[Guest Review] Nights of Azure – by NotATsun

nights of azureNights of Azure is an action RPG with hack n’ slash and creature collecting elements. I can tell you that it was absolutely a wonderful surprise for a yuri game! It follows the journey of two girls, Arnice and Lilysse. As the protagonist, you take on the role of Arnice, a Holy Knight (and yet half-demon) who works for the Curia and is destined to protect the Saint from harm. Lilysse is the Saint—who is tragically destined to sacrifice herself in order to seal away the Night Lord who rules the land. The storyline is actually quite in-depth, without spoiling the story itself, I can at least say that it follows Arnice and her decisions to either save the world or her love, Lilysse. The game has a total of 8 chapters and 5 different endings that depend on your choices throughout the game and your affection levels with Lilysse.

Quests are divided by day and night, however, the night threatens to take over the world. During the night, demons come out, and it is your job to purify the area by killing them and collecting their Blue Blood. You use this Blue Blood to buy extremely rare items and also level up your character to increase your stats and abilities.

2The combat in this game is extremely fun—and a major reason I stuck with it until the very end. Arnice mainly uses Servans (demons) to fight for her. You collect Servans randomly in battle or you can buy them from merchants (there are at least 80 of them that I know of!). You can set up a team of four and switch out your teams during battle. Each Servan has their own unique fighting abilities, with some focused on their type: attack, defense, or support.  Arnice also wields four different weapons: the hammer, sword, daggers, and shooter. However, the combos are pretty limited and are mostly used in order to increase her demon gauge. Once the demon gauge is filled, you can transform into five different extremely powerful forms: Armor, Demon, Nightmare, Phantom, and Rabbit. Each form increases her stats and abilities in different ways. It’s a heck of a lot of fun figuring out your battle style!

nights of azureOkay, okay. I’ll stop geeking out about the gameplay and get down to what you actually want to hear: the yuri. It’s seriously everywhere. There are a lot of cinematic cutscenes that show them dancing, holding hands, sleeping in bed, intimate talks, etc.

However, Spoiler(mark the text to see it): they won’t kiss until the very end.

But just trust me when I say the yuri is pretty constant. Lots of super lame cutesy love lines about how much they care and love each other and yeah. I’ll just leave a couple of screenshots below so you can see for yourself.

nights of azure

nights of azure
Honestly, there’s a lot I can talk about with this game. There’s just a lot to it. So let me just quickly run it down for you:

Hella interesting storyline
Lots of creatures to fight and collect
Cool battle system
Beautiful art and music
Ridiculous cut scenes
Plenty of interesting side characters
Lots of yuri moments
Many, many hours of fun


The controls are a bit tricky and take time to get used too.
Map UI could use some work
It’s not always clear where you should go explore next to trigger the next event.
Lack of difficulty modes, I found it a bit on the easy side…
Side quests lack variation. Just search and kill quests. Not very necessary at all.


My recommendation: Just buy it. I definitely can’t wait for Nights of Azure 2 to get translated to English.


2 thoughts on “[Guest Review] Nights of Azure – by NotATsun

  1. I’ve recently found a doujin of these two and got interested. Convenient that you guys put up a review now.
    I might have to check it out it seems and I’m strangely looking forward to it even though I usually don’t like games like this.

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