Yuri News Update – April 2017

It’s time for another News Update. This time we’re focusing on anime news instead of the typical visual novel news that has recently invaded all of our news posts.

yamada and kase-sanLet’s start right away with some more or less sad news concerning the anime adaptation of Kase-san. As it turns out, what was advertised with the mysterious poster that the whole community talked about a week ago wasn’t in fact a full anime adaptation, but instead “only” a short Youtube video. Still, I don’t think we should lose hope just yet. If this video—or more like the manga—proves to be or get popular enough, who knows, maybe we’ll still get an anime sooner or later.

If you haven’t already seen the preview, you can watch it right here:

I guess it also won’t take too long until we’ll see the first previews for Netsuzou TRap, as well as Citrus, though nothing has been released so far.

new game season 2Next up, we have the awesome news of New Game! getting a second season. And as if that wouldn’t already be awesome enough, we won’t even have to wait too long for it, as it will debut in July.


symphogearLastly, let’s talk about two more highlights of the summer season, them being the next season of Symphogear airing in summer, as well as the next Nanoha movie, namely Reflection, that is going to premiere on July 22nd.

Find the new PV for it right here:

Now seeing all the greatness of the summer season, I kind of wish to get over with the spring season faster…. Oh well, Shingeki no Kyojin will hopefully feature some YmirxChrista for us!

Lastly, find our updated list of Yuri Anime 2017 right here.


18 thoughts on “Yuri News Update – April 2017

  1. So true about that Kase-san anime. wish it were a full tv anime the manga is perfect for that 😦 well as you said best to not lose hope! I cant wait for New Game!! to come out! cant it be July NOW?!?! D< but with everything that has been announced this year from Citrus and NTR and New Game!! this is shaping up to be one great year for yuri! 😀

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      • If they wont give it to us I say we go to that studio and force them to make it! hold them hostage until our yuri demands are met! >D

        Liked by 2 people

      • I’m really disappointed about the Kase-san anime not being an actual series, but i suppose we’ll take what we can get, eh? re-read it too this week and now i want an anime more than ever.

        I was thinking that we need to add KyoAni to our miitant yuri list… but they at least gave us Maid Dragon…

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      • Seriously, like I wasn’t expecting Kyoani to get us a show like Maid Dragon.

        Where’s the “queerbaiting exclusive” that was dominating all of their shows that offered the yuri potential? Are they finally moving forward in that department?
        Well I have my hopes up!

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