I’m not a huuuuge fan of Kase-san, but I still enjoy it nonetheless, albeit a bit slow.

    It’s only halfway through March, and we’ve already gotten so much news about future Yuri content, and already a handful of VNs/manga updates to read. Citrus still surprises me with how it’s really picking up after the monthly updates. It seems like every time I make a comment about it, when I see the RAWs of the recently released chapter, it just gets better and better. Then throwing Yuzumori-san getting better too, I’m just a happy man.

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  3. I saw this on 4chan and wanted to send you the links Lena but I got busy and didnt have the time! 😛 glad someone got the info to you though! 😀 This is some amazing news. whatever type of format it is it is something! yet another great yuri manga gets some form of anime adaptation! the Second Golden Age of Yuri just gets better and better! I cant imagine what will come next this year and beyond! And this news came after I bought volume one of the official licensed English release! 😛

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  4. I’m far more excited for a Kase-san anime than the other two yuri adaptions. I’m not at all a fan of NTR (the further I read, the more I disliked it) and Citrus is only okay (it’s drama for the sake of drama). But still, I’m glad we’re getting three yuri anime all with different tones. They’ll reach such a wide range of people. I hope they’re all successful, and we get a Hana and Hina anime. But that’s wishful thinking.

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  5. im so happy when i first saw this and now that its actually happening im even more happy! kase-san is so cute and im excited that it’s getting an anime. this year just keeps getting better and better with netsuzou trap, citrus, love live sunshine season 2 and now this, i wonder whats next

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      • That’s unfortunately exactly the same kind of news I woke up to this morning.

        Well, I think we shouldn’t lose hope so fast though. The website is up and maybe there’s more to come from this point.

        Let’s just see, I’ll definitely try to dig a little deeper… though without any Japanese skills it might be hard 😛

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  6. If thats true it would be great, such a cute series. I’m excited for Citrus and NTR too, but something less edgie then those two would also be nice and something not as lame(IMO) as Sasameki Koto/Aoi Hana. This, Bloom Into You and maybe AKAAWLily would all be nice, from the ones more current that is. I don’t know if those could work for more people then just yuri fans, but I would like to see them try.

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    • Unfortunately it doesn’t look like we’ll get a Kase-san anime, but a 5 minute clip supporting the manga instead.

      Though, still good enough I think. Also, I agree with your picks~


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